Solar Marketing Strategies: 5 Proven Methods That Drive Growth

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Proven Strategies for Solar Marketing

Most of the time, customers start by conducting online research to make a big purchase decision. The same applies to prospective solar consumers as they turn to the internet first to understand the use of solar facilities and identify local solar companies.

Renewable energy is driving up in the industrial, consumer, and commercial sectors right now, and the core of such an explosion is solar energy.

That’s why internet marketing acts as a powerful tool for solar companies to connect and attract customers. Solar installation companies make sure that they put their thoughts into their online presence to avoid the chance of missing out on prospective consumers. Fortunately, it doesn’t take expertise or time to reap the benefits of internet marketing.

Nowadays, solar companies can appeal to more consumers since solar cells have become so cost economical. Whether you want businesses to cut their facilities’ costs in half or to help homeowners become self-reliant, there are zillions of energy-hungry customers that wish to pursue a future into energy supply.

But, how do you help and reach these potential clients, though? With the help of solar marketing.

With internet marketing and advertising for solar companies, your business can use paid and unpaid channels, such as search and social, to build a modest solar marketing strategy that drives sales and solar leads.

Keep reading to learn more info about using internet marketing methods for your solar company, as well as the 5 best solar marketing strategies for small and large businesses.

5 Solar Marketing Strategies to Use Today

Learn about the best solar marketing ideas to use for your businesses and how these ideas prove beneficial for your solar energy marketing plan.

1. SEO – Search engine optimization

Solar SEO or search engine optimization is the process of improving ranking for your website so that it shows up high at the top of search engine results.

SEO is the basis of an internet marketing strategy for solar marketing companies. Thousands of searches are conducted every day for search terms like ‘residential solar cells’ or ‘solar providers near me.’

Those types of queries show that users are looking for more info on your services, and they might get ready to purchase. That means they’re just a few inches away from becoming customers, and you make sure they can find your website upon searching.

To do that, you need to optimize your website for search engines. Code your website proficiently, use Schema markup and even add essential HTML tags to help search engines understand what your website is about.

You can also attach links to your website from other sites, which search engines see as ‘votes of confidence’ that say you’re a reliable source of information.

With an updated website and relevant external links, you can start dominating search results for the keywords or phrases that matter most to your industry.

But there’s still one factor missing. Your website can be as simplified as you want, but your site still requires something to offer your visitors.

That’s where content marketing comes into the picture in solar marketing.

2. Content marketing

Content marketing is the method of adding text and visual elements (images, videos, etc.) to your website so visitors can easily find the information they want.

Content marketing generally takes the form of a blog, which you can easily organize and update with new information or details on your industry trends, company, etc.

It can also include creating handy guides for users who want to know each detail of your products and services. You can also have infographics that break down videos and data to show off your photos and the facilities of your products.

The final goal of content is to provide a user-friendly experience for the visitors who come to your website. Interested users are more likely to be paying customers since they trust and are aware of your business.

Content creation also establishes you as a consultant in your industry. As a solar service provider, you’re in a superb position to discuss any issue related to the topic.

Also, content involves creating new web pages – all of which have the tendency to show up in search engine results. The more content you make, the better opportunity you have of getting qualified leads for your website.

Ultimately, content gives other sites a reason to link to yours. If you create an excellent infographic, you can get many links from different sources online, thus helping increase all of your pages’ rankings high in search engine results.

Content marketing also goes hand-in-hand with SEO, making it a crucial solar marketing strategy, as all your content should be optimized and tailored to make it successful.

Once you have created content that informs readers and looks appealing to search engines, you’ll enjoy more visitors from the power of your website alone.

3. Solar Marketing Through Social Media

SMM or social media marketing is one of the best methods to promote your business on famous social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Social media is precious to solar companies due to the popularity of alternative and sustainable energy right now. Millions of people have come up with the idea of having their own electrical supplies. They simply need some details to get started!

Social media allows you to do exactly what you want to. You connect and communicate with people interested in your company, build loyal relationships with them and motivate them to become customers.

This solar marketing approach is ideal for contacting your previous customers, ensuring they receive quality for every dollar spent, and increasing the chances that they’ll mention you to others.

Twitter and Facebook also give exceptional opportunities for customer service. People who might not know how to contact you can write directly on your tweet or wall for more information, which allows you to follow up with them immediately.

This might sound something unusual or informal to serve your customers, but it’s a powerful relationship-builder for your company.

When it comes to solar power investment, consumers want a service provider they can trust. You build a trustworthy relationship with them when you connect with them via social media platforms, especially when you respond to their questions, post about your industry, and provide custom solutions.

4. Managing Reputation On Search Engines

Reputation management is the process of enhancing your company’s visibility and public image in search engines.

This solar marketing strategy is one of the best intellectual ideas in internet marketing and works exceptionally well for solar service providers.

The key behind managing the reputation is search saturation, meaning easily locating the search terms or phrases that people use to explore information about your industry, creating content about those search terms, and publishing the content through multiple outlets.

Such outlets can include your own website, social networks, press release websites, etc. The main goal is to get every possible detail out there to show search engine visitors that you’re a reliable, knowledgeable, and tech-savvy business.

This strategy works perfectly for businesses that have recently become the target of bad press.

Thus, publishing original content including the same search terms as the bad press might push the negative content out of the first webpage of search engine result pages. This is the only page people look at in searches.

So if you wish to control your online reputation, you can deliberately target the keyword or phrases that make you look bad so your potential users will see a positive and honest representation of your company.

5. CRO – Conversion rate optimization

CRO is the method of searching for the best possible way to turn website visitors into paying customers.

Conversion rate optimization is a careful and precise strategy that needs a lot of critical thinking and patience. It’s beneficial for solar internet marketing, though, as it helps you create a better website and user experience.

This method works like this:

  • Find an element or attribute of your website you want to expand
  • Now test different versions of that attribute over several months
  • Track and review the impact on sales conversion rates
  • Find that version with the correct conversion rate
  • Use that version on your website

The “attribute” that you test can be practically anything, including buttons, colors, on-page text, interactives, images, videos, etc. No element/attribute is minor; all carry the potential to make a substantial vast impact.

The more the number of conversions you get, the more leads you have for your business. This also translates more revenue with future growth, building a stronger company overall.

Get Specialized Solar Marketing Help

At JetRank we are aware of the solar industry as it’s thriving in Central Pennsylvania and other regions. More corporate and residential consumers are getting solar panels installed at their residences to facilitate the safe use of money and budget, in the long run, meaning your business has a lot of profit potential in the future.

We make sure that our clients get to know everything they need to grow their solar business. Therefore, if you need help with a solar marketing plan, JetRank is here to help!

At JetRank, we have a dedicated team of skilled experts who will create an effective internet marketing plan tailored accordingly to the needs of your solar company. So, get started and browse our online marketing services to start promoting your solar business or contact us online today for a free quote!

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