Best 6 SEO Automation Tools to Manage SEO Tasks

To utilize your website, you might already know the importance of search engine optimization. To allow more people to visit your site, it has to get a great placement at search engine rankings – and this is where SEO comes in. When you try to employ SEO strategies for your site, you know that there […]

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To utilize your website, you might already know the importance of search engine optimization. To allow more people to visit your site, it has to get a great placement at search engine rankings – and this is where SEO comes in. When you try to employ SEO strategies for your site, you know that there are various types and techniques that you should determine and use. While you can do it yourself, doing it by yourself can take hours to days.

Even though it is rewarding to see results, it might be better to get an automated tool to handle it for you – especially if you are doing it yourself. While there are some paid applications, there are also some free ones. Since performing every SEO task can be time-consuming, running automated software can help you.

5 Tasks That SEO Automation Tools Can Do

If you handle your website’s search engine optimization, it can take you hours or days to complete the various tasks you must do. With an SEO tool, you can cut down the time by half – and you even have the chance to do other things while your application is doing its job.

If you are interested in knowing which activities can be handled by automated SEO software, here is a list.

1. Find Relevant Keywords

When employing SEO strategies, looking for relevant and related keywords may not be the main priority, but keeping them in mind can be incredibly beneficial. If you want to cover all the bases and gather as many clients as possible, you should know individuals’ alternative terms for search engines. While this task may take you from 30 minutes to an hour if you do SEO yourself, SEO tools can provide a more comprehensive result in less time.

2. Analyze Competitor Sites

You might already know about the importance of monitoring your competition, especially those who are always on the front pages of search engine results. However, it might be harder to monitor and analyze their activity thoroughly. While you might look at the different keywords they employ or their link-building strategy, your research might fall short if you are not skilled at it. With automation tools such as SEMrush, you can allow them to create reports about your competition.

3. Check Backlinks

When you develop your website’s search engine optimization, you will need to handle various types, such as off-page SEO. Your page requires to receive backlinks from other sites to ensure that search algorithms find your website trustworthy – and give it higher points. While you can manually count backlinks that you have worked for in the past, you might have a more challenging time if you get organic backlinks that had not notified you previously.

SEO tools can allow you to monitor the number of backlinks received by your website.

4. Track Site Rankings

Even if you can determine how good your site’s SEO is by learning on what page of search results it is, it is harder to thoroughly track your position if you have a lot of competitor sites. If your site uses various keywords per page, you will have to take hours to days to finish this task. With automated software, they can track the rank of every page on your website – in all of the keywords that you apply. The reports generated are also kept for future use when you revise your SEO strategies.

5. Monitor Site SEO

Aside from off-page and on-page search engine optimization tasks, you also need to consider the technical SEO aspect of your website. It might be easy to do jobs like searching for broken links and repairing them afterward. However, it might be harder to determine the load time per page or the responsiveness of your website if you are not familiar with them. This is where SEO applications can shine – they can inspect your website and provide you with a detailed report on which parts need improvement.

What are the best SEO tools?

SEO automation tools are typically one feature inside of the best paid SEO tools. The best paid seo tools include ahrefs, semrush and SE Ranking.

Best 6 Applications to Automate SEO Tasks

When you tire of doing every search engine optimization task, you might be interested in SEO automation programs. However, hundreds of them are in the market – both free and paid. It might be overwhelming to know which one to use.
If you are looking for the best tools that you can use for your website’s search engine optimization, you can check this list out.

1. Ahrefs

Even when you can perform SEO tasks on your own, you might find that your results are less comprehensive than you would like. However, with SEO tools like Ahrefs, you can get detailed reports to optimize and revise your search engine optimization strategies. With the different metrics and analytics that this tool can generate, you can have a better SEO plan.

Here are a few of the things that Ahrefs can do:

  • Monitor your backlinks daily
  • Provide comprehensive analysis of competitor websites
  • Discover new keywords for you to use
  • Search for brand mentions
  • Estimate search traffic for your top-ranking pages

While it is not for free and can be considerably expensive, it covers all the critical bases you will need for a better search ranking.

2. SEMrush

If you are looking for automation software, you might have already encountered SEMrush. It is one of the most popular tools in the current market – and for a good reason. With SEMrush, you can automate most of the activities you need to get better search engine optimization. Aside from doing it in far lesser time than if you do it on your own, it also provides more comprehensive reports.

Here are some of the tasks that SEMrush can do:

  • Research keywords
  • Track ranking positions
  • Analyze competitor sites
  • Provide backlinking recommendations
  • Optimize content
  • Monitor content marketing performance

SEMrush is excellent with search engine optimization, and it is also instrumental in various digital marketing strategies. Because of its many functionalities, it is worth its price.

3. SE Ranking

When it comes to getting various metrics regarding your website’s search optimization strategies, SE Ranking is one of the best tools that you can use. It is one of the most comprehensive applications in the market because it provides a variety of functionalities – from tracking rites to checking for on-page elements.

These are some of the tasks that SE Ranking can do for you:

  • Research keywords and relevant terms
  • Monitor backlinks
  • Monitor competitor sites
  • Perform on-page checks
  • Track your website’s rank

SE Ranking is functional, and it is also a relatively beginner-friendly option. If you want an automation tool that will not overwhelm you, this is recommended for you.

4. Ubersuggest

From being utilized in meta information to content, using the right keyword is essential to raise your website’s search engine ranking. While Ubersuggest does not perform as many functionalities as other applications do, it is one of the best for everything related to keywords. It also has a freeware version, so you do not have to spend a lot of money to try it out.

With Ubersuggest, you can do a variety of keyword-related tasks such as looking for relevant terms, learning how many backlinks are needed to rank high on each keyword, and determining the current search volume of your preferred keyword. It will help you understand more about keywords – and significantly improve your website’s overall SEO.

5. Little Warden

Technical search engine optimization is complex – especially if you are not well-versed with them. While Little Warden might not cover other SEO types, it is incredibly effective at performing various technical SEO strategies. With this automated software, you not only determine the lacking functionalities of your website but also give recommendations on how to improve them.

Here are the various technical SEO elements that Little Warden can cover:

  • 404 errors
  • Sitemap validity
  • Malware detection
  • Broken links
  • Expired SSL certificates

With Little Warden, you are not only improving your website’s search engine optimization, but you are also increasing its security. This is a comprehensive tool that can monitor every page of your site.

6. Screaming Frog

It is hard to determine how search engines work most of the time. Even though you already know several SEO strategies, you might still find the search engine algorithm as a very complex topic. While Screaming Frog will not cover all types of search engine optimizations, it is impressive for technical and on-page SEO strategies.

These are activities that the Screaming Frog can do for you:

  • Build your sitemaps
  • Analyze your website’s metadata
  • Search for broken links
  • Find duplicate contents
  • Crawl your site

If you find that revising and improving your site’s technical SEO is the hardest thing to do, you can use Screaming Frog to automate the tasks and do it in your stead.

Hiring an SEO Agency vs. Using Automation Tools

Automation tools can bring you many benefits when it comes to search engine optimization. If you have been doing all of the tasks independently, you might find it life-changing to use one. However, you can also consider hiring an SEO agency aside from using SEO software. They might be more expensive than most automation applications, but they can also provide better performance for your website.

SEO Agencies Provide More Resources

Recent automation applications prove that they can handle numerous tasks. While there are specialized tools, many SEO applications in the market are better at general jobs. However, despite the multiple activities that they can do, they still fall short on some search engine optimization strategies.

With an SEO agency, you will get a dedicated team to help your website’s search ranking position. Because of this, each member will be able to handle several tasks – and they can take ones that even an SEO tool cannot.

SEO Agencies Build Your Brand

SEO applications will tell you what you need to improve your brand. However, they are not equipped to truly help you build, establish, and grow the branding of your website. Since they are still tools, they can be limited in what they can do.

An SEO agency can help you plan out the various directions for your website. From your long-term goals to current assets, a professional team can help you utilize your resources for the best possible results.

SEO Agencies Can Help with Human Connections

No matter how comprehensive automation applications are, they are still not equipped to help you with human interactions. While they are great at providing reports and analytics, you still need to use the generated data to connect to other website owners and potential clients.

However, if you hire an SEO agency, they can help you with this task. From employing social media strategies to gather the interest of your target market to connect you with owners of high authority websites, SEO agencies can help you build human connections.

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