SEO Audit Pricing: How Much Does an SEO Audit Cost?

SEO audits are one way to ensure that your current SEO strategies are working. With an audit, you will monitor the various performance metrics of your website. From learning about organic traffic to a backlink profile evaluation, SEO audit services handle many vital tasks for search optimization. With an SEO audit service, you would determine […]

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SEO audits are one way to ensure that your current SEO strategies are working. With an audit, you will monitor the various performance metrics of your website. From learning about organic traffic to a backlink profile evaluation, SEO audit services handle many vital tasks for search optimization.

With an SEO audit service, you would determine the weak and strong points of your SEO strategies. You will be given actual numbers for your website’s performance. With them, you can improve your SEO plan to reach your goals faster.

When you have just encountered the term SEO audit, you might have several questions on your mind. How much does an SEO audit cost? What are the package options for SEO audit services? In this article, you can learn more about SEO audits, their pricing, inclusions, and their advantages.

How much does an SEO audit cost?

Generally, an SEO audit can cost from $650 to $14,000. Some SEO packages include an SEO audit in the initial weeks of an SEO campaign. Keep in mind that pricing is dependent on several items. It would include the current size of your website, which SEO elements need to be audited, and how fast you want the audit to take place.

If you have a personal website that only contains a small number of pages, you can expect to be on the lower end of the spectrum. However, if you own a big website, you should prepare a budget for an above-average range. The pricing is vastly different and is usually customized depending on the website.

What’s Typically Included in an SEO Audit

You already know that an SEO audit will be important in assessing your website’s search engine optimization performance. However, that is simply a general term. If you want to learn what the inclusions of an SEO audit typically are, you can get a brief introduction for them here.

An SEO audit monitors the technical SEO of your website

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example of an seo crawl from an seo tool

When you avail of an SEO audit service, it would usually include assessing the various technical SEO elements in your website. It will check out the dead and broken links that can be found on your page. It will also check whether you have duplicate content. If you have wrong internal links, they will also be included in your technical SEO audit. Most of the time, this is included in essential SEO audit services.

An SEO audit checks your website’s current content.

Content is one of the most critical parts of your website’s on-page SEO. This is why it also receives a thorough review. When it comes to content auditing, there are various factors considered. It will check out all of your content pages and review whether you utilize them correctly. Meta descriptions, site images, keyword usages, page tags, and page readability are usually considered when content audits are included in your SEO audit package.

An SEO audit reviews your website’s backlink profile.

Just like contents are the core of your website’s on-page SEO, backlinks are the foundation of your site’s off-site SEO. Because of this, your website’s current external links need to be thoroughly investigated. It does not only count your existing backlinks, but it will also determine whether the backlinks are from high-authority sites. At times, link audits can also include recommendations of which sites you should get external links from.

An SEO audit assesses your website’s competition.

Whatever industry your website is in, it is essential that you also monitor your competition. Learning about your competition is a great way to help you set realistic goals. When your SEO consultant does a thorough competition audit, you might also learn techniques to improve your own website’s search engine optimization. You will view how your competition utilizes SEO, what keywords they use, what domains they have backlinks in and others.

An SEO audit researches your website’s social media presence.

Even though social media sites do not provide as much weight as other factors such as backlinks, keywords, and technical SEO, they are still important in ensuring that your website has a broad reach. When your preferred SEO agency performs a social media audit, they will be able to track your website’s mentions, engagements, and activity on various social media platforms.

Factors That Affect The Pricing of SEO Audit Services

Now that you learn the range of SEO audit prices, you might be wondering which amount your website will cost. If you want to guess it before getting a quote, you should know which factors are considered during the pricing. If you are looking for them, you can find them here. These are the various elements that affect the pricing of any SEO audit service that you may avail.

Size of your website

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When it comes to the price of your SEO audit services, the most critical factor is the size of your website. This is because it will determine how much time and effort an agency will take for your website. Sites with more pages are more likely to cost higher than sites with fewer pages.

However, if you think of letting an SEO agency audit just a few pages to lessen the costs, that would be a bad idea. An SEO audit provides the best and most comprehensive results when every website page is appropriately assessed. This is because the pages of your site are often connected, and there is an important statistic to be taken from them.

SEO elements that are being audited

While it does not affect the price of the SEO audit offering as much as the size of your website, the SEO elements that you prefer to be monitored can also have a considerable weight on the pricing. This is because the comprehensiveness of the audit project also depends on which SEO elements are being considered.

If you want to have all the pages of your website audited but you want to save money, you can only audit certain SEO aspects. While this will provide a relatively less powerful result than if you do a full audit, it can impact your next steps for SEO much less, too.

Duration of the SEO audit project

Are you on a tight deadline? Do you need to get your website’s performance metrics as fast as you can? Do you have to meet brands and sponsors who want to get your SEO statistics soon as possible? The length of the SEO audit can also affect the current pricing of your service.

Most of the time, you will be given a rate and a turnaround time for the project. That will usually be the bare minimum for the price for the service offerings. However, if you need it to be rushed and done quicker, you must pay for additional expenses. This is because your chosen SEO agency would need to expend more effort in less time. Similarly, you can get more affordable pricing if you allow your SEO audit project to take longer.

SEO audit service inclusions

In this article, you have already seen the various inclusions that you can get from an SEO audit. There are content audits, social media audits, link audits, competition audits, and technical audits. If you ask your SEO agency to perform all of them simultaneously, you can expect to pay a large sum of money. However, while that may surprise you, you should consider that doing this will provide you with the best and most accurate performance metrics for your website.

If you have to minimize the package inclusions, you can ask your SEO agency if they have advice on which ones you should take at the moment. Most of the time, they will recommend content and technical audits services. However, there are also times when your website will need the other inclusions. Get a professional recommendation first so that you can get the most out of your money.

Size and experience of the SEO agency

Occasionally, a completely new agency with a relatively small number of team members can outdo SEO companies that have years of experience with hundreds of members. However, that has a considerably low chance. While it is possible, you can expect that the more experienced and the bigger the agency is, the larger their service quote will be.

While you may opt to go for the most experienced companies first because of their reputations, you don’t need to do so. While it is a requirement for large company websites, if you only have a small personal website, you can enjoy the services of mid-level companies. This can save you money to spend on other things for your website.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

SEO audits are typically included in fully managed SEO costs. If you’d rather have a team manage your SEO monthly, then just do that since SEO audits are included in monthly seo services.

How Much Does SEO Cost for Small Businesses?

SEO for small businesses typically costs from $500 to $2,500 per month.

SEO Audit Services

There is no limit to the benefits you can get from an SEO audit service. While it may not be cheap, the results you will get from it are usually significant. If you want to learn the effectiveness of your current SEO strategies, you can talk to us about our SEO audit service. This way, you will be able to revise and improve your SEO so your website can reach the top ranks of search pages.

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