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SEO assessment can be complicated because sometimes, you will not figure out what to look for during an SEO campaign. That’s why you require proper knowledge of SEO assessment and some tools to use. If you are not aware of doing an SEO assessment, you will lose your time and resources. Also, it will affect […]


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SEO assessment can be complicated because sometimes, you will not figure out what to look for during an SEO campaign. That’s why you require proper knowledge of SEO assessment and some tools to use. If you are not aware of doing an SEO assessment, you will lose your time and resources. Also, it will affect your business negatively.

SEO assessment is the primary factor of an SEO campaign. Without it, you will not find issues and problems on our website, which will affect your website authority and ranking.

So in this article, you will learn about SEO assessment but first, let’s have a basic knowledge about SEO assessment.

What Is SEO Assessment?

SEO assessment is a report about your website’s health, rankings and potential improvements. It helps you understand how you have done your SEO campaign, and if there are any problems, you will find them and try to solve them.

Many subjects related to the website about gaining organic traffic and ranking in SERPs. Like which type of keywords are used within the content. You have to find your competitors and try to win the race from them. You will face factors related to on-page and off-page SEO. Also, maybe your website has some technical errors. All these are covered in the SEO assessment.

SEO assessment will lead you to the path that goes to search engine visibility. This path will show you the elements needed to improve the website.

Why Is SEO Assessment Important?

SEO assessment is a process by which you can get all the details about your website. It will allow you to find out those tactics which will lead you ahead of competitors. 

SEO Assessment provides you with information and details of your weaknesses, and those will be the places your competitors are leading from you. You will recognize SEO weakness areas, and an SEO assessment will give you a roadmap to overcome those weaknesses.

In addition, an SEO assessment will reveal essential keywords in your niche. It will provide you with information about competitive keywords. You can quickly implement and use those keywords on your website. 

The insight of SEO assessment gives direction to improve your site content to deliver the best user experience to visitors. A proper SEO assessment makes it possible to make those decisions to improve your site’s ranking in SERPs. 

How To Do SEO Assessment for On-Page SEO?

When you do on-page SEO, you need to confirm that all the efforts were successful. If your page is not optimized correctly, you will not create any base for the new keywords you analyze. 

For that, you need to check the meta description, alt tags, page title, and entire page statistics. Also, if you did internal linking, make sure that the links are relevant and keywords are not used a second time. 

Moreover, the H1 header should be used once within the website for the best SEO practice. It would help if you had proper heading for the best on-page SEO. A website always has images. Were your pictures optimized? If not, include alt tags in the photos.

Image optimization will help you in improving search engine rankings. When you find and solve all the issues in an on-page SEO assessment, you will enhance the user experience.

Now let’s check out the factors of on-page SEO assessment.

Organic Traffic Assessment

When you do an SEO assessment, you have to scrutinize the organic traffic. It included organic traffic, email marketing, social media, paid social and direct traffic. Your primary focus should be on organic traffic because it will give authority to your website. Find out how organic traffic you got and if there is some issue, then work on it. Organic traffic will generate leads and increase the conversion rate. If you are not getting the majority of traffic organically, you introduce some changes in your SEO campaign. While doing SEO assessment, you will find how to bring organic traffic.

Content Strategy Assessment

SEO assessment involves content analysis, and it is the foundation of every website:

You have to look for the traffic which came for the content. Therefore, evaluate that you deliver logical and related content to the niche.

Check out that your content is in a series, and if there are any topics left, you must write about them.

You have to find the scope necessary for ranking but not write about it.

For that, you have to write new material or optimize your old content.

Also, you need content that solves visitors’ problems and helps them to facilitate. In that case, if your content is poorly written or issues that are not relevant to your business. Write new content.

Keyword Assessment

When you find your missing content, you can rank with new keywords. You will quickly discover your absent keyword.

However, you have to determine the keyword for which you are ranking. After that, make a keywords strategy and implement it in your new content. Use SEO assessment tools for top-ranking and missing keywords. If you found some keywords which are not necessary for your content, replace them with new ones.

Competitor’s Assessment

During keyword audit, you should find out the ranking keywords of competitors. First, find your competitors, then analyze their content and keywords. You will quickly understand their way of content strategy. Then, check those missing keywords in your content to get a list of keywords.

Also, make a comparison with the competitor’s website. Take a look at the overall performance of the competition. Search for the issues that your website is weaker than the competitor.

Overall, you will learn from competitive assessment the keywords and content strategy. You have to find the competitor’s weakness and take advantage of that for ranking and content strategy.

How To Do SEO Assessment for Off-Page SEO?

Your SEO evaluation should also cover your off-page SEO efforts in addition to your on-page SEO efforts. Off-site work may greatly influence how high your website ranks in the search results. In your SEO assessment test, we’ll look at two crucial methods to consider.


Backlinks are the best source for increasing the rating and authority of the website. When high authority websites are linked to your website, a search engine algorithm gives values and counts them as a ranking factor. Therefore, the fundamental element of off-page SEO assessment is to analyze the backlinks.

Check if the backlinks are relevant to your website or not. If your website is new and you want to create some backlinks, focus on high authority backlinks. Be aware of spam website backlinks. Low spam scores are good, but it will affect your off-page SEO if you earn backlinks from a high spam score website.

Make sure all the backlinks are do-follow. If the do-follow backlinks have a high spam score, ask to switch it to no-follow.

Social Media Engagement

Social media is an excellent platform for brand awareness and improving domain authority. 

When you do an SEO assessment for social media, it will provide information about your social media engagement. It allows you to find out if your social media engagement is active or not. 

On the other hand, it provides you directions to work on your social media engagement. You will gain traffic when you do an SEO assessment for social media and work on the provided details. As a result, Google improves those site domain authorities with diverse traffic sources.

How To Do SEO Assessment for Technical SEO?

Search engines give priority to ensuring that websites are free from technical errors. First, you have to find the technical mistakes on your website. 

Technical SEO assessment involves 404 errors, redirect loop, duplicate content, and load speed. The technical error tells that your website is unstable and will not give a good user experience.

Ensure yourself that your website has no technical issue which causes ranking. If you found any error, solve it with SEO tools.

Indexing And Crawling

SEO assessment provides you with a list of your broken links with reasons. Broken links hurt the website’s reputation by sending non-existent pages. Therefore it is necessary to find broken links and fix them for better usability. Also, check your website for WWW problems. Search engines see and as separate sites. So do SEO assessments to resolve WWW problems.

Search engines crawl those websites more efficiently which has an XML sitemap. Therefore, SEO assessment is the best option to determine whether your website URLs are correctly listed.

Robot.txt are plain text files that instruct crawlers what they can and cannot access. Therefore, SEO assessment is essential to find the robot.txt errors in your website. If your site Robot.txt files block search engines from crawling your website, it will provide necessary actions. You can find the error in robot.txt by using Google Search Console.


SEO assessment checks your website for a responsive design and analyzes your website rendering, touchscreen readiness, mobile compatibility, and font size legibility. Search engines preferred those websites which run efficiently on different gadgets. All these are essential for improving your traffic. In addition, if your site has the given characteristic, your site speed on a mobile phone will improve, which is crucial for user experience.


SEO assessment will show you if your site has a favicon or not. Favicon is not a ranking factor, but a favicon improves usability and brand recognition. Another factor for usability is error 404.

SEO assessment tells that your site has a 404 error. 404 error is due to broken or dead links, which highly affect your website performance. The proper usability of a website also came from structured data markup. 

Structured data markup in SEO assessment shows that your site has rich snippets in search engines. Your website must have a rich snippet in search engines. It allows users to access your website’s basic information.

What is an SEO Analysis?

An SEO analysis is similar to an SEO assessment except it typically involves analyzing competitor traffic and rankings.


SEO assessment is a commanding task you do to better your SEO strategy. Without finding the head of your SEO campaign, you will be unable to deliver the best. Give priority to those elements which are essential for SEO. Then, use SEO assessment tools with full command over it and implement the best practice.

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