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A rapid boom has been observed in both small and medium-sized businesses across the globe over the recent years. Much of this can be attributed to the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. This in turn has increased searches for products and services. The recent pandemic has also forced many businesses to focus on their digital marketing efforts. The need for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become even more evident than it was before.

SEO packages are offered by many different agencies that contain a variety of services listed with their relevant pricing. Therefore, choosing between a number of SEO packages on offer often becomes an uphill battle leading to what is known as analysis paralysis. This article will help you in understanding what SEO packages really are and what you should look for in them while deciding on which one to choose.

Before we dive into the topic of SEO packages, let’s have a quick review of what SEO actually is. This will clear any doubts for beginners to the SEO world.

What is SEO?

SEO is a process designed to help a website, any page within a website, or any content to rank higher in organic search results within Google. In simple words, SEO makes your content appear in top Google search results. It can be further categorized into traditional SEO or local SEO; focusing on overall search rankings worldwide or a local area in which your business operates, respectively.

Now that the quick review on SEO has jogged your memory, let’s continue with SEO packages and the delicacies surrounding these packages.

SEO Packages

SEO packages constitute a collection of different SEO services offered by SEO agencies. The aim of these packages is to offer various SEO services designed to accomplish diverse SEO related goals. SEO agencies typically offer multiple tiers of SEO packages and some even allow you the independence to customize your plans based on your SEO appetite.

For instance, if you are a startup with bootstrapped budgetary restrictions you may want to customize your package to match your financial needs. Likewise, if you want a local SEO for your local business, targeting a certain location, you may want to adjust your package accordingly. Simply put, you need to set clear goals with regards to SEO before deciding on a package.

Most SEO packages are offered on a monthly basis, meaning that they charge you for the running month, or if you choose the yearly you may still pay on monthly basis for a whole year or avail discounts on one time yearly payment at the start for the same.

Monthly SEO Marketing Package Pricing & Plans

JetRank’s SEO packages start from $149 per month for automated local seo packages. Small Scale SEO is typically between $350-$750 while, comprehensive SEO packages can cost between $900 to $2,000 per month. If you want detailed seo packages sent to your email just contact us. Since SEO is always changing we do not publish our packages on our site but are glad to send over the details through email or discuss over a quick chat. Just be sure to contact us.


SEO Essentials Package

Perfect for super small businesses

  • 1 – DA 20+ Guest Post Placement
  • 1 – 500 Word Blog
  • Foundational Backlink Placements
  • 10 Targeted Keywords
  • Email Support
  • Basic On Page SEO
  • SEO Analysis
  • Monthly Reporting
Starting from $499 / Mo


Competitive SEO Package

Perfect for small businesses

  • 2-4 – DA 20+ Guest Post Placements
  • 2 – 500 Word Blogs
  • Mix of Foundational Backlink Placements
  • 50 Targeted Keywords
  • Email Support
  • Tech SEO Analysis & Correction
  • Extensive On Page SEO
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Monthly Reporting
Starting from $999 / Mo


Aggressive SEO Package

Perfect for growth companies

  • 10 – DA 20+ Guest Post Placements
  • 4 – 1,000 Word Blogs
  • Mix of Foundational Backlink Placements
  • 200 Targeted Keywords
  • Priority Email Support and Phone Support
  • Weekly Tech SEO Analysis & Correction
  • Expert-Level On Page SEO
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Monthly Reporting
Starting from $1,999 / Mo

What does a SEO Marketing Package Include?

Let’s be honest, there is no cookie cutter solution for all businesses. This is due to the fact that SEO is an ongoing process and sometimes volatile due to changes in SEO policies, processes, and needs of your business. Therefore, you need to be on your toes regarding SEO and continuously look out for new processes to better complement your business needs. Having said this, instead of an ideal SEO package you can definitely get an idea of what the best SEO package includes.

The best SEO package will include the following:

  • Traditional or local keyword research
  • Traditional or local keyword optimization
  • Setting up and analysing traffic through Google Analytics
  • Optimization of your Google My Business page
  • Optimization of meta tags
  • Optimization of title tags
  • Setting up an optimized sitemap for your website
  • SEO based local content writing
  • 404 error page setup
  • SEO based copywriting
  • Optimization of images
  • Analysis of duplicate content
  • SEO results reporting on quarterly basis
  • Generating backlinks to your site
  • And much more

These services are an ongoing process and may take time depending on your SEO appetite and needs. Moreover, these include mutually exclusive services as well as those that are not mutually exclusive. Therefore, one service may or may not complement the other thereby requiring extra effort and time.

Choosing the Best SEO Marketing Package for Your Business

You will come across a number of SEO packages that will include almost all the services mentioned above. It may become hard for you to determine which package is the best of the lot. Subsequently you will start analyzing each package and due to the paradox of choice, coming to a definitive conclusion regarding a package will become very stressful.

You may fall into what is called decision paralysis i.e. when you are offered a variety of options to choose from, you start analyzing each option and find each of them equally attractive thereby making it difficult to reach a decision.

Here we list a few points that will help you overcome decision paralysis and choose the best fit SEO package for you.

Small Business SEO Experts

JetRank prides itself as being a trusted Small Business SEO expert. Over 1,200 businesses are currently taking advantage of our Small Business SEO packages.

Diverse Portfolio of Agency

When you are content with the offerings within the SEO package of an agency, one thing to lookout is the portfolio of the SEO agency. Go check out the clients of the agency and you will come across a list of the companies that are already availing the SEO services of the agency. This will help build a reputation in your mind and from there you can compare the clients of one agency to that of another agency to reach a definitive conclusion regarding the choice of SEO agency offering the package.

Analysis of your Business Competitors

Your business competitors are those affecting you directly with regards to SEO apart from other business delicacies.  Hence, you need to be aware of what SEO practices your competitors are deploying. An SEO package that offers competitor analysis is a sure sign of a good package.

The analysis of competitors will help you see the keywords they are deploying for search rankings. You can further analyse those keywords to help you in deploying those keywords that outsmart and out-SEO your competition. In simple words, an SEO package with competitor analysis will give you the required edge you need over your competition. Therefore, you should definitely look for this feature while deciding on your choice of SEO package.

Content Optimization

You may have heard that content is the king of SEO. This is in fact very true because quality content with appropriate and relevant keywords works like a charm in boosting your search rankings.

People are constantly looking for information on the internet. They want mental stimulation for the queries they make and that is why quality content will direct people to your site. This means an increase in traffic and potential revenue. Therefore, a good SEO package keeps the king of SEO at the centre stage of its offering. It has a proper content development plan in the package. Hence, the key takeaway is to always check if the SEO package is offering different forms of content optimization services that include blogs, articles, infographics, and videos etc.

Performance Reporting

When you invest in an SEO package, it is your right to know how your SEO campaign is performing. You need to stay ahead of the curve by getting regular performance based reports and then working on further improving those results. This is the reason that you should seek an SEO package that includes performance reporting.

There is a saying often attributed to Peter Drucker: “if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” This fits perfectly in the context of SEO reporting as you can only improve if you have proper statistics and insights into the performance of your campaign. With performance reporting, not only will you be able to track progress of your financial returns vis-a-vis SEO but also look for further enhancing your SEO strategy to outdo your competition.

SEO Packages Vs SEO Consulting

SEO consulting is different than SEO packages since SEO consulting costs more and is more customized. Designed for small businesses, while SEO consulting is for larger more established businesses with complex SEO campaigns.

The Final Word – Key Takeaways

SEO is the one of the best possible solutions to grow your business. Getting a right SEO package will help you to increase traffic to your business which in turn will lead to an increased revenue.

If you are not satisfied with SEO packages on offer, you can always discuss your needs with an agency and they will help you to create a custom package that complements your needs. However, before you discuss your SEO needs with the agency, make sure to understand the basics of your business with regards to SEO and make a comprehensive list of things you intend to achieve. This will set the tone for your future SEO campaigns.

No matter what SEO package you consider best for your business, always try and study your competition beforehand with the agency you choose. This way you will get a robust SEO campaign that has the potential to surpass your competition. Moreover, keep on working to constantly improve your SEO performance reporting metrics. As SEO is an ongoing process, not a one time thing, therefore continuous improvement is desired. Afterall, the main aim is to convert potential leads into revenue!

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