Roofing SEO Guide: 5 Simple Tips to Grow Your Traffic

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Just as a roof is an essential part of every structure, similarly, your roofing SEO strategy should be a necessary part of your business. An attractive and well-designed website is a bonus to every business.

A well-optimized and well-structured website will make it easy for potential clients and audience to find you. So, how can you turn into one of the leading players? Roofing SEO; it is one of the best yellow pages of today.

You see your roofing competitors at the top of search engine results and listings and wonder, how do I get a top position?

While many aspects contribute to search engine results, roofing SEO is crucial in an area with lots of competition.

Here is everything you should know about roofing SEO and making your business stand out from your competitors.

What Is SEO? How Can It Help Your Roofing Business?

SEO is a valuable strategy that improves your website with meaningful and unique engaging content that uses strategic keywords relevant to your business.

For example, you can think of it as an updated version of the mobile phone book. A search engine’s listings are decided by mathematical calculations or algorithms that regulate how closely a business page or website matches what the customer is searching for.

Keywords are also a vital part of SEO. Keywords are phrases or words related to your business that customers search for.

This leads them to your website and increases its ranking.

SEO is multifaceted as it involves optimizing your site’s functionality through custom content, user-friendly navigation, and other strategies.

It also helps you increase your SERP (search engine results page) ranking and reach the sites at the top to enjoy the lion’s share of clicks. All the website content is analyzed by search engines, which determines how high a website will rank.

Indeed, SEO is an excellent way to remain competitive, i.e., you can incorporate unique and relevant keywords throughout your page. This will create a theme to help you rank higher in the SERP.

For example, if you search for keywords like ‘roofing business near me’ or ‘roofer in my area,’ this will help your website become a relevant search query to enhance your website ranking.

Time Taken for The SEO to Deliver Results?

SEO results might take up to several months for you to see substantial results. That is because search engines like Google etc. take time to crawl the information on your pages, analyze user behavior and interaction with your website. Here are some key factors that determine the time taken to deliver SEO.

A lengthy campaign means enhanced results. An excellent roofing SEO campaign means hundreds of hours of work in a week for several days before the campaign’s effectiveness becomes obvious.

SEO results depend on two main factors: An effective roofing SEO campaign results in a better SERP ranking and a steady influx and increase of new customers.

Results will eventually improve: New users will continue to increase over time, and then finally, you will reach the point where your main concern will be maintaining those numbers.

Roofing Marketing Campaign: National or Local?

The decision to market your products and services nationally or locally is utterly dependent on your business objectives.

Local marketing for roofers uses your state and city to get you noticed by potential customers searching locally for roofing businesses. This means that users will type in phrases like ‘roofer near me’ or ‘(city or state) roofer,’ and you’ll want to get noticed by customers searching for those terms.

Nowadays, national marketing is taking a world-wide subject such as ‘hurricane roof damage’ or ‘roofing repair’ and catering to anyone looking for information on those subjects. Again, this depends entirely on your business goals, but any effort will ensure your desired SEO campaign goals.

Assessing Key Performance Indicators for Your Roofing Website

KPIs or key performance indicators are a measurement of your roofing SEO campaign success. One of the most imminent factors in determining KPIs is visitor retention and engagement on your website and if it increases business for you or not.

Overall, KPIs should match up to your business’ expectations and goals.

KPIs are crucial to us as they help us identify what is and what is not working and, in the final call, make improvements and adjustments that will result in a more successful SEO campaign.

You can consider KPIs similar to a report card for an SEO campaign. Here are the most critical KPIs to study:
· Attracting new clients: Your goal should be to get as many of them as possible.
· Gather organic traffic: Check people who found your website from the SERP.
· Keyword ranking: the better ranking of your keywords will increase the chance of users visiting your site.
· Bounce rate: It’s a percentage when users visit one page on your website before leaving.
· Pages per session: These are the number of pages each viewer access on your site during their visit.

5 Tips to Optimize SEO for Your Roofing Business

SEO teaches you how well your website is designed for the best user experience; it helps search engines and users quickly discover what your website is about and whether it is relevant for their search. This includes factors like including strong keywords on your site in a natural-sounding way and providing the audience with an easily navigable website.

So let’s check how you can make it more likely for Bing, Google, and other search engines to recognize your roofing business as a service a local customer wants?

1. Choose Location-Specific Keywords

If you wish to make it to the top of the roofing pack in search engine results, it’s essential to use location-specific keywords in your social media content and website.

There are free tools, such as Keyword and Google Keyword Planner, you can use to research various local roofing

SEO terms. You can also start by brainstorming a basic list of these keywords on your own, as it’s worth the time to dig yourself into specific keywords that will help grow your online business presence.

Imagine yourself as an owner of a home who needs your services. So, which search terms would you use to search for a roofer? Make a relevant list of the phrases and terms that come to mind, like roofers, roofing contractors, roof repair, etc.

Next, pair these words with local terms an owner might use to find that service in the specific area. Your list will now include terms to rank for phrases like:

  • Roofing contractors in (your local search area)
    • Roofing contractors in San Diego
  • (your local search area) + Roofing Company
    • San Diego Roofing Company
  • Roof repair + (your local search area)
    • Roof repair in San Diego

Similarly, walk through the same process for other services you might offer, such as window installation, gutter replacement, etc.

roofing seo keywords example

2. Implement Keywords Throughout the Roofing Website

Once you’ve gathered the local roofing SEO keyword list, combine the terms into your company’s social network content and website. When a potential consumer types the selected terms into a search engine, your business will become more expected to appear higher in the search listing.

In the above examples of a roofing company, you can use location-specific keywords on your homepage, which is an excellent way to implement your keywords and help you rank for local SEO.

3. Add Location-Specific Keywords to Your Page Titles & Metadata

The best practice for roofing SEO is to include location-specific keywords into the page titles and metadata. Adding those keywords to the page titles and metadata for your service pages, homepage, and even your blog posts can increase your ranking in Google search results.

4. Using A Consistent Name, Phone Number, and Address

This can play a vital role in your local SEO efforts. Local roofing SEO practices include adding your primary office address at the footer of your site.

A vital part of making sure Google understands and recognizes that you’re from a specific area is to add your physical address on your website at the footer. This can also be included in other parts of your website when referring to your particular location.

You can also add or ensure all your primary business listings are up to date with your current company’s location. You can view your listings with the MOZ tool.

5. Create Google My Business Account or Listing

Creating a Google My Business account is an ideal way to stand out in Google’s search engine results. Creating a Google My Business account is an easy and straightforward process that can benefit your company in roofing SEO efforts. Here, your audience will review your business by making your site more visible on Google products, like Map and Search.

Also, enhancing the local search for a small business can be achieved by using the right keywords. Some of the main factors that ranked a company higher in competitive markets are related to local SEO.

Additional Tips for Your Roofing Company Using SEO

Looking for more tips? Here are some extra practical roofing SEO tips to increase local search visibility for your business:

  • · List all of your office locations on your Contact page.
  • · Generate links from other websites to your website.
  • · Link internally by connecting related blog posts with service pages.
  • · Post your office working hours on your website and Google My Business account.

Tracking and Analyzing the Growth of your Roofing Business

It becomes necessary to stay up to date on your business’s growth, client base, and profitability. These methods and tools will help to give you an idea of what is or is not working for your roofing business and provide the guidance to make the relevant changes if necessary. Here are the main key factors that will help you to track your roofing business growth.

Form Tracking: When someone fills in a contact form online, you get notified of their working location, as knowing where your clients are located makes it simpler for you to formulate a more targeted strategy.

Phone Tracking: With phone tracking, it becomes possible to decide which phase of your SEO campaign made someone call you to learn which part of the campaign works the best.

Ranking Reports: These reports can help determine where the different keywords rank and search which ones are the least and most effective to modify our strategy accordingly.

Traffic Reports: Estimate how much traffic is being driven to your site, where it’s coming from, and what makes users interested using tools like Coremetrics or Google Analytics. This is detailed information that is used to better refine your

Roofing SEO: A Digital Marketing Solution that Works

A useful and practical Roofing SEO campaign can exponentially increase the scope and growth of your business. This helps you get a more comprehensive range of clients who might not have previously heard of your business and the services it offers. Using all the appropriate techniques and tools, we can improve your SERP ranking and simultaneously drive potential clients to your website.

An SEO campaign requires patience and time because you will not see results instantly; instead, it may take weeks/months before you start seeing improvements to your site traffic, client numbers, and SERP ranking.

JetRank has many years of experience helping numerous clients mount successful SEO campaigns. We are also ready to apply all skills we have learned over these years to help your business reach new heights.


Ultimately, each business demands a unique digital marketing strategy, and local SEO roofers face different challenges in their businesses. Therefore, your prospective customers also need specialized care when it comes to online service. That’s why we stay up with the current and latest trends in the roofing industry to help your business adjust to your target customer’s current expectations.

Better research and, more importantly, better strategy means better roofing leads and more revenue for your company. That’s why roofing companies pick us for their SEO services and generate more spectacular results.

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