11 Best Roofing Marketing Ideas and Strategies to Grow Your Business

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11 Practical Ideas for Roofers Who Want to Grow Their Business

Why should a landowner choose you to replace or repair their roof?

That’s a bottom-line question if you need to build a successful roofing company and the answer to this question lies in marketing. But if you have not focused on marketing before opening a new roof replacement business, it can be doubting to recognize where to begin.

Although there may be a bit of a learning curve, in the beginning, learning effective marketing strategies will be useful for bringing in leads.

Use these practical ideas to build and grow a marketing plan that attracts customers, nurtures trust, and generates revenues and referrals.

Roofing Marketing Tips and Insights

Roofing is a sort of tough business. If you want to be successful and benefit yourself, your employees, and your family, you need to understand why to focus on roofing marketing. You must provide a quality product, and you need to convince landowners that you’re the best provider of the product and services.

Without a practical visual observation, you can’t handle marketing. In fact, without a solid plan or strategy, you’ll likely end up wasting time, sending customers to the competitors, and finally losing money.

The good part is that you don’t require a degree in roofing marketing to build your business. By learning more ideas and tips to market a roofing company, you can create a strategy that establishes you as the selective option for roof replacement in your research market.

Below you’ll find 11 fool proof roofing marketing ideas proven to increase leads and revenue while simultaneously lowering the average cost per lead. We use the same strategies with our roofing clients, so we assure you that they work.

1. Website and Local SEO

Think of building your roofing website as it is the home base on the Internet. Whether it’s a basic site that features only your services and location or a completely designed out using lead generation tool, it must look professional and convey why your corporation is the best choice in a sea of roofers.

According to recent marketing stats compiled by various marketing software:

· 28% of local searches end with a purchase. (Google – 2016)

· 30% of mobile searches are associated with a location. (Google – 2016)

· 51% of mobile phone users have found a new company, product, or service when conducting a smartphone search. (Google – 2015)

The website is also considered a home base for roofing SEO tactics that lead potential prospects to you when searching for a roofing marketer online. Common SEO tactics include using relevant local keywords and regularly updating the website.

Indeed, a roofing blog on your website is a smart way to regularly update it, so search engines are more likely to observe you.

2. Social Media

From Foursquare to Facebook and everything in between, social media platforms have become a permanent part of how consumers interact with companies and share their reviews about treating their customers.

If you want to stay in a competition, you can’t ignore the powerful impact of social networks. Tools like Hootsuite or Sprout Social can help you manage and track multiple social media accounts from a single dashboard.

3. Home Show Marketing

Similar to other Hootsuite or Sprout Social, Home show is also an important marketing tool for many roofers, especially in markets saturated with contractors.

These shows allow the opportunity to connect with landowners directly and provide a chance to build valuable leads.

The primary key to making a home show cost-effective is to get along with a solid strategy, one that’s developed well before the marketing task is initiated. It also involves a follow-up plan for leveraging the leads you collect. This simple act of following up with customers could be sufficient to make you stand apart from other roofing competitors.

4. Using PPC Ads to Increase Booked Roofing Jobs

PPC (Pay per click) advertising allows roofing contractors to be available on the Google search engine’s first page right away. It’s a type of internet advertising and marketing in which advertisers display ads in the search results and websites and pay some amount of fee each time an ad is clicked. CPC (Cost per click) can run anywhere from $0.05 to $50.00 for the most competitive keywords.

Also, for high commercial intent searches where a person is looking to purchase a product, paid ads receive about 65% of all clicks.

Ultimately, the two main benefits of PPC advertising are controlled by relevance and visibility. Traditional advertising interrupts people that may or may not be interested in the market for roofing services. PPC advertising only puts your ad or message in front of people really interested in it or ready to make a buying decision.

5. Test Local Services Ads on Google for Roofers

Local Services Ads allows you to connect with people who search on Google for the products and services you offer. Your service ads will highlight customers in your area, and you only pay for it if a customer reaches you directly through the ad.

These ads are pay per lead ads that appear at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) and receive about 13.8% of local SERP clicks. Unlike traditional PPC search ads, you target services, not the target keywords.

Google approves eligibility, and advertisers choose from a list of available services for their service area and industry.

When a customer’s online search query matches those services’ criteria, their ad will become eligible to show.
From our tests, they work to increase quality and affordable leads for contractors.

6. Take Advantage of Email Marketing

Email marketing helps you generate more sales and revenue by allowing you to:

  • · Advertise specials, exclusive rebates, and coupons.
  • · Improve brand awareness.
  • · Engage with potential customers.

So, it’s essential to stay connected to your customers by increasing customer loyalty with the click of a button. Email marketing is one of the best roofing marketing strategies with which 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase decision last year based on a promotional email or newsletters.

If you want to generate and close more leads with minimal investment, we recommend including email marketing in your online marketing strategy.

7. Leverage The Power of Reviews and Testimonials

During the traditional age, i.e., before the digital age, it would take press coverage for the word to decide about exceptionally good or bad service.

But today, consumers around the world can now discuss you in the blink of an eye, which is both boon and blessing.

For worse or better, businesses these days have to work harder in the field of reputation management.

This phrase may sound like an old-school HR manager may come up with knowing that anyone can write anything about you publicly, at least ideally. This is actually a good motivator move to be totally transparent with your potential customers.

But with so many websites to continually check, how are you supposed to track this?

Luckily, there are numerous tools to do this!

Aside from such tools, you can use other tips to leverage the power of reviews and feedbacks for generating roofing leads:

  • · Use testimonials in marketing and content campaigns to attract similar customers.
  • · Engage with customers when they leave reviews. This lets people be aware of your business that values its customers.
  • · Make sure your contact information is voluntarily visible on all profiles.
  • · Enable reviews facility on your Facebook business page.
  • · Ask for reviews and referrals from customers when a job is completed.
  • · Engage and monitor authentically to maximize your roofing advertising spend!

8. Track Your Marketing Metrics

Gross margin and customer lifetime value (CLV) are basic metrics that business owners should be paying attention to when considering to get leads for their roofing business.

But getting strategic about your marketing campaign means digging into the basic profits and learning how to track your marketing campaigns’ success.

For example, you might be aware of your website’s average traffic level in a specific month, and you must probably be tracking conversions.

But have you ever wondered what the average conversion rate would be from your website over a given time? That trend will provide you with an idea of how well your specific marketing campaign worked.

The fact is, most marketing campaigns fail, which is why you want to know which ones work so you can double down on them when the actual time comes. So, knowing and tracking your marketing metrics is the only way to achieve that.

9. Experiment with Different Types of Content

Content is much more than blogging! To improve roof sales, you should definitely test out the video. But there are plenty of different methods to attract exclusive leads via written words or a strategic combination of written and visual content.

Here are some examples to consider:

  • · An e-book on the solar panel installation process and the administration incentives available.
  • · A guide on how to select the roofing materials for your house.
  • · A guest post for a local community on the benefits of using solar technology.

When you create a content base and ensure that it’s useful, relevant, and high-quality, you can help it spread through your social media platforms.

10. Use of Co-Marketing for Your Roofing Business

You might have learned about co-operation in grade school, and then about competition in your business classes. Well, today, in the digital marketing world, co-operation is likely to get you more roofing leads.

But why?

When you market with related companies in your niche, you have the power to reach the right audience without having to spend money or time on targeting. What’s more, you can also collaborate on all sorts of promotional activities such as podcasts, social posts, events, etc.

For instance, we at JetRank teach and provide value to roofers on our own blog, and in exchange, roofers learn about our PPC services and how we might help them. It’s a win-win situation for both the podcast host and us (the leads!).

Co-marketing is a high opportunity and low-risk activity that helps you exchange ideas, build your network, and just have fun with concurring people, to name a few possible perks.
Plus, it shows you are supportive and generous with your business peers.

Trouble Executing Your Own Roofing Marketing Plan? Let Our Agency of Roofing Marketing Do the Heavy Lifting

If the above ideas seem too much practical for you to do on your own, you are just like the hundreds of roofing companies we have helped over the years. You just need to focus on running your business.

So, trust us, we will really help you out. We market your business thinking it as our own business, meaning we struggle to be your VP of marketing, measurably, and tracking justifying your investment in the online marketing services.

To sweeten this pot, we have wide-ranging experience helping roofers just like you getting more roofing sales and leads from the web, and also have a roofer marketing playbook we know it works. Call us today at 800-456-478-23 or contact us online, and we’ll refer you to the happiest roofing clients!

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