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Rain Gutters SEO Case Study

Before working with us, our client had been working with a low budget SEO agency. After four months of no results they decided to switch over to us. Even though they had a contract for 6 months of service, they were able to get out of it by talking to upper management.

The previous SEO agency didn’t move there positions one bit. We started our campaign as if it were a brand new site.

Month 1 of SEO

During the first month we ran through our typical SEO strategy which relies on competitor research and heavy on page optimization. After generating our targeted keyword list, we analyzed the competitors’ websites to see why exactly they’re ranking so well. Since each niche/service is different competitor analysis is a crucial step in a strong SEO campaign. It’s impossible to have a cookie cutter SEO campaign since every search query and intent is different.

Running a deep competitor analysis session will not only tell you what the user wants to see when the conduct the search but it tells you what google wants to see in the raw HTML of the page.

Month 1 SEO Results

Keep in mind that when we begun this campaign we were nowhere on the map. There were no keywords in the top 100 positions of any search query. After month 1 we were ranking 13 keywords with an average position of 54 (Page 6). Not bad.

Our goal with the campaign was to get our client on Page 1 in 3 months.

Month 2 of Rain Gutters SEO

Our goal with the campaign was to get our client on Page 1 in 3 months. We knew this was a bit optimistic but we felt the burden of the previous SEO agency. The fact that the previous agency had not brought results in 4 months meant we had to over perform in the same amount of time.

During month 2 we focused heavily on off page optimization. This includes back links from high authority websites and from local directory sites. Off page also includes social media, so we had to be sure they’re social profiles were set up correctly.

After month 2 we brought our client on page 4 for multiple keywords. We were really hoping to hit page three as it would have set us up closer to page one for month 3 since that was our goal.

Month 3 of SEO

At this point the stress was on. We had to get our client to page one no matter what. We began by taking another deep look at our on page SEO. We had to be sure it was optimized 100% since it’s a huge factor. Of coarse there was room for improvement as there always is, but we knew there was more that had to be done to really get our client on page one this month.

We focused heavily on link prospecting. We had to find high authority websites to link to our client’s site to pass on the authority to our client and let google know that this website is highly recommended by other, niche relevant, websites. After hours of prospecting for potential links we were able to secure a few well placed back links.

After this month was over we able to get 3 keywords on page 1! Notice the huge jump in positions for the top keywords in the image below. Each keyword jumped roughly 3 pages.

Month 4 of SEO

The unfortunate truth of SEO is that just because you’re on page 1 doesn’t mean you’ll be getting tons of clients! That’s something not a lot of people understand. But that wasn’t the case for our client. Once we hit page one our client began getting an average of 10-20 leads per month from our campaign. That’s the beauty of SEO, when it’s done right, it simply works.

At this point we began a PPC campaign for our client to maximize conversions. We know that running a PPC and SEO campaign can be a strong combination. Think about it. When someone searches for your targeted keyword they see your website twice, once in the paid results and another in the organic. That’s serious branding and from what we’ve seen with our clients it increases click through rates and conversions.

At the end of the day, our entire campaign is aimed towards bringing our clients more business, and being able to deliver those results really makes it all worth it.

leads dashboard
rain gutters leads dashboard
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Roger Avila
Roger Avila

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