Plumber Marketing – 5 Tips to Increase Your Business

plumber marketing

5 Marketing Tips to Grow Your Plumbing Business

If you are an entrepreneur of a plumbing business, you just need to find valuable and potential customers in your area. But flyers and newspaper ads won’t help you get the business you need. However, plumber marketing can.

Online marketing for a plumbing business can help you locate new customers, spread the word about your services, special promotions, and highlight customer testimonials to receive more appointments and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Keep reading to discover more about plumber marketing and its strategies to achieve success and increase your plumbing business. If you’re looking for marketing services, contact our plumber marketing agency and learn how we can help.

Why Should We Use Marketing for Plumbers?

Traditional marketing methods, such as plumbing advertising or marketing in television or newspapers, have always been an expensive public platform. Not only are they costly, they just aren’t active in a world where customers constantly reach the Internet for their answers.

These factors, without any doubt, make marketing for plumbers an effective and efficient strategy.

It’s essential to market your plumbing business in such a competitive market effectively. Therefore, internet marketing is one of the best methods to reach maximum potential consumers quickly, giving them a chance to pick up on blogs, free plumbing guides, monthly newsletters, etc.

Strategies to Use for Plumber Marketing

You can use multiple strategies to make your plumber Internet marketing successful. These strategies include:

  •        SEO for plumbers (Search engine optimization)
  •       E-mail marketing
  •       PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising
  •       Content marketing
  •       Website design and development
  •       Video marketing
  •       Social media marketing and advertising

From SEO to e-mail to social media, all these networks can help your plumbing company reach and attract your target market. With a practical omnichannel approach, you can quickly expand your reach, thus getting more bookings. This approach involves coordinating and using multiple marketing channels.

Keep reading to use such plumber marketing strategies to increase your plumbing business, just like PPC advertising!

Claim Your Local Listing with Google My Business Listing

For a local business, it’s vital to claim a local listing.

The listing, popularly known as Google My Business listing, drives and attracts local searchers to your business.

When consumers perform local searches, it creates a box, known as the Google local SEO 3-pack. This box appears at the top of the search results.

If visitors want to locate a local business quickly, they’ll use this box to find a plumber that fits their requirements.

Once you own your local listing, fill out the details thoroughly.

Start by validating that your business’s address and name are correct. Also, add contact information, such as your e-mail and phone number, to make sure more people get in touch with you.

Once you add all the necessary information, you can also start adding extra information, like your business’s photos and description. These two components provide more insight to your audience.

Hence, claiming a local listing with Google My Business will help drive more plumbing leads to your business.

Create A Social Media Strategy to Connect with Potential Leads

Social media channels are prevailing, thus gather a lot of user engagement. So, if you’re looking for some unique plumber marketing ideas, creating a social media strategy is one of the best methods you can use. It’s an outstanding opportunity for you to connect with your target audience and share valuable content.

Begin by choosing the relevant social media platform to grow your plumbing business.

There are various social media channels available to promote your plumbing business, including:

  •       Facebook
  •       Instagram
  •       Twitter
  •       Pinterest
  •       LinkedIn

You can use any network with your social media strategy and pick your platforms based on social media platforms they engage with and your target audience.

Once you establish your network, start with posting content. The content type of your post depends on your chosen network. Some platforms offer a range of content formats, while others are hyper-specific.

For example, Twitter allows you to post photos, polls, links, and videos to content. You have various options for content to post and share with your audience.

Post your content frequently if you want your social content to succeed and so that your viewers see it.

Besides organic posts, you can also use paid ads.

Social media advertisements are a perfect way to reach people that are interested in your plumbing business.

Advertisements on platforms such as Facebook provides excellent targeting options that help you to reach people who have not found your plumbing business so far. Therefore, it’s one of the best plumber marketing ideas as it drives your company’s new leads.

Gather and Manage Online Reviews

Reviews are a crucial part of your business.

If somebody hasn’t used your plumbing services previously, they will depend on reviews to perceive working with your company. Therefore, reviews are a part of advertising your business. So you should add a review management strategy to your plumbing marketing design.

To start with the plumbing marketing strategy, gather all the necessary platforms where users can leave reviews about your plumbing business. Some of these places are Yelp, Google My Business, Angie’s List, etc.

After establishing these platforms, review and monitor the reviews that appear on these places; it’s mandatory to remember that some of these platforms don’t allow you to control or delete the reviews – just like Angie’s List.

Genuinely, you shouldn’t remove bad reviews! If you have a profile with five-star reviews, people would doubt your business as users expect to see both negative and positive reviews.

You should focus on managing your business reputation if you want to increase your plumbing business.

Managing reputation will help you to market your services considerably to future customers. It also helps your plumbing company build a positive and encouraging environment to invite more people to join your team.

Design Your Plumbing Website

The next strategy to showcase your online presence is building a website. A user-friendly and professional-looking website will increase your credibility and visibility to help you get more leads and earn more revenue.

The main trick is to keep the website design clean and simple so that customers can find the required info quickly. Here are some of the crucial elements of a website that converts:

  •       A certified name and logo
  •       Your unique selling point
  •       Contact number
  •       The locations you work for
  •       List of services offered
  •       Awards and accreditations
  •       Photos, reviews, and testimonials to assure your work

For example, a plumbing website named “John the Plumber” from Ottawa is an excellent plumber marketing site. As soon as a customer lands on their page, they can easily see what services they offer, at which locations, and why they should choose that website. They can then create a work request by calling directly on the provided phone number.

You can create websites with many free and affordable tools if you’ve never made one. Some of the tools you can use are WordPress or Wix for building sites and Canva or Looka for logo design.

Run PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Ads to Drive More Leads

Another solution for plumber marketing is PPC advertising. PPC or pay-per-click ads appear high on the search results, above local SEO 3-packs and organic listings.

They are usually tagged with the word ‘ad’ to show paid content.

Google provides 2 types of ads for promoting local businesses like plumbers. Either you can run a Google Local Services ad, or you can run a standard PPC ad. These advertisements help you drive local leads to search your plumbing services.

PPC ads play a crucial role in helping plumbers earn revenue and conversions.

Ad clickers are more likely to purchase a product as compared to organic visitors. So hurry up and make PPC ads as a part of your plumbing marketing strategy; else, you will miss the foremost opportunity to increase your business.

This plumber marketing strategy starts with selecting the correct and relevant keywords.

Ultimately the goal is to grow your business online, and PPC ads are the best solution for this. These ads allow you to appear in related search results before interested leads. It’s a brilliant strategy for earning qualified leads for your business.

Put These Plumber Marketing Strategies at Work

With the list of plumbing marketing strategies, you can start boosting your online presence, thus driving more interested leads to your business. Creating and planning a marketing strategy beforehand will help you stand out from the competitors, attract more leads, and finally increase your online presence.

At JetRank, we are aware of creating marketing strategies that you set up for your success.

In the past years, we’ve driven over billions of revenue with millions of leads for our clients. As a full-service internet marketing company, you’ll acquire everything you need to grow with your JetRank plumbing marketing idea.

Ready to see how a solid marketing plan can help your business grow? Call us today or contact us online to speak with a professional to discuss our internet marketing services and plumber marketing strategies.


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