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WordPress has become one of the most favorable platform for website development for many reasons. Here at JetRank SEO we love WordPress! In this post we’ll go over why WordPress has become so popular and why we recommend you use it for you website. Why JetRank SEO favors WordPress over other CMS’s: 1. Wide Range […]

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WordPress has become one of the most favorable platform for website development for many reasons. Here at JetRank SEO we love WordPress! In this post we’ll go over why WordPress has become so popular and why we recommend you use it for you website.

Why JetRank SEO favors WordPress over other CMS’s:

1. Wide Range of Plug-ins

We know, plug ins aren’t the most vital part of a website. Too many plug ins can even hurt your website. But having so many versatile plug ins readily available make almost any project possible. This will save us time and, more importantly, save you money since we don’t have to sit there and develop plug ins since their already available!

2. SEO Friendly

The team behind WordPress knows the value of Search Engine Optimization, that’s why they made it as SEO friendly as they could! Here’s a few reasons how WordPress is SEO friendly:

  • User Experience: From breadcrumbs to sitemaps, WordPress is very much capable of creating a good experience with your users.
  • Fast Load Times: Although not inherently fast, your WordPress Website’s speed can definitely be optimized.
  • Social Media Integration: A critical ranking factor, with WordPress you can integrate your social media accounts and make your blog posts shareable.
  • Image Optimization: Optimizing your images can add a few points to your SEO. WordPress makes it easy to optimize your images.

3. Popularity

Not that we like to be on bandwagons, but WordPress’ large fan base makes troubleshooting and support much easier. 27% of the entire internet is run by WordPress, that’s about 1 in 4 websites.

With so many forums talking about WordPress issues, if you run into an issue with WordPress I’m sure you can find a solution with a simple search on google.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that powers millions of websites. It is free and open source software released under the GPL license.

WordPress is used by large corporations, small businesses, bloggers, and anyone else looking to create a website or blog.

How Much Does WordPress Cost?

While WordPress is free to use, there are costs associated with hosting and maintaining a WordPress website. These costs can be significant, depending on the size and scope of the website. However, many people find that the benefits of using WordPress far outweigh the costs.

Powerful and Versatile

WordPress is an incredibly powerful and versatile platform that allows users to create beautiful websites and blogs without needing to learn code. It also has a large community of developers and users who are always creating new themes, plugins, and tools to make WordPress better.

Best San Diego WordPress Developers

A San Diego WordPress Developer can help you establish a new website or revamp an old one. This type of website development has numerous aspects and is becoming increasingly important for online businesses. Using this kind of software can help you reach out to a privileged audience. A San Diego developer will be able to help you get the best out of your website.



If you’re looking for a team that knows how to increase your online sales, consider JetRank. They provide web development and internet marketing services from their offices in San Diego, CA and Austin, TX. Their data-oriented model approach helps businesses grow online. They provide a full range of services, including social media management, SEO, and web analytics.

JetRank is a strategic internet marketing firm with offices in San Diego, CA. The company can help you improve your online sales and credibility through its membership in Up City, a site where website owners can manage their profiles. Members of UpCity also have access to UpCity’s Certified Partner program, which offers special benefits to clients.

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TinyFrog Technologies


TinyFrog Technologies is a company specializing in secure, quality WordPress web design. We also offer secure hosting for our clients. We have been serving the San Diego market since 2003. Whether you need a website for your small business or an eCommerce site, we’ve got you covered.

The TinyFrog team consists of professional web designers and developers, as well as a team of client support specialists. They are dedicated to meeting their clients’ needs and being innovative at every turn. They have designed more than a thousand websites for small businesses, nonprofits, and institutions.

TinyFrog Technologies has 20 web designers and developers who specialize in WordPress web development. Their team also includes SEO and marketing experts. Their latest work included a redesigned website for a webcasting service.

Explore Digital

WordPress developers in San Diego can offer a variety of services to improve a website’s functionality and design, as well as enhance it for mobile devices. They can also build a new site from scratch, if necessary. They often work in PHP to develop a site’s structure, fix errors, and add custom code.

Sage Tree Solutions

As a San Diego WordPress developer, Sage Tree Solutions understands how to effectively market your business. Their team of web designers and developers are experts in various marketing techniques and technologies. They can also help you design and develop custom web applications and software solutions. Their team also includes copywriters and designers who will ensure that your site is as effective as possible.


If you need help building a website, then hiring a San Diego WordPress developer is a great idea. The company’s team of more than 100 experts specializes in web design, WordPress multisite development, and WooCommerce. Their clientele is primarily media and digital agencies. Some of their recent projects include constructing two CMS websites for Sneaker News. Another project included integrating an eBay API.

Multidots’ team is comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in digital strategy and content publishing. They’ve developed websites for large corporations and have expertise in multi-platform integrations and complex WordPress implementations.

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