List of a Few Google Ranking Factors

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On This Page

Most of us know that SEO is a very important player in any digital marketing strategy, but how exactly do you rank websites higher on google? In order to try and simplify Google’s ranking system we’ve put together a small list of some Google ranking factors.

ON-PAGE Factors

We’ll start with factors within the webpage itself. These are factors you have control over, so be sure to not skip this section!


Content is an important ranking factor for Google. Content that is considered to be relevant is ranked higher in the search engine, but what exactly is relevant?

Relevant content is comprehensive. In other words, an in-depth article on one specific topic will rank higher than a story with an odd keyword density.

Length of Content

Long-form content ranks better than short-form content simply because Google believes that longer content will have a higher chance of covering more aspects for a given topic.

Top internet marketers have found this to be true. Aside from ranking higher, longer content also builds trust with your audience. Why do you think salesman talk so much, they want to build trust.  So be sure to write as much as possible about your desired topic.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is not a positive factor. Having duplicate content may hurt your site’s ability to rank higher in google.

If you are using WordPress download the Yoast SEO plug in. This plug in will help you get rid of duplicate content.


Keywords placed in specific locations can help you boost your SEO. Some of the typical locations for keywords are:

Keywords in Title Tags

Keywords in the title tag promotes the strongest relevancy. The title tag is meant to be a description for the website, so it’s logical that Google would rank keywords embedded in title tags.

In order to maximize keywords in title tags, the keyword should be placed in the beginning of the title tag. Such as this example:

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Roger Avila

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