Solar Lead Generation Strategies to Attract More Leads

5 Solar Lead Generation Strategies Tips to Attract More Solar Leads Lead generation is one of the biggest challenges faced by most solar installation companies. With a rapid expansion in the industry, customers definitely want solar services – but how will you find such solar leads? Getting qualified residential and commercial solar leads needs hard […]

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5 Solar Lead Generation Strategies Tips to Attract More Solar Leads

Lead generation is one of the biggest challenges faced by most solar installation companies. With a rapid expansion in the industry, customers definitely want solar services – but how will you find such solar leads?

Getting qualified residential and commercial solar leads needs hard work than paying for an ad. Solar lead generation involves creating interest in your services, convincing solar energy consumers to choose your business, and presenting your value proposition.

Then, how should you start generating solar leads online? Keep reading to learn more, as this blog post shares the key points to find success with generating solar leads using digital marketing for solar companies and explains why you should never purchase solar leads.

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Generate Free Solar Leads Without Lead Generation Sites

Fortunately, there’s an efficient alternative to the ‘buy leads, cold call’ mindset: Inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is the method of showcasing your company directly in front of users already looking for installation services. This process easily makes your solar lead generation efforts much more successful.

Instead of disturbing people who may or may not be interested in solar panels, you should make it easy for those who are proactively looking for solar to find your company and convert them to a solar lead.

When you allow potential users to find you with their own efforts, then instead of annoying them with phone calls during dinner time, you already made one step closer to making a lead sale.
And that is all about inbound marketing— it’s a sort of ‘permission marketing,’ closing everything on the customer’s terms.

So, let’s proceed and learn more about strategies to increase solar energy leads.

5 Tips for Attracting Qualified Solar Leads Online

These five tips and tricks will help your business to grow using inbound marketing to attract qualified solar leads online:

Get to Know and Understand Your Niche Market

For solar companies, a niche market can be based on the type of solar systems you would like to install, the location, or whether you focus on commercial or residential solar. When small or large businesses spread out in different markets, it could hurt their business more than the help they would provide it.

You should mainly focus on the thing your company is best at and chase that market. Through your consistent hard work and reviews, you can become an industry leader for your niche in your area. With continuous efforts and little hard work, you can constantly get leads within your niche. Here’s a list to help you find and stick with your niche:

· Find the things your company is best at.
· Identify your potential customer and see how they’ll find you.
· Modify your website to promote your audience and niche market.
· Improve company guidelines that may push your niche.
· Create sales funnels focussed on ideal customers.

After you go through these steps, you’ll be ready to generate more solar leads to grow your business.

Develop Potential Buyer Personas

This is one of the first steps in any legitimate solar lead generation and inbound marketing campaign. After all, you should know who you’re marketing to.

All you should do here is outline your ideal or typical customer to place yourself in their shoes and see what you need to do to get them to convert as a customer.

Spend some time writing up for a few buyer personas, using demographic information such as income, age, gender, geographic location, asset ownership, etc.

After this, you should have a general idea of who you should be reaching and targeting as potential consumers, whether you’re looking to attract residential or commercial solar leads.

Create Customized Content Tailored to The Buyer Personas

This is the point where the magic of inbound marketing starts — it only works if you offer a reason for consumers to engage with your company in the first place.

Ask yourself questions like what kind type of content are potential solar consumers looking for?

Start with these starting points:

Videos: These can be an ideal choice for solar installation companies as you offer hands-on service that many owners don’t know much about. Screening a video of the process from beginning to end will educate them and also build trust and reliability with your company, as they’ve actually seen you perform a successful installation.

Informative blog posts: These can cover everything from general information about solar panels or solar energy to a comparison of traditional and solar energy sources to the process of how photovoltaic panels work. So, explore and figure out what your audience wants to know, and provide them all the info they want to answer their questions.

Ebooks and other downloads: Select a specific feature of the solar niche and cover it thoroughly in a downloadable resource, like ‘The complete guide to making the switch from electric to solar.’

Develop A Good SEO Strategy

If you’re currently following your own solar marketing strategies and not using SEO at all, you might realize that you’re missing out on something. Without an appropriate solar SEO strategy, your company is losing hundreds of organic leads each year. The main things to focus on is helping your website’s SEO are:

  • Setting up your website URLs accurately.
  • Creating landing pages based on niche services and location.
  • Build a successful keyword strategy.
  • Constantly release fresh content (articles and blogs) about your niche or industry.

Each of these practices might seem daunting and time-consuming as you get started, but mean it each of them carries massive value to your complete marketing strategy. Also, each of these tactics will exponentially grow your website’s traffic after the opening tasks are completed.

So, if you’re a beginner at SEO or don’t have the skill or time to complete these tasks, consider checking out our SEO services and packages.

Web designing and SEO are what we are best at JetRank. We’re always looking forward to professional and intelligent business owners to partner with and thus helping you generate more leads.

Motivate Potential Solar Leads to Initiate the First Move

Now since you’ve managed, engaged, and built trust with potential consumers, thanks to your free resources and information that will help you to convert customers into leads!

The tip and trick to inbound marketing is to make sure that you’re collecting accurate information. For example, you can ‘gate’ that amazing ebook you created so that online visitors can only download it if they provide you their email address and name.

Or maybe you might want to set up a ‘Free Quote!’ type of form on your site, where customers at the bottom of the sales funnel will provide you complete information beyond name and email.

No matter how you achieve it, the struggling point is to get ‘permission’ to contact these potential customers or solar energy leads. This is the gate point where you can hand them over to your sales representative for future communication. They won’t get angry by an email or a call, as they willingly provided you with that information.

That’s the true nature of inbound lead generation – you are aware that all of the solar leads you receive are qualified leads.

Should You Buy Solar Leads?

Purchasing leads is extremely prevalent in the solar industry.

At a superficial level, it sounds fine: you pay somebody for a list of ‘qualified,’ ‘vetted’ leads that are just imagining that they will get a cold call from a solar installation company.

Unfortunately, this is not how it works. Around 99% of the leads that were found on buying lists were customers that were perceptively placed on a solar installation cold-call list, and most of them didn’t even care about solar in the first place—such a high number for high-quality solar leads.

The main fact is that buying leads doesn’t work as cold calling itself is an outdated, ineffective, and disruptive marketing strategy.

According to research directly from CEB and Google, modern-day users self-navigate around 60% of the sales process even before getting in touch with a company or sales representative.

This means that you will not convince anyone with a cold call, as all it will do is make that ‘lead’ furious.

So, leave a cold calling strategy and use a more prosperous and effective method for generating solar leads via Inbound marketing.

With inbound marketing ideas like SEO (search engine optimization), social media marketing, and paid solar advertising, you can easily bring qualified solar leads to your business.

Get More Qualified Solar Leads Online Today

At JetRank, our expert internet marketing team knows exactly what all it takes to accomplish a successful inbound marketing strategy within the solar industry.

We’ve helped many companies to grow and reach new levels of success. We would love to collaborate with you and your company to help your business find, develop, nurture, and convert qualified solar leads into customers.

Reach us today to learn more about solar lead generation services, and see why many of our clients make us their long-term partners.

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