Best Roofing Lead Generation Strategies That Work

What is a lead? We define the Roof lead as “A sale lead is a prospective consumer of a product or service, created when an individual or business shows interest and provides contact information. Businesses gain access to sales leads through roofing advertising, trade shows, direct mailings, and other marketing efforts.” How to get the […]

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What is a lead?

We define the Roof lead as “A sale lead is a prospective consumer of a product or service, created when an individual or business shows interest and provides contact information. Businesses gain access to sales leads through roofing advertising, trade shows, direct mailings, and other marketing efforts.”

How to get the roofing leads fast through simple strategies. So you can follow this blog to get more leads for your roofing business.

You can generate lead through.

  • Referral
  • Social Media Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Telemarketers
  • SEO – Optimize your website for Google traffic
  • Local Roofing SEO strategies
  • Give away/bonuses
  • Angie’s List, thumbtack, home Advisor’s, etc.
  • Pounding the pavement
  • Trade shows and local events


The referral is your existing customers, happy people, and love for your work you did for. So If you want to generate more leads for your company, contact referrals. So if your customers are happy with you and the work that your company did for them, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to give you some.

maybe some friends.
Ask, you never know what’s going to happen.

Get those referrals. Maybe offer an incentive for those referrals.
You can convince them, though.
give away
or bonus

You could put a forum on your site that allows them to email their friends from their site.


Take video shots. It’s also great to take images and YouTube.

You can upload to YouTube. They’ll create a picture show, and that’s great, and you can use that just in your description for your town city and a link back to your website.

People click-through rate to your website you’ve got the lead great way to get leads YouTube.

Generate lead through Facebook Ads:

A simple way to generate a fast lead is Facebook advertising your roofing company.
Now, remember you really have to be in an area where a storm happens for this to be really successful. So it’s easy to capture storm areas. Otherwise, you’re going to have to implement distinct steps of a funnel for you to capture those leads really fast. So if a storm happens, you can essentially target that area for Facebook ads. Use social media for advertising your roofing company.
Select the right peoples, A perfect area where a storm happened.
Open one of the Facebook business pages; put a pleasant image about what you do. Maybe you know a couple of job site photos every week.

The good thing is you can put a video on Facebook as you know it’s great you can happily take a video with your phone of a job going on. You can use those pictures for your Facebook marketing ads campaigns. They’ve got a similar platform like Google where you go in, and they could target around that local work area 10 15 20 miles out highly targeted.

Generating lead through Google Ads:

Select google ads campaign through google ads owned by the top search engine. It is the best way to get more  leads easily through this method because this is the fastest way to get a lead for the roofing business.

You can put a contact number on google ads, no need for a website.
That is one of the fastest ways to set something up really quickly and capture some leads. You don’t even need a website. All you need is a contact number, that is it. This is great. You’ll pay a little more money for the advertising. It’s pay-per-click advertising. Whenever someone clicks on it, you’ll get notified. But the good thing is, it’ll link a break to your website.

You can publish google ads according to your requirements. So you can select only the cellphone or laptop users. But before this, select particular keywords for google ads, which will come lead fast.
One of the best opportunities for Google Ads right now for roofers is using Google verified services.
So Google has rolled this out to a lot of bigger cities, and it’s doing it for smaller cities, not to where they google verified services, and we’ve seen a lot of leads come in for our roofers by being part of that program.

What type of keywords should you use for Ads?

You ideally want to target the keywords that involve having a roof repair.

Urgent roof repair
The best roof repair company
roofing company near me
Roofing constructor

These are the keywords that you should use for camping ads. That is the type of keywords that you want to go after because people will mainly look for them.
If you want to target a storm infected area, then use storm-related key phrases. Normally you can use roof repair-related keywords for advertising.

Something to tarp a roof to ensure that the roof is covered so that it doesn’t keep leaking inside the person’s home. So those specific keywords are absolutely key to your success in getting fast roofing leads online.

Give away/bonuses

You can get help from telemarketers to generate more leads. So You can hire a telemarketing company after a storm to generate some roofing leads for you.

Now for generating roofing leads, you really want to build authority within your own backyard. So You want to establish something and never have to worry about generating roofing leads.

But they’ll tell you when hail is coming, they’ll tell you what areas have been hit, and exactly what you know where to focus your efforts as far as pounding the pavement, and we like to use this as well for Facebook ads and Google Ads and content on your website.

Optimize your website for Google traffic

So you know your website supports your salespeople. But if you haven’t yet been getting regular leads from Google, it’s actually huge. And a lot of roofers are doing this where they’re essential.

spending money
getting crew content created for the website.

So writing blogs regularly, getting links back to their website from other websites. Because this helps you get higher in Google’s search results.

Making little technical tweaks and targeting tweaks to the meta titles and descriptions in your website.

So if you’re on WordPress, you can download Yoast SEO and tweak your meta titles and descriptions, and that will change what shows up in Google search results, and it also helps you get higher if you use your keyword in the right places.
Follow all roofing and rain gutter SEO tips.

Local SEO strategies

So the first thing you can do to get higher on Google Maps is to do local directory listings.

You want to make sure that your name, address, and phone number are consistent with these. Google can trust that the address and phone number is the right one, and thus you’ll get higher on Google Maps.

Angie’s List thumbtack home Advisor’s house

Thumbtack is the best one for roofing leads. Now, these roofing leads’re kind of little lower level. But thumbtack is a somewhat new player to this game Angie’s List is going the way up home advisor.

Because home advisors purchased them and home advisors, as you definitely know, they are super promotional on their own services. Thus you know it isn’t delightful. They annoy a lot of contractors.

But they also are often pushing people to their site and then making you pay for their leads, and they’re promoting their brand.

So I don’t think a home advisor is a great option because they’re making you compete with you know no holds the bar with all of your competitors instead of giving it to just one Roofing Contractor.

Pounding the pavement

So you can get more roofing and siding leads by pounding the pavement. Knocking on doors and canvassing. A lot of roofing business owners got their start this way. So we know that roofers often were salespeople for different companies and have done this and realize that their efforts drove that business’s success.

They went out on their own, and they started their own roofing company. There are other problems too, you know, to run a roofing company besides just getting sales as you probably know if you’re running a company.

But there is so much business in this area, especially when somebody’s been hit by hail damage. So if you haven’t been doing that, if you haven’t been pounding the pavement getting your people good at knocking on doors and being of service to people in that area, that’s a tremendous opportunity. It should not be your only way of getting leads in a new business.

Trade shows and local events

Take part in trade shows and local events, whatever is going on in your area that attracts many homeowners. The most important question in marketing is who it is for.
So you really want these trade shows or events to be at things where homeowners will be.

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