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We can all agree that the modern consumer expects you to have a strong digital presence. The landscaping business is no different. It is reviving the world from the pandemic slowly and gradually, the importance of digital marketing and online business models is drastically increasing. The first and most important key of a successful digital […]


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We can all agree that the modern consumer expects you to have a strong digital presence. The landscaping business is no different. It is reviving the world from the pandemic slowly and gradually, the importance of digital marketing and online business models is drastically increasing. The first and most important key of a successful digital marketing strategy is creating an attractive website that serves as a great first impression of your business and brings more leads. A good website shall attract your target audience, inform them about your best landscape services, and receive direct queries & orders.

In particular, with landscape website design, the market is near saturation. If you have to make your business stand out, your website will have to be unmatchable. The demand includes attractive themes, captivating copywriting, and a series of moving features. The website should include your business’s intro, series, benefits, best practices, and testimonials. But all of this will only work out if you have a website design that facilitates customer experience, offers optimized features, and has a very little response time.

This article will discuss the importance of investing in your landscape web design and the most promising benefits it bids. Also, it contains a list of the top five market-tested ways to make your landscaping website stunning and highly converting.

Why Is Landscaping Web Design Imperative?

Imagine living in early 2000; how would you find a trustable landscaper service for your lawn? You would probably consult the phone book from the drawer, ask a colleague or friend for a recommendation, or in case nothing works out, call a landscaping service from the television or radio ads and hope for the best. But the times have changed. The landscaping business, along with its marketing, has come a long way.

The advent of the internet and smartphones have simplified our lives a great deal. Today, if you feel the need to hire a reliable landscaping service, you would end up with a list of suitable names along with their contact details and quotes within minutes. We now have better and faster research tools than ever. Search engines have all the notable data of any area. They will provide you with complete details about any business along with its reviews and testimonials on your cell phone.

This is the point where the importance of an attractive and responsive website design comes into play. Unlike the practice in the past when you had to put up money in television advertisements and giant billboards and wait till your reputation was built among community members, today, your website serves as the first impression of your business to your potential customers. If your website lacks the touch of freshness, is hard to navigate, and offers minimal user experience, it does everything except improving your business’s impression.

So, what do you want? Do you want your customers to think down your business from how your website failed you, or do you want to stand out in the competition with the same website? You would go for the second option. So, by now, you must have completely understood why there is a need for an attractive, modern, and responsive website to truly represent and enhance your landscape business.

Benefits Of Having an Mazing Landscape Web Design

Who does not want to be welcomed by a refreshing and good-looking business website design when looking for a reliable landscaping service? Your website reflects your business strategy and has an excellent capability to get you more potential customers interested in your services. And that is not all. This article will discuss the in-depth and significant benefits of a well-designed landscape design that will make you rethink your online strategy.

1. Increase Customer Retention Rate

Imagine you have to buy some services and there are only two websites that offer you those services at very competitive rates. One of the websites takes a light year to load, does not provide contact information correctly, and has too many visuals.

The second website is very responsive, enlists all the required information first hand, and has a good balance of words and pictures. Which of these two businesses are you going to put your money on? Of course, the second one is for obvious reasons. This is called customer retention.

Naturally, we as customers want to be treated well both at the store and at the website. If we are served with all required information in proper sequence and complemented with an attractive theme and visuals, we are likely to come back to that website if not buy from it in the first place.

2. Think Smarter not Harder

The first and foremost step of success is self-belief. If you believe you offer the best landscape services in town, you will have to introduce them to your target audience through a better website than you compete with.
One of the main reasons many young businesses fail to find grounds is because they underestimate the need for a professionally built website and use some cookie-cutter template for their websites. When a potential client visits their website, likely, he will not get impressed and move on to your competitor’s website.
Conclusively, if you want to beat your competition, the first thing you should be thinking about is a unique, clean, & professional website.

3. Cut down Advertising Expenses

If you get your landscape website designed from a professional place, landscaping SEO must include a thing. SEO, the search engine optimization, is the technique that drives your website to the top of search engine results. Good SEO means you will get unmatched online exposure and connect with your best potential customers and make sure that the need for traditional advertisement is minimal.
With the everyday increase in the traffic of search engines, more and more markets are pushing online, and excellent opportunities await you. An exceptionally designed website, putting all the necessary information in terms of services and pricing and coupled with SEO, is the ultimate need of the hour for your landscape website. Either invest in it once and pluck its fruits for years to come or spend big chunks of money on traditional landscaping advertising ways, which turnover bits and pieces.

4. Display Professionalism

The first impression is the last. You must have heard these lines before, and these fit in the case of web design too. Since your website will be your business’s first impression of potential customers, you cannot afford to be wrong.
If you want your website to endure your company’s core values and display its Professionalism, you will have to begin by making it easy to navigate. The website must not include heavy tests and bulky images; and instead, it should have a balance of words and colors to make it look simple yet elegant.
In landscaping web design, intelligent design techniques can be used to reflect attention to detail and Professionalism. In short, show people what you have done in the past in a clean, simple, and comprehensive way, and allow them to hire you in the future.

5. Improve Lead Generation

Lead generation means attracting more potential customers to inquire about your services or sign up for putting up a quote. It is indeed one of the most important goals of a good website. A well-designed website will contain everything in its SEO settings that will improve your lead generation. With the combination of traffic from the search engines and a sleek, up-to-date website that reflects your business well, more customers will undoubtedly choose you over others. It is all about clarity, reliability, and Professionalism.

Tips To Make a Good-Looking and Highly Converting Website

Real Recommendations from Real Clients
Even in this age of digital advancement, people fail to acknowledge the importance of social proof for building a good website. You can take your game to the next level by adding genuine recommendations and testimonials from your real clients you have satisfied in the past. Want to go another level up? Add video testimonials. Trust me; there is nothing more satisfying for a customer to go to a website for the first time and see real people leaving real recommendations.

Define Your Unique Selling Points

Every successful business has some unique selling points. Choose your best and most important selling points and include them on your website. The best-selling issues can be the high quality of service, use of eco-friendly materials, up-to-date equipment, 24/7 customer support, and money-back guarantee. If you want to stick your visitor to your website, these unique selling points will act as glue.

Design For Mobile First

According to Google, in 2020, of all the worldwide traffic, over 50% came from personal cell phone devices. This means a good majority of the internet users that will visit your website will be mobile users. A smart move is to design your landscape website for the mobile version first and the desktop/laptop version later.


With their active digital marketing strategies and up-to-date websites, Landscaper businesses are attracting wider audiences, receiving more outstanding bookings, and accelerating their landscaping business growth. You also are one of them. But the combination of a domain and a home page isn’t all that it takes for it. You will have to put some serious time and effort into this. Precisely, suppose you are successful in transforming your website such that it offers immense user experience and exhibits remarkable visuals (audio & video). In that case, you are some reasonable steps ahead of your competitors now.

If you are reading this, we presume you are already convinced about the importance of having a well-built landscape website if one wants to excel in this business. If you, too, run a landscaping business and want to turn the tide of lead generation and get more customers, reach out to us at JetRank for a quote. JetRank is a landscaping marketing company that helps clients and companies give them strategies to grow by getting potential leads with extraordinarily designed landscaping websites. Our experts will leave no stones unturned to convert your outdated website to a customer conversion machine.

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Roger Avila

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