Lead Generation Strategies for Lawn Care Businesses

Landscaping businesses are not everyone’s piece of cake. Apart from all the competition this business offers and the challenges of serviceability it comes with, the actual task for the business owners is to uphold the quality of their service, stay on top of the regulations, and look for ways that produce consistent amounts of work/orders. […]


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Landscaping businesses are not everyone’s piece of cake. Apart from all the competition this business offers and the challenges of serviceability it comes with, the actual task for the business owners is to uphold the quality of their service, stay on top of the regulations, and look for ways that produce consistent amounts of work/orders.

Leads are the life of any business. If you want maximum leads, then you need to get more conversions. All companies aim to convert their leads into sales. There are multiple ways in which one can generate leads for their business. Such methods are very affordable, and it does not cost anything at all to do so. Leads can be generated in different ways. Some are direct while some are indirect, and some are circular.

But here is the problem. Since most of the landscape business owners’ priority and the first line of expertise is landscaping, they don’t invest much time and energy in lawn care advertising and lead generation. Instead, they outsource these services to lead generation firms that convert their most special services into potential leads and ultimately into more business. The only problem in this practice is that these lead generation and marketing companies will charge you so heavily that sometimes you will have to compromise on your profit percentages to sustain your portfolio and market reputation.

The silver lining of this scenario is that today’s digital markets are more accessible, understandable, and growing than ever before. Today, most lawn care customers are on the internet and are looking for the best landscaping services online. The idea is simple. Suppose you want yourself to be among the list of the most searched landscapers and lawn care experts. In that case, you will have to create an unmatchable online presence that will attract a maximum number of potential clients and convert them into business leads.

So, where to kick start your online campaign? What tools and techniques will you need to acquire? What type of lead generation services will work best for your landscape business? We have worked this all out for you.

This article will share the most trusted, tried & trusted lead generation strategies with our green industry professionals to help you transform your landscaping business.

1. Create a Website

The first and the most applied strategy to create a solid online presence is to create a killer website that will introduce all of your Lawn care services and other aspects to your potential customers.

There are two objectives of making your website; first, to attract the target audience, and second to convert those prospective visitors into qualified leads for your business sales team.

The main concept behind Lawn Care and Landscape search engine optimization is implementing several online and offline strategies to your lawn care website to attract higher organic traffic.
Your business will reach hundreds and thousands of potential customers connected to the search engines. Once the traffic starts pouring in, the next objective is to convert the potential clients into qualified leads.

Good traffic is only helpful if you can convert at least 2-4% of it into your leads. Suppose you see you are not achieving the target results. In that case, you must revisit your website settings and look for ways to improve the user experience, like copywriting, images, videos, and themes.
It is a one-time effort. Suppose you have successfully attracted organic traffic to your website and turning them into qualified lawn care leads. In that case, your business network will increase slowly and gradually expand, and you will witness confident results in the years to come.

Tips for Lawn Care Lead Websites

Website creation and design is an art in itself. We will not go into the details of WordPress and website development details here, instead, are some tips and tricks that can make your lawn care website stand apart.
Ensure your website displays professionally written content and uses high-quality, relatable visuals (Pics & Videos). We know being a green industry professional, you might not be a pro at these things. So, you can hire some web gurus to perform these tasks for you and do what they are best known for.
The content on your website should funnel the visitors to the action. A person with marginal interest in your trade should attain clarity of mind after visiting your website. On the whole, the user experience should provide ease of browsing & choosing on your website.
Never be rigid, and always welcome new changes in your strategy for good. Some great marketing agencies deal in lawn care and can identify flaws and suggest solutions for continuous improvements of your website for more leads over time.

2. Use Craigslist Classifieds

Old school tactic that is still very practical and sure to improve your digital marketing results. The fact that Craigslist has recently reduced its charges, and they are now charging only $5-$10 to post your content to the classifieds; this strategy is more profitable for you than ever. Also, the clutter & spam have been minimized. As a result, more customers can now access your business through classified and make their serious inquiries. Though the rates are above $5 in some categories, even if it is $10, it is worth it for all its returns.

By implementing the following ways, you can multiply the chances of someone clicking through to your classified listing and showing their interest in your services;
The title of your post should mention all the cities your services cover. A title with a city name involved, i.e., “lawn Care Service London” is more likely to get attention than a generic title like “Lawn Care Service.”

Including high-quality images in your posts that may be of your service or yourself or your team is another way of making your visitor spend time on your post. Moreover, it looks more relatable, personable, and appealing.

Validation is important. A first-timer will indeed look for it. Including a testimonial or two will do the job for you.
People visiting listings do not have time and interest to go through long paragraphs searching for their desired services. That’s the reason you should put all your services in a bullet list to offer a good user experience to your customers.

3. Google Ads

Being one of the most used search engines, Google has been assisting a lot of businesses in their pursuit of success. Google Ads are the search results that appear at the top when you search a keyword of your interest. These Ads can multiply your sales and double your revenue by increasing the organic traffic to your website, which results in qualified leads.
Google Ads work best for short sales cycles that include more petite price tags and a higher sense of urgency. If your Ads strategy is up to the mark and serves the purpose correctly, you should be getting around 5X clicks on your website. In case you are not doing it correctly, it can result in a poor ROI. That is why it is recommended to avail the services of professional digital marketing agencies to choose the best ads to invest in.

Tips for Google Ads for Lawn Care Lead Generation

Watching the competition and size of the market, you should make up your mind of spending nothing less than $1000-$1500 per month with Google Ads if you want your ads to show up a few times per day.

Since you will have to hire an agency to take care of your ads, choose a plan that works 5-10 hours per month working on Ad strategy improvement. A low management fee is topping on the ice cream.

The market is competitive, yet it has room for experiments. You can try different ad copy, observe how things work out differently, and choose the best strategy.
Landing pages are your main tools for grasping more leads. Create, implement, and refine them to convert more clicks into leads.

4. Wrap Your Vehicles

Oldie is a new goodie. When your technicians travel through your prime target neighborhoods, your trucks will be parked in front of 20-30 homes a day. You can use your vehicles to reinforce your brand recognition.
A unique, tasteful, thumping fashion is all you need. Don’t overdo or underdo this.

Tips for Wrapping Lawn Care Vehicles

A great professional design to begin with. Don’t shy away from paying a professional graphic designer.
Be sure your logo is big enough to be seen when traveling down the street.
Be sure to wrap the back of your vehicles, too.


If you are a Lawn Care professional and look for some tried and trusted lead generation techniques, you would have been asked this question at least once in the last week; “Sir, what do you think about our services?” Well, your answer should be, “I will take my chances.”

Since you now know all the most successful lead generation strategies in the market today, we suggest you make up your mind, apply any of the above strategies to your business, and try your odds.

Stop wasting your time and money on the glittery lawn care strategies that fail to produce encouraging results instead of learning from their mistakes and paving your way to success. All the major successful lawn care companies you have heard about once started from here.

So, suppose you are seeking impeccable lawn care lead generation services. In that case, JetRank is a leading digital marketing company that provides its customers with authentic lead generation strategies and efficiently grows their business. Contact our professionals today and get a quote for your business.

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