Electrician SEO Strategies to Boost Local Rankings

Nowadays, it is necessary to make a website for your electrician work. But every electrician business needs to improve their online presence too. Excellent marketing strategy can improve your business online. For that purpose, you need SEO for your electrician website to optimize your website with the latest SEO techniques. Google is one of the […]


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Nowadays, it is necessary to make a website for your electrician work. But every electrician business needs to improve their online presence too. Excellent marketing strategy can improve your business online. For that purpose, you need SEO for your electrician website to optimize your website with the latest SEO techniques.

Google is one of the top tools people search for an electrical services provider. Mostly they search for local ones for easy access. You have to bring your electrician’s business in front of them. There are competitions, and you have to follow marketing strategies to overcome your competitors.

Electrician SEO is the strategy that can take your website to the top of Google. It will become visible on your electrician website to the visitors. Let’s look at how SEO can take your electrician website to the top of SERPs.

Why Should Electricians Invest in SEO?

Businesses are investing in digital marketing and reaching the top on searches. For electrician SEO, you need to find out where to invest.

1. Quality Traffic

Google’s complex algorithms do match niche-related customers to potential services providers. Good SEO helps you to take advantage of Google algorithms. SEO for an electrician is not only to rank your electrician website to the top of the search engines. But it is a technique that works to show your content to the right people. For example, if someone searches for an electrician services provider and in a search result, something other than that appears. What do you think? Is it good? Obviously No. that is why SEO for electricians can bring quality and potential leads searching for electricians.

Furthermore, more than 80% of people have a mobile phone and search accordingly. Google, in response to this, provides localized results. That’s why local SEO for an electrician is necessary for conversion. An electrician needs to do local SEO because it allows them to view local electrician leads. Quality content, authority backlinks, local citation, and strong Google my business provide you with quality traffic.

2. Improvement in User Experience

During SEO for electricians, you need to balance optimization and potential users. Do not fill your electrician website from stuffing keywords. It makes it difficult for users to buy your services. According to Bill Gates in 1996, “content is king,” and best electrician SEO is about creating quality and relevant content. Your electrician website should include optimized content that is readable and sell your services. Content means to educate and provide information to your potential customers. You must have a solution for electrician-related problems in the form of content.

To improve your user experience, you must have an attractive and informative electrician website, which is easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and easy for search engines to crawl.

Content is not only in text form, but you can also add videos and photos of your electrician projects and works within your website. It is the best way to add value for the user. All we mean is that a positive user experience should be your core priority.

3. Brand Awareness and Authority

To gain authority for your electrician website, you must follow E-A-T, which stands for Expert, Authoritative and Trustworthy. If your electrician website has E-A-T, it means Google will rank you higher.

Try to make EAT strategy part of your electrician SEO. It also plays a vital role in your branding. EAT SEO electrician strategy involves quality content, informative blog, and authority’s site backlinks. All these will help you to improve your ranking in the industry. When your electrician brand name appears on most of the internet, it creates trust and awareness, which is the main thing for branding.

How to Start Electrician SEO

Electrician SEO allows you to rank high in those electrician services present online. The SEO electrician’s main aim is to when somebody is searching for electrician services, your business appears to them. SEO for the electrician website is an investing marketing tool that will bring business to you.

Following are the fundamental steps of SEO for an electrician to track and enhance their branding and gain potential customers.

1. Keywords Research for Electrician SEO

Take some time and think about the industry. Find those words and phrases people search for when they need an electrician. Those words are called keywords, and you will gain plenty of keywords. For example, you can use related keywords from the electrician industry like “electrician near me,” “electrical work required,” “Electrician Company,” “commercial and residential electrician services,” and more.

Go to Google Keyword Planner and select and finalize the keyword list according to the given matrices when you get the keywords. Make those keywords part of your electrician website. Google keyword planner is free of cost. It will show you keywords difficulty, volume, and related keywords, which will help you more during keyword planning.

There are two types of keywords. Buying intent keywords and Research intent keywords. When creating a list of keywords, you keep these types in mind. Let’s have a look at these two types.

2. Buying Intent Keywords

Buying intent keywords are those keywords when somebody needs an electrician. For example, “Electrician in New Delhi.” It means that the person needs electrician services. Buying intent keywords means work or services access. As an electrician, your initial focus should be on buying intent keywords, bringing quick results.

3. Research Intent Keywords

Research intent keywords are when somebody does some research and only gets information. For example, “how do I repair a washing machine switch” or “How to install a wall fan.” These keywords are less drive conversion. That’s why make it your second priority. Electrician blog is the best place to use research intent keywords. You can also make them part of your FAQs.

4. Keywords Optimization for Electrician SEO

When you have done your keywords research and made a final list, it is time to use it for your services. Now there are two places where you can use your electrician keywords. Your electrician website and Google my business. Let’s have a look at how to use keywords for electrician SEO.

5. Google My Business for Electrician SEO

Google my business is a tool that enables you to manage and optimize your electrician business profile on Google. Your electrician business profile will appear on Google map and local results.

To optimize your electrician profile on Google my Business, you need to fill out the following key elements.


Before proceeding to optimize, you need verification from Google. You will get a “verified” mark which will appear next to your electrician company.


During Google’s processing, make sure your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) are the same across the internet.


Google oriented business according to services. For an electrician, your primary category is “Electrician.” You can list up to five categories but select a relevant niche.


The description is a brief introduction to your electrician company. You can use the keywords that you finalized.


Your official time is what you provide to Google my Business. Make sure you put accurate service time across the internet.


Upload your electrician services images to your profile. Also, replace Google my business background image with your electrician company images. Try to upload attractive and focused photos.

6. Electrician Website Optimization

For an electrician, the leading web pages are the services page and homepage. After that, you can optimize the rest of the website.

7. Electrician Homepage Optimization

An essential element for homepage optimization is the title tag. You have to follow the Google algorithm, and the title tag should be 50 to 65 words. After that, Meta tag provides an overview of your electrician website. 100-150 words are enough for the Meta tag. Keep in mind to use keywords in the title and Meta tags. Proper heading rules must be followed while writing anything for the electrician website.

8. Electrician Services Page Optimization

Create services pages according to your expertise and optimize them for relevant keywords.

Citation and Links for Electrician SEO

Collect citations and links according to your local electrician SEO. Both are essential parts of electrician SEO that will boost your ranking.

1. Citations

Citation is an online general local directory for business. You can include your electrician NAP. As discussed earlier, NAP should be the same across the internet. Some citations are paid, while others are free.

2. Links

Link building is one of the top Google ranking factors. Gain links from authority but relevant websites. You can use paid tools for link-building Research that your competitors gain.

Tracking Result for Electrician SEO

After completing electrician SEO, you need to track your result if your electrician SEO works well. Below are a few matrices which are beneficial for tracking.

1. Ranking

You can analyze your ranking by Google Search Console. There you can see your ranking results. Install Google search console for your website and check to rank regularly.

2. Traffic

Google Analytics is the best tool for tracking your traffic. It provides you traffic statistics on every page of your electrician website. There are paid tools also available for traffic tracking purposes.

3. Conversion

In google analytics, you can also see the result of your conversion. The best thing is that it allows you to see which electrician services drive more conversion. It shows which services you’re going well and best.

Want More Customers with Electrician SEO Services?

Consumers search the Internet for anything they require, including electrical services. JetRank can assist you in using SEO to acquire more consumers for your electrical business.

We’ll get to know your organization thoroughly and then use our knowledge in the field to create a tailored SEO plan for your electrical firm. We’ve already helped our clients generate many leads, and we’re ready to do the same for you.

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