6 Proven Ways To Find Electrical Work

Simple Ways To Find Electrical Work Fast Are you looking to boost your sales as an Electrical contractor? If yes, then read along! This post will tell you exactly how! Finding electrical work is not easy in today’s digital era, especially with the onset of the covid-19 pandemic. In fact, newspaper ads and sending flyers […]


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Simple Ways To Find Electrical Work Fast

Are you looking to boost your sales as an Electrical contractor? If yes, then read along! This post will tell you exactly how!

Finding electrical work is not easy in today’s digital era, especially with the onset of the covid-19 pandemic. In fact, newspaper ads and sending flyers across your neighborhood have become obsolete!

People now just want to punch in a few buttons and order everything right to their doorstep. That includes electrical service too!

If you are an electrician, then digital marketing is your best bet in finding Electrical work. It is a great way to increase your popularity, gain traction, and boost sales. The following is the list of digital marketing techniques that will light up your road in finding work.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Drive Qualified Traffic

In traditional marketing, you would go from one place to another, distributing your flyer or brochure on the go. If you were to simply have an optimized SEO, people would start pouring in through your website.

An optimized local SEO will make your website rank higher when people look for Electrical work in the neighborhood. Tweaking this SEO is an excellent bit of digital marketing that attracts traffic.

The objective is to use more local keywords that people use in the neighborhood to look for electricians. Generally, keywords followed by the name of the town or city work wonders when optimizing local search engines.

Another convenient method by which ranking can be increased is by speeding up the loading of your website. Google wants to see how responsive your web design is. It also judges you based on user experience and customer ratings.

User experience is essential if you want to drive traffic through your website. Customers tend to look for customer ratings before calling for electrical service.

2. Google Local Service Ads

To find electrical work in your neighborhood, you must have Google Local Service Ads. One of the easiest ways to generate an organic lead is through these ads, as they provide local results.

Google Local Service Ads are an excellent source for driving traffic through your website.

These ads show your company’s name, your contact information, customer rating awarded to you for your work, and your work timings.

People can easily find you online and reach out to you for electrical work. In fact, listing your company is convenient too. Once they click on the ad, they get to see more of you.

Google Local Service Ads allow you to flash a Google Guarantee Badge on your ad. It is a trust mark that Google gives you after doing a background check on your firm. It also verifies your insurances and licenses to assure any new incoming clients that you are trustworthy.

Google Guarantee is an assurance to new and returning customers that Google has got your back. Moreover, this badge also covers all losses up to $2000, in case things don’t work out for your customer and your Electrical work.

Having said that, customer satisfaction is an essential aspect of any business, and as an Electrician, you must make sure that you keep your clients happy.

3. Website Design to Set Positive Impression

Until digital marketing found its way through the internet, finding electrical work was only possible through word of mouth and publishing content in the newspaper. With the advent of new-age technology, digital marketing has engulfed the world.

Therefore, getting business is basically in the palm of your hand. The first step to finding electrical work is a website.

Building a great website design is the first impression of your company that customers get when they find you online. An attractive and responsive website is what you want when building your image.

Attractive and responsive are two vital elements of a professional website. Customers believe what they see, and a sleek design adds value to your website. For Electrical work, your website has to be neat with visuals.

Visuals such as a standard set of colors that go well with your brand, fonts that speak for themselves, and some images talk about your work.

The other aspect of a website includes responsiveness. A responsive website loads at the snap of fingers, be it mobiles or your tablet. Coupled with search engine optimization and Google

Local Services Ads, your web design will boost your digital presence tremendously.

4. Creating Relevant Content Tailored to Specific Needs

Website design is just one aspect of gaining loyal customers. The other element of finding Electrical work is through customer engagement. If you can keep them engaged, they will keep coming back to you!

The fundamental of content marketing is to share what you know with people. Writing blogs is the best way to tell your readers about the Electrical industry. This includes having some do-it-yourself write-ups for people on your blog, your past projects, and advances in your field.

Blogging is a great way to get electrical work through content marketing. Write about upcoming technology, innovation, and how you handled challenging situations. The weekly updated blog is all you need to keep the frontier running.

There are tons of ideas that work wonders if you want to share your experience with customers. Customers, for instance, love reading about the Internet of Things. If you have prior experience working on something innovative in this field, share your article with people.

Followed by a brief, frequently asked question will be like icing on the cake!
The add-on advantage of a blog is that it can easily be shared on your social media platforms.

You can even have the same content on your posts. So get customers engaged in getting more electrical work!

5. Customer reviews to create a positive reputation of your Business

Finding electrical work becomes convenient if you have a good reputation. Customers tend to rate your position on Google, social media, and other platforms if you serve them well.

Keeping a tab on your customer rating is extremely important, as it showcases your profile on the internet. For instance, if people look you up on Google, the results show a customer rating right below your name and address.

The more 5-star ratings you have, the better your outlook gets. This way, people reach out to you more. While you are at it, do make sure to thank people for their ratings!

In addition to this, customers tend to read reviews as well. Make sure you comment on negative feedback or a low-star rating. To address their problems and promise to serve them better in the future.

The same is applicable on Facebook. If you have a great Facebook profile, make sure to maintain it. Address people’s issues, solve their problems and write great posts for customer engagement.

6. Social Media to Attract and Reach New Qualified Leads

Social media is the most potent weapon of the 21st century. It is an excellent way to find electrical work online. Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest all have unique selling points that help you gain more and more employment.

Most people find Electricians and Electrical contractors online through Facebook and Instagram. These are the places where you can run campaigns and showcase your work. They allow you to make profiles and pages where you can post videos and images of your projects.

YouTube allows you to showcase videos of your work, allowing people to get a better idea of your company. It also adds value to your brand if you have organic content uploaded.

Similarly, LinkedIn is a great place to be if you want a professional outlook. In fact, whatever you do, be it liking a post or commenting on someone else’s, it quickly pops up on your customers’ newsfeed.

Advertisement is also a key element of social media marketing. People spend a significant amount of time on social media, watching visual content. Showcase your ads where people can find you.

In this manner, promotion through social media ads, Pay-per-click advertising for electricians, and active participation in groups will find you leads.

If you seek help to boost your sales, a specially designed electrician marketing strategy will be your best. You can get more electrical work if you have the necessary services up to your sleeve. At JetRank, we have professional strategists who know precisely what you need to make your brand image.

Our wide range of services includes everything, starting from building a website to maintaining customer ratings for you. With a dedicated manager to devise a strategy for you, JetRank is competent, transparent, and flexible.

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