Construction Web Design – 5 Things You Need to Know

Do you know that the top 10% of the websites enjoy a conversion ratio of about 11%? It means that out of 100 people that visit their business on the internet, 11 would purchase their product while a lot more would be interested in it. Now, these customers are the cheapest to acquire. All you […]


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Do you know that the top 10% of the websites enjoy a conversion ratio of about 11%? It means that out of 100 people that visit their business on the internet, 11 would purchase their product while a lot more would be interested in it. Now, these customers are the cheapest to acquire.

All you have to do is have a sophisticated construction web design. The sales would start pouring in, but not all websites succeed. Well, there are reasons for it, and we will discuss these mistakes and tips to make your construction web design successful, all in this blog, so let’s begin the read!

Why Do Construction Websites Need To Be Designed Differently?

Unlike typical businesses, the construction sector deals with larger investments from the customers; hence, customers’ expectations are different when looking at a construction website. A one-page sam-cart website can do wonders for stores selling a $1 ebook; however, you can’t expect the same for your website.

Construction websites need to be efficient, modern, and stylish; it indicates that your business is stable and can work internationally. As we have said before, a website is your webpage on the internet; it’s your time to show every viewer that you are worth their time and investment. However, not every time construction web design would go as per the plan.

I have seen several websites that fail to acquire new customers despite spending tons of money. We don’t want you to struggle with your website creation, so here are a few tips to help you grow.

5 Things You Need to Know for Construction Web Design

 1. Use 10-15 Landing Pages

According to a report by startupbonsai, increasing your website’s landing pages can help you improve your website revenue by 55%. Landing pages refer to the location where a customer would land when he clicks on the link on your social media ads.

These pages are marketing regions where you help wandering customers understand what they need and how you can help with eliminating their problems. It doesn’t mean that you need to have 15 pages on your website’s navigation bar.

You can use the conventional 4-5 pages at the top. All of these pages can have a funnel that directs the customers to the order page. Having more landing pages helps you address a greater audience; each of your landing pages can address a solvable problem of a segment and then direct them to place an order or sign up as a lead.

The process can be helpful even if they don’t order at once; you can use them as a lead and help your business grow.

2. SEO Optimization Should Be A Priority

Your construction website’s SEO determines where your website would be ranked when a relevant construction keywords are searched. Internet is not short of websites competing tirelessly to get a position on the first page or even better amongst the top 3.

During construction website design, you need to keep SEO in mind and ensure that none of the plugins or applications on your website hinders the speed of your page. A slow page has a higher bouncing rate; thus, your website would fail to last amongst the top 3 for long, even if everything is on point.

Other than speed, you need to make sure that your content is well optimized for the readers. It should have the proper density of keywords used at regular intervals to ensure the readability isn’t compromised. Reports suggest that SEO optimization can help you generate 2x the traffic to your website.

3. Visuals Are Important

When we talk about store speed, several pundits would recommend removing images and graphics so that the store speed improves. Although I agree that it would improve the store speed, it would hurt the readability experience.

A picture speaks 1000 words, and this saying won’t fit more than ever. You need to make sure that your website has the right visuals to complement your content. Slideshows on the main page are as important as it gets, that’s the first thing your viewer sees, and if the impression shows a slight hint of unprofessionalism, you are losing a potential customer.

Several pages won’t be complete without visuals, and you need to make sure that you place the right images to complement the user experience.

4. Start A Blog

Starting a blog is crucial if we talk about bringing organic traffic, generating leads, and boosting revenues through a construction web design. A customer won’t usually tap on your social media links until they get a solution to their problem.

You can’t write a detailed caption on social media and expect the hook till the end, as there are restricted formatting options and no images in-between. However, for a blog, you can have total control in your hand.

You can create excellent and valuable information that would be helpful for the user, and they’d sign up for leads, and it would also show your expertise in the matter, which would bring in additional sales.

Also, the blog can help in SEO optimization; you can include the relevant keywords and produce optimized content that would rank higher. Once you rank higher, you would have organic traffic that has no direct costs.

5. Perfection Is Possible

From what I have seen, entrepreneurs and web designers will be entirely determined at the start of their process; they’d think for days to find the perfect logo, typography, and fonts. Still, as they reach the end, they are less committed to perfection and are only looking to get things done.

The behavior leads to several mistakes and typos in the website, which looks awkward for the reader. It poses a poor impression and may convince a reader that you might also leave some mistakes in the actual project. Achieving perfection isn’t difficult and can be achieved by double-checking everything once it’s done.

I would suggest that you should hire an external official, for the process, someone who could check the SEO of your website, accuracy of the content, and then provide critical tips on improving it. The reason you shouldn’t do it yourself is that you’d already be tried by the process and may miss something.

Three Mistakes That You Should Avoid

If you can keep these things on point, you can enjoy great results from your simple-looking websites. However, there are still some mistakes that you should avoid to make the most of your construction website.

1. Your Website Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

The latest content management systems have allowed non-coders to develop great-looking websites with ease. However, CMS websites are often awful when used on mobile. This is because the orientation of mobiles and laptops differs; hence, the images on your slideshow would change in dimensions when viewed on mobiles.

If you are developing your construction website on a CMS, ensure that your visuals are well adjusted for phones and computers.

2. Your Website Lacks The Right Information

If your construction website doesn’t address the customer’s pain points, regardless of how good it looks, it would never bring organic traffic leads for you.

Your website content should clearly describe people you can help, products that you sell, and how your products can be bought. The simplest solution is to have a separate page for your services, products, and order.

3. Your Construction Website Takes Too Long To Load

A speed score of less than 70 means you need to boost your website’s speed. A slow load speed leads to a higher bounce rate, which hurts the SEO of your website. When your customer bounces without taking any action on your website, it increases the cost of advertising.

You need to ensure that your website has a speed score of about 75; ideally, it would ensure that your website loads instantly, and the bounce rate would reduce.

How Can JetRank Help?

JetRank is a digital marketing agency that has helped hundreds of customers establish their construction businesses and generate improved revenues. They have the finest web designers, marketers, and SEO specialists that would help skyrocket your gains.

If you are looking to design the best construction website but are afraid of messing up, let contractor growth do the job for you. We shall create an updated website with the latest tools and content, so revenues are boosted.


We have finally come to the end of the blog; I hope that it was helpful for you in the development of the construction website. You need to ensure that you avoid the mistakes mentioned and take the tips seriously.

JetRank has been in the industry for a considerable time now; we understand the construction sector better than anybody out there. We shall help you develop a website that would be loved by your customers and search engines alike.

If you are interested in knowing more about the subject, reach us through the contact details.


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Roger Avila

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