How to Find The Best Keywords for Construction

The construction business is growing fast on the internet. That’s why the contractor business needs to compete and rank for lead generation. Thousands of low-competition keywords can bring massive traffic to your contractor business website. Long-tail keywords for Contractors are best for Search engine optimization (SEO). Long-tail keywords and short tail keywords combination create a […]

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The construction business is growing fast on the internet. That’s why the contractor business needs to compete and rank for lead generation. Thousands of low-competition keywords can bring massive traffic to your contractor business website.

Long-tail keywords for Contractors are best for Search engine optimization (SEO). Long-tail keywords and short tail keywords combination create a powerful organic search strategy. Long-tail keywords have been used for SEO till now for best work. If used and applied correctly, it is the best way to take advantage of high traffic.

We will present you with a careful eye on how long-tail keywords affect your contractor business positively.

What Are Long-Tail Keywords for Construction?

Long-tail keywords are long. It is a query that search engines take what words searcher search and provide why they are searching. For example, “Contractor Company” is a keyword, and “Contractor Company near me” is the long-tail keyword. In the first case, search engines will show you contractor companies, but in the case of second long-tail keywords, the search engine will show you specific contractor companies near your location.

Long-tail keywords are targeted, specific, and have low search volume. A single word keyword is a broad topic, while a long-tail keyword is a subset of that topic. Long-tail keywords are a minimum of three words or more.

Long-tail keywords are less competitive and low search volume than broad keywords. That’s why it’s easy to rank them high. It targets more traffic and has better opportunities for conversion rates. Early when you search “home remodeler,” your contractor business website appears on search. Still, it’s nearly impossible to rank on short keywords due to the extensive use of the internet for businesses. Here long-tail keywords for Contractor come.

Why Do Long-Tail Keywords Matter For a Contractor Company?

Knowing how to long-tail keywords for contractor business matters is essential for making a website and ranking it.

Short tail keywords are broad searches. That’s why it has a high search volume and high-level competition. Although if you want to rank your contractor business on short tail contractor keywords, it will cost more. That’s why long-tail keywords came to the market.

Long-tail keywords have many benefits which can be used as a construction marketing service.

Here are the most common and valuable benefits of long-tail keywords for your contractor company or business.

1. Long-tail keywords have low competition.

Low competition means that there are opportunities to rank. Long-tail keywords are low competitive. Suppose you do not apply long-tail keywords for the contractor business; you will lose high traffic. Super relevant and common competitive long-tail keywords will give you a fast ranking factor in SERPs for a longer time.

2. Long-tail keywords increase content visibility.

Commonly Google evaluates the long-tail keywords search depending on the searcher sex, age, interest, and location. It means that when people search for the exact long-tail keywords, they will get different but related and appropriate results. In this way, your content goes optimized and more specific.

3. It helps to rank short-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords also include short-tail keywords. This combination makes it easier to boost your contractor website for broad keywords and specific ones.

4. Long-tail keywords optimized blog strategy

If your contractor website has a blog and you add fresh content regularly. Then long-tail keywords are the easiest way to post a blog for your targeted audience and guide you on your audience’s search, and it creates valuable content that ranks your contractor website.

5. Long-tail keywords prepare for future trend

As discussed, long-tail keywords are conversational, an essential element for SEO. Voice assistants prioritize results that include long-tail keywords. That’s why adopting long-tail keywords for contractor SEO services is necessary for your contractor website’s future.

6. They work best for voice search

It is essential to know about how people search? Not only does Google search, but voice search also matters in SEO. Voice searches tools like Alexa, Siri, and Google Home are leading voice search engines.

Searchers use voice search, not only search for a single word. People use long-tail keywords for a query search. That’s the way you can convert them to your customers. Long-tail keywords are essential for increasing your conversion rate.

7. Long tail keywords allow you to personalize your content

Long-tail keywords contain four or more words. They have descriptive words. You can use them for creating different content for various categories and services your contractor company offers. It gives you the chance to be targeted and benefit from contextual marketing.

How to Find Long Tail Keywords for Contractors

There are infinite numbers of long-tail keywords for Contractor that you can utilize for your target audience. All long-tail keywords are not equal. Here we present some strategies that you can use to find long-tail keywords for your contractor company blog or website.

1. Brainstorming for Long Tail Keywords

Put yourself as a customer and think about searching for a specific service. Ask your friends, families, and customers for suggestions. Brainstorm for your keywords. You will find plenty of long-tail keywords related to construction.

When brainstorming, keep in mind that all keywords for a specific topic or niche are imperfect. Make a list of your corresponding keywords. For example, “electrician services” and “electrical repair.” Note them and try to add some extra words. When it becomes long-tail keywords, then use them on your contractor website.

2. Find Effective Long Tail Keywords

During searching for long-tail keywords, it is also best to find those keywords which might bring traffic to your website. Note high traffic keywords. It will get high-quality visitors because people search and go to the top web pages. But they do research about their needs and make themselves satisfied.

Take a deep look at what keywords are best for your contractor website. You will get success for already ranked keywords instead of reinvented keywords.

3. Use Free Long Tail Keywords Tools

You will get plenty of long-tail keywords when you do research and brainstorming. After that, you need to use some free keywords research tools for a deep look. It is beneficial because you will find what people search for within the contractor business.

Below are some free tools you can use to find long-tail keywords.

Google Related Search

Search your keywords phrases in Google and see the result. You will find variations in your wording, but also you will discover new long-tail keywords. Click on any one of them and search the detail; you will find more long-tail keywords.


You have probably noticed how Google provides a suggested keywords list when typing into the Google search bar. When you write the first word of the keywords, you will see autosuggest long keywords. Try this to find better long-tail keywords for your contractor website.

Google Search Console

Google search console is a free tool for keywords research. Find your keywords and statistic there. After that, Google also allows you to find long-tail keywords for selected short-tail keywords. Each long tail keywords phrases have a score from 0 to 1.

Long Tail Keywords Examples

For instance, if your general keyword is “Contractor Company,” You can specify it more and get “Contractor Company home services.” You can dig it more and get “Contractor Company home services for kitchen.” If we make it more targeted, we gain “contractor company home services for kitchen near me.”

Long-tail keywords are undeniable. If you are a new or seasoned marketer, the importance of long-tail keywords will remain the same.

Another example is “plumber.” It is an undefined keyword. It is not targeted and will have a lot of searches. Using this keyword in your contractor business website makes it difficult to compete with other authority contractor websites.

On the other hand, if you make a long tail keyword from the word “plumber,” it is easy to compete and target your clients. For example, you can make an “affordable plumber for the water heater.”

Other high volume long-tail keywords for Contractor are as follows. You can use them for long-tail keywords.

  • Local Builders
  • House Builder
  • Home Builder
  • Construction Contractor
  • Construction Company
  • Building Services Engineers
  • Building Contractors


It doesn’t look effortless when you start researching for Contractor long-tail keywords. But when you have done your research, you will see an impossible task has been done. However, you have to be creative and natural while finding long-tail keywords. The data available to you is the first step. You have to analyze and process them for your desired long-tail keywords.

You have to keep in mind that never go beyond your contractor business. If you put the wrong keywords on your contractor website, you will lose your rank and lead you to down your contractor website.

Trust in your business and services. You can easily find a list of long-tail keywords. Stay updated within contractor business and find trending NEWS and topics. Make it part of your long-tail keywords.

Now it’s up to you. What trick and strategy do you want to use to identify Contractor long-tail keywords?

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