Top Ways to Get Construction Leads [Proven Strategies]

Do you know that Vinci – A France-based construction company- made over $44 billion in revenue last year alone? Forty-four billion dollars is a staggering amount, and you can’t ignore it regardless of any excuse.  If you are a construction company owner, you will wonder how such massive revenues are possible on earth. Well, they […]

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Do you know that Vinci – A France-based construction company- made over $44 billion in revenue last year alone? Forty-four billion dollars is a staggering amount, and you can’t ignore it regardless of any excuse. 

If you are a construction company owner, you will wonder how such massive revenues are possible on earth. Well, they are, and we know how you can take your business to the same skies too. 

This blog will discuss everything you need to know about construction leads and how they can help you be the next Vinci.

What Are Leads?

If we look up in a dictionary, lead(noun) is a route or means to access a particular position or person. Still, in business specifically, it is used to address a potential customer. 

Quality leads are essential for any business; they can help you expand your customer base to bring better revenue. Nevertheless, in construction businesses, the importance of leads is multiplied many folds. 

Original construction leads can change the fate of your business. They allow you to access a broad audience interested in your products; if you can make an impression on them, you get direct customers with no hassle. 

Let’s discuss some reasons why your construction business needs construction leads.

Why Do You Need Construction Leads?

Reach more potential customers

If I simplify leads, they mean a mode to connect with your potential customers to sell your services. Once you have a list of email addresses and phone numbers, you can use email or telemarketing to describe your business model to them. 

You can talk about how valuable your business is for them and how they can live a carefree life after hiring you. These leads help you become a renowned name in the customer’s mind. Whenever they are looking for a contractor, they will remember you. 

However, most people don’t want to hear what you’ll do for them; they are only interested in knowing what you have done. Now using telemarketing to describe these successes can be difficult. 

You can’t show them pictures, you’d barely have 10 seconds before they hung up, so it is improbable that you can make something out of it, but have you seen “Godfather” the movie? Well, he was a telemarketer, and customers didn’t hang upon him. 

There is a trick to being the same salesperson that doesn’t sell except what the customer needs. We will talk about that in a while.

Boost your revenue

A quality lead is a potential customer confused regarding their next step; they don’t understand their solution. For instance, a lead can connect you with a person looking to revamp their roof, but they don’t know who can help them. 

Once you have the construction leads, you have a potential customer at the top of your sales funnel. It’s a wandering person thinking about what he needs, but when you contact him during his perplexity. He will see you as a messiah, he’d think you know what he is looking for, and from there on, it’s all about how you carry on the trust to sell your service. 

Quality leads have helped many businesses grow, and because they are cheap to generate, you would be gaining more than what you usually do.

Eliminate cold calling

Most construction businesses spend a lot on cold calling; they hire writers, designers, and mailing services to reach out to everyone with the perfect sales pitch, but this strategy barely brings results as good as expected. 

And the reason is simple, the list of addresses is already overflooded by such emails and calls, and most of the time, they aren’t even interested in the service. 

It would be best to generate leads from people interested in what you sell (hot audience), and once you have the list, you aren’t cold calling anymore. 

The leads are people waiting for you to reach them and describe why they should hire you. Once you have generated construction leads, the cost involved in cold calling won’t exist.

Grow your following

When we look to create leads, we don’t always aim at people that would buy our services instantly. Sometimes the purpose is to stand out so that people know us. When you are commonly known, people start trusting you more due to that social proof; hence, they are willing to put their hard-earned money into hiring you. 

Lead engagement allows you to reach an audience that is interested in the construction of homes. If you keep providing them with valuable tips, updates, and information, they’ll start following you, which helps build social proof. 

Usually, you’ll need to have a well-crafted website to generate an organic following. It can help with keeping your customers updated with everything new and exciting about your business. We will be talking about website creation shortly.

Know your customers

Construction leads can help engage with your customers and find out about their problems and expectations from a contractor. As organic leads consist of people interested in your business, they can provide honest opinions on what your enterprise lacks and improve. 

These reviews can help decide the changes your business needs. Once you have made the changes, you can reapproach these customers and update them regarding it. These engagements can help you gain your customer’s trust, which would turn into more sales. 

Three Proven Strategies To Generate Leads

We have talked a fair deal about why construction leads are essential for your business, and you’d indeed be tempted to generate some for your business too. Lead generation isn’t an easy process, and if you are doing it without experience, there is a fair chance that you’d lose more than you gain. 

However, we aren’t going to leave you alone in the middle of the sea. I’d share three proven strategies to help you gain converting leads without spending a lot in the section.

Launch Your Website

It won’t be right to say launching a website is a strategy because it’s the most important ‘step’ to ensure lead generation. A website provides you the opportunity to interact with customers and provide them with the information they need. 

It is your web page on the internet that could be used to boost your sales. The most common method of lead generation is using a newsletter sign-up on the home page. 

However, many customers don’t often sign up for a newsletter that easily. They fear their email would be spammed with loads of emails. So, we will need to develop a better idea to ensure they hand out their contact details. I have often seen businesses offering free e-books or consultation calls to generate leads. 

As a construction business, an e-book won’t always bring quick results, so it’s better that you offer a free consultation call, as it would help customers understand your expertise in the niche, and they would trust you for the job. 

Making a website isn’t a piece of cake despite popular CMS; hence, you will need to have a construction web design to get good results.

SEO Optimization

The most common strategy to generate leads without advertising is by using SEO optimization. To simplify, SEO optimization refers to optimizing your website with accurate, precise, and useful content for the customer. 

Once your website is optimized, it would rank higher on google when relevant keywords are searched. Often, customers would search for solutions to problems during the construction phase. If your web page shows up and can provide quality content, they would feel that your newsletter can be of real help, and thus they would sign up without any reluctance. 

SEO is further divided into two broad types: on-page and off-page; there is more to know about it. I would suggest that you hire an expert if you aren’t aware of what SEO is. 

Digital marketing services

Good advertisement has the potential to change the fate of your business. Nowadays, conventional advertising methods are no more effective, as newspapers and televisions are less popular.

It is the age of social media, and you would need to market your services using digital means. Around 71% of the entire world population has a social media account; hence, social media gives you access to a vast audience that can be sorted based on their interest, age, and demographics. 

However, with numerous businesses competing in a cutthroat competition, your advertising needs to target the ideal audience using the best techniques because if it doesn’t, you’ll end up losing money. 

Digital marketing isn’t the most straightforward route and has got some complexities that you’ll need to master before you start advertising.

Start Growing Your Business with JetRank

JetRank is a digital marketing agency that aims to help its customers make it big in the construction industry. They have got the best team that can help you skyrocket your revenues. 

Their team of marketing experts allows you to generate converting construction leads on autopilot. With their CRM and marketing automation software, you can make the most of your business without spending thousands of dollars. 

If you are looking to generate quality leads but are afraid that the three strategies aren’t your cup of tea, let JetRank do the job for you. They have the best technicians to work around your website’s SEO and handle your digital marketing seamlessly.

Final Takeaway

We are towards the end of the blog. I hope it helped you understand the importance of leads and how you can generate them yourself. You can’t have your attention diverted on all subjects and expect that all of them will go perfectly. 

You know the construction business well, and to ensure that you provide the best quality, you would need to delegate some tasks. Let JetRank handle your marketing over the web and take your business to new highs. You can know more about the services using the site and start your free trial today.


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