Top 5 Carpet Cleaning Marketing & Advertising Strategies

Nowadays carpet cleaning industry generates millions of dollars every year, even though it owns a highly competitive space in the market. Carpet cleaners are finding new ways to market their products or services. They make sure that potential customers find them at the correct time. Since most companies still depend on conventional advertising, carpet cleaning […]

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Nowadays carpet cleaning industry generates millions of dollars every year, even though it owns a highly competitive space in the market.

Carpet cleaners are finding new ways to market their products or services. They make sure that potential customers find them at the correct time. Since most companies still depend on conventional advertising, carpet cleaning SEO strategies can help you engage with your possible audience when they need you most.

Attracting and advertising commercial and residential carpet cleaning leads is an extensive challenge, mainly when the process relies on offline channels, such as newspaper ads, billboards, and commercials. This is the reason why successful carpet cleaning companies make use of digital media, like email, search, and social, to attract relevant carpet leads.
Keep reading to learn more about marketing a carpet cleaning business with proven marketing strategies.

Increase Website Traffic with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

For some reason, your business website serves as a heart for your carpet cleaning advertising and marketing plan. Carpet cleaning SEO helps you showcase your website in front of potential uses as it’s the process of boosting a website’s ranking in the search engine results to reach more valuable leads.

This carpet cleaning marketing method is an excellent idea to boost website traffic. You get a chance to show your page in front of more interested users that might check out your carpet cleaning business from time to time.

Select relevant keywords to appear high in the search engine results. Performing keyword research helps you find the right keywords for ranking your page.

Keyword selection becomes essential as it decides where your website appears in the search results. Therefore, the relevant selection of keywords will help your business to appear in front of potential leads.

This focuses mainly on long-tail keywords that contain 2 or 3 words. For example, ‘carpet cleaners in San Diego, CA.’

Using long-tail keywords generates better results for your ad campaign as they attract more qualified leads. Also, you will reach leads that are particularly looking for a carpet cleaner near your area.

Besides keyword research, you can optimize your carpet cleaning website by optimizing its page speed.

You can use page speed services or Google PageSpeed Insights from an internet marketing company to improve this.

Hence, SEO is a terrific method to use for commercial and residential carpet cleaning marketing. It will ultimately increase your website’s traffic, business and reach valuable leads.

Using Social Media Marketing to Engage with Your Audience

Social media marketing makes it possible for you to send tailored content to connect with your target audience. This strategy allows you to maintain a direct connection with your customers and give them valuable content.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are some of the social media channels used as a part of your carpet cleaning marketing strategy.

You should choose social media networks that your audience uses the most so you can reach them easily.

Once you have selected your preferred channels, start posting tailored content for your viewers. The content-type mostly depends on the platform you are posting to.

You can either post videos, photos, polls on Twitter and Facebook, or links to content.

For example, Instagram focuses primarily on sharing videos and photos. So, irrespective of the platform used, you’ll always want to keep your content engaging and exciting for your audience. Motivate them to like, share and comment on your content.

Social media is a perfect opportunity to connect with valuable leads and answer their concerns or questions, ultimately helping your audience keep informed.

With this carpet cleaning marketing idea, you will know who your leads are. This will help you to market your business efficiently.

Get Valuable Leads using PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising

PPC is a great carpet cleaning marketing tactic to attract leads that are ready to convert. PPC ads are paid and appear high in search engine results. These ads attract an audience that is ready to search for the right carpet cleaner.

PPC ads work on keywords, just like SEO. You should select long-tail keywords as they give better results. Such long-tail keywords offer a lower CPC (cost per click) due to less competition, meaning you can get more clicks on your advertisement.

Once the keywords are selected, you’ll start placing a bid for your ad’s placement, mainly done through Google Ads. Set your max bid (the amount you decide to pay every time someone clicks on your ad).

Your quality score and max bid determine your ad’s placement, whereas the quality score shows your ad’s relevancy to the click-through and keyword rate.

Once the placement is received, you will launch your campaign. Google Ads makes it easier for you to track the campaign’s success. As soon as you launch your ad campaign, you can start monitoring the performance of your ad.

This is one of the main benefits of using PPC advertising. Other benefits include its affordability and the option to allow you to set a particular amount that works best for your revenue.

Hence, PPC is the best method to reach qualified leads resulting in your business growth and earn more conversions.

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Capture Leads Through Email Marketing

Email marketing is another powerful, tried, and test method not only to nurture leads but to retain existing clients as well. With the help of email marketing software, you can automatically create and run ad campaigns yourselves.

Begin by creating a strategy for capturing email leads, then divide campaigns for users in different levels of the purchasing cycle. It works almost similar to remarketing as it’s a touchpoint that keeps you at the top of your customers’ minds. You can also try to offer different deals and discounts for people to take action.

Also, remember to use email sign-up forms for client retention. Sending a quarterly newsletter to your audience with some tips and tricks related to carpet care is sufficient to keep readers in a loop so they can think about visiting your website next time when they need their carpet cleaned.

Additionally, to convert customers into the lead, take the help of periodic emails to remind users that you care for them and want to keep a long-lasting relationship with them.

Grow Your Business with Content Marketing

A website’s content is king for many reasons because it works as a reflection of your business.

The way you present your company depends on the type of content added to your business website. If you create content that isn’t attractive to your viewers or produces work with grammatical or spelling errors, it can affect your carpet cleaning company’s marketing and lead generation strategy.

So, it’s high time to create a content marketing strategy for your business.

An innovative content marketing idea can generate 3 times more leads than other traditional marketing ideas. Modern content marketing strategy costs 62% less than conventional marketing, showing that this current lead generation method is essential for all businesses to grow.

But, how does content marketing works?

It mainly concentrates on taking full benefits from social media, blogs, email, etc. With these content outlets, your digital marketing team can create content that meets the client’s requirements, answers their questions, and solves users’ problems.

For example, you can create a blog that answers how to clean a carpet using home remedies or when to use a carpet cleaning company or create a guide that talks about DIY techniques of carpet cleaning.

Producing all such content helps your business build trust with your customers and move users from the top of buying funnel to the bottom level, resulting in generating new carpet leads and clients.

Attract More Business with Professional Carpet Cleaning Marketing

Creating a chance to reach potential leads becomes successful when you invest in an effective carpet cleaning marketing plan. This provides you an opportunity to earn more leads and conversions, thus resulting in the growth of your business.

At JetRank, we have gained years of experience creating internet marketing plans that work for all our clients. Our team of professional experts brings their expertise and knowledge to your campaign and generates a digital marketing strategy that works and proves beneficial for your carpet cleaning business.

So, get ready to attract valuable leads and earn more conversions with digital marketing for carpet cleaning businesses.

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