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An educational website can be an excellent way to market and inform potential students about your school, as well as current students and parents finding information about classes, schedules, events etc. The top school websites feature clear navigation, white space and an uncomplicated design – this can be accomplished using user-friendly platforms and free templates. […]

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An educational website can be an excellent way to market and inform potential students about your school, as well as current students and parents finding information about classes, schedules, events etc.

The top school websites feature clear navigation, white space and an uncomplicated design – this can be accomplished using user-friendly platforms and free templates. Having an amazing website is a critical part of a successful school marketing campaign. Today, we’ll go over the top school website designs to help you get inspired.

1. Lausanne School

Lausanne School is an esteemed college preparatory school that fosters students’ individual talents, intellects and character in an engaging PK2-12th grade environment. Their unique learning styles, skills and interests are tailored towards preparing them for success in global settings.

School is well known for its rigorous academic programs, such as the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. Highly esteemed among colleges worldwide, this acclaimed curriculum gives students access to a world of knowledge, experiences and opportunities.

As such, the school attracts students from around the globe, featuring a campus community comprised of multicultural populations, while encouraging a family atmosphere by providing personal assistance from teachers and staff members for both students and their families.

Apart from academic pursuits, the school also encourages its students to explore their interests through extracurricular activities that support creativity, leadership, and social awareness development.

This school is situated within an idyllic park, providing breathtaking views of both city and lake, featuring a gymnasium, media center and alumni boardroom. Additionally, its design plays with existing topography by creating pathways outside of its perimeter walls to create new outdoor spaces outside.

2. Ascend Learning

School website designs that enhance credibility and reputation can increase admissions while broadening reach to a broader audience.

Ascend Learning’s K-12 public charter schools across Brooklyn-New York take students on an intellectual adventure. Offering highly college preparatory education.

On its homepage, their design is clean and user-friendly with clear CTAs, simple logo, and an engaging headline. In addition, there’s also an embedded video to introduce their mission and values.

Ascend Training provides traditional in-person classes as well as remote and online courses for individuals and businesses alike. Courses cover Adobe applications like Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and After Effects as well as WordPress front end web development introductory coding classes and more.

Learn new skills or brush up on existing ones online is a fantastic option for those who want to expand their repertoire of knowledge. Additionally, expert-led webinars give learners access to field experts that may provide invaluable advice when selecting classes to attend.

Ascend offers courses that focus on leadership and career preparation. Their programs range from four to eleven online courses depending on your chosen path, with expert-led webinars providing practical knowledge about applying what you learn in real-life settings.

3. International Grammar School

International Grammar School prides itself as being a “local school with a global perspective”, offering innovative education for early learners, primary and secondary school students alike. Situated in Sydney’s Ultimo suburb, its two campuses provide a holistic liberal curriculum complete with international exchange opportunities and drama and music programs.

Their website provides visitors with an invaluable way to gain more insight into the school and its facilities, with virtual tours giving visitors an idea of what their campus looks like.

The homepage features an image slider that alternates three images and headlines for visitors to view, creating an inviting yet professional environment that encourages them to return again and again.

Hero Scene – Showcasing high-resolution images, a smooth slider and an introduction of the school. Additionally, there is an appealing testimonials section which makes a compelling case for admissions into their program.

International Grammar School wanted its revamped website to inspire and engage multiple audiences while also serving as a practical means for users to access school information. The new site features easy navigation and displays a modern look, positioning International Grammar School at the forefront of NSW independent schools sector.

4. West Bourne Grammar

West Bourne Grammar in Williamstown and Truganina has been serving its students for well over 100 years and today houses over 1500. As one of Australia’s premier coed schools, West Bourne is home to some of the biggest names in educational technology as well as boasting an outstanding tertiary education program with cutting edge teaching tools available; yet what truly distinguishes it is its unique sense of humour – their students don’t hesitate to let loose when necessary and let their hair down at this school; alumni list boasting impressive alumni lists plus tours of current and past classrooms available!

5. D.School

David Kelley founded the, an internationally acclaimed innovation hub. Its curriculum centers on Design Thinking; an approach for empathizing with, defining, ideating, prototyping and testing ideas to generate better solutions.

Students gain the ability to connect with their inner inventor. Kelley, founder of IDEO (an internationally acclaimed design firm), claims his students gain ingenuity and intuition to use in solving everyday problems from finding a spouse to hosting dinner parties.

He describes design thinking as being “can’t-lose”, because once you understand its workings, any opportunity presents itself for creativity.

Kelley highlights that his’s success can be attributed to its founder’s ability to put Stanford University and IDEO’s intellectual contributions into action – in other words, cultivating an environment at both institutions that emphasizes creativity and problem-solving.

To highlight’s approach, its website showcases images and videos of students working in their studios. Furthermore, there is information regarding its pedagogy and philosophy which emphasizes space, furniture, tools and technology as essential elements in learning environments.

6. Paris American Academy

Paris American Academy’s website serves as an outstanding example of how to design a site to make school life simpler for prospective students, giving them an idea of the school culture while also showcasing student work of high quality.

The school, located in Paris, provides an impressive variety of art and design courses as well as a blog which highlights student experiences and activities.

PAA was established in 1965 and is widely recognized for its excellent fashion design instruction and strong vocational approach to training for careers in creative fields. Over its fifty-year existence, students and professionals from 35 nationalities have come through its doors.

PAA’s academic program is built upon its strong commitment to educating international students in fashion, fine arts and interior design. Our curriculum features summer workshops, seminars and semester terms taught by masters from these fields.


Websites for educational institutions are indispensable tools in communicating with their target audiences and building trust, ultimately leading to more students enrolled and ultimately helping the institution flourish.

A great website design for schools should be simple to navigate and attractive while being informative of its school’s vision and mission. Below are examples of excellent school website designs with these characteristics that offer inspiration.

Lausanne School in Memphis, Tennessee is an independent nonsectarian school offering prekindergarten through 12th grade instruction. Their website design is impressive – particularly their Hero Scene with its compelling video background and Call To Action button (CTA). Furthermore, its introduction uses an effortless slider to showcase their mission and facts.

In addition, this website boasts an outstanding search bar that enables visitors to locate schools by keyword, region and country as well as category. Furthermore, quality images and sliders enhance user engagement on this engaging site.

CIS International School is an elite global school that strives to foster its students’ high-level academic and social competencies, while emphasizing cross-cultural education. Their unique branding centering around cross-cultural education creates a happy, positivity, and playfulness vibe while their website features images of teachers as well as cute animations.

School Website Design Case Study

Having a website that wasn’t updated since 2007, Mrs. Hutchins had numerous incidents of negative feedback about her “old” website. When we spoke to her about a website redesign, she mentioned how she has been trying to get her site redesigned, she just never had time for it.

She spoke to us about how many of her clients mentioned how her “old” website almost turned them away!

School Website Before Redesign

school website design before

These same clients decided to give her a shot because of her promising google reviews, and eventually became loyal students of her school.

At one point, while talking to her, she mentioned how she was now “Showering in Money” after her website re-design.
It’s hard to say how many clients Mrs. Hutchins lost, but any lost clients because of a badly designed website is a loss that could have been easily prevented.

Once we redesigned her website, Mrs. Hutchins mentioned she herd numerous compliments of her new website design. She also had several new clients call directly through her website.

At one point, while talking to her, she mentioned how she was now “Showering in Money” after her website re-design. As much as we love Mrs. Hutchins, we know this is an over-exaggeration, but it’s honestly one of the best compliments a digital agency can have.

School Website After Redesign

school website after redesign

About the Client – Spanish Language Center

Spanish Language Center was established in 1986 by Luz H. Since Spanish was always her undesirable passion Luz decided to dedicate herself teaching others with one of the most romantic languages in the World. The passion was visible to all her students and success was on a unimaginable. Spanish Language Center provides lessons for all ages. The most important part of SLC is their Visual Aids. The way they teach students is unique and detail oriented.

“The age doesn’t matter when you in-love..with a Spanish”

-Luz H.

SEO Improvements After Redesign

seo improvements after school website redesign

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