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Learn How To Build Your Website in 5 Steps

When compared to building a business, building a website is now easier than ever. All things considered, having a professional website is among the most powerful assets you can use to close sales, draw in new clients and develop your brand

In light of this, we’ve chosen to assemble an exhaustive yet easy to-pursue and well ordered manual to help you make your own one of a kind website. In this article, you’ll find all that you require from acquiring a space name to choosing a facilitating supplier and introducing programming to distributing your first blog entry.

How about we begin creating your first website!

5 Steps to Build Your Website

Give me a chance to begin by saying that you don’t need to know how to code or be a programmer to pursue this handy guide – actually, you won’t need to compose a single line of code. To those of you who run far from the idea of coding, this guide will serve you well.

I’ll walk you through five straightforward steps to enable you to launch your website:

  1. Pick a Website Builder
  2. Pick The Right Hosting
  3. Set Up Your Domain Name and Hosting
  4. Customize Your Website
  5. Add Useful Plugins

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s jump straight into the guide. We wouldn’t be surprised if you finish this in 10 minutes! Let’s get started.

If you need help building a website you’ll want to consider our affordable web design services.

Step 1

Pick a Website Builder

The main thing you’ll need to do is select a content management system (CMS) that will serve as the framework of your website. You’ve probably heard about a couple of the major content management systems out there – WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal, and so forth.

Let’s make this simple, the best CMS out there is WordPress, with out a doubt.

WordPress All The Way

We are enormous supporters of WordPress and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who needs to build their own website. Here are a couple of basic reasons why:

It’s gigantic. As of the composition of this article, WordPress powers roughly 70 million sites.

It’s completely free. WordPress was basically intended to be an open source venture.

It’s safe and solid. The committed group of engineers behind WordPress is continually refreshing the CMS to guarantee security for its users.

It’s versatile. Regardless of whether you need to deploy an simple website or are planning to build a much larger, CNN-sized website, you can be sure that it’ll work with no glitches.

Those of you who are launching their first site and want to build a site that is simple yet robust are better off selecting WordPress. Beside the stage explicit advantages the CMS offers, it’ll spare you a huge amount of time, exertion, and cash.

Building with WordPress requires minimal effort and can be completed in 5 minutes. The best part, in any case, is and will dependably be that you don’t should be incredibly gifted in a web development to launch and work a fruitful WordPress-based website.

In case you’re persuaded that WordPress truly is the best CMS out there, how about we proceed onward to the following section.

Stage 2

Pick a Suitable Web Host

Once you’ve chosen the right CMS, preferably WordPress, there’s only one more decision to make – picking the right website hosting.

The choice you make at this stage will largely affect the performance of your website.

With so many hosting solutions it is important for you to take the time to familiarize yourself with the different options. Be sure to read our review of the best website hosting to choose one for yourself!

Step 3

Get a Domain Name

This step is fairly simple but can be complex to a beginner. In order to successfully get a domain name you need to:

Find the domain name you would like to purchase
Purchase the domain
Point the DNS server to your website host

Step 4

Customize Your Website

In this area, I’ll acquaint you with the WordPress Dashboard and help you introduce a subject to expand your blog’s visual intrigue.

An Introduction to the WordPress Dashboard

The WordPress Dashboard can be very overpowering for first-time clients however I guarantee you’ll become accustomed to it sooner than you might suspect. With the end goal of this post, I’ll cover the accompanying things:

Enacting a Theme
Composing Your First Post
Investigating the Media Library
Including a User
Sounds great? We should begin.

Stage 5

Download Your WordPress Plugins

Need to add another component to your blog? There’s a module for that! Modules are approaches to stretch out and add to the usefulness that as of now exists in WordPress.

Modules can be thought of as modest applications that upgrade your blog’s usefulness. WordPress has a huge amount of modules, both free and premium, for you to choose from. Indeed, there’s an entire authority WordPress Repository brimming with complimentary gifts that you should look at.

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Roger Avila

Roger is an SEO Manager at JetRank based out of sunny San Diego, CA.
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