Home Improvement Marketing Strategies that Drive Leads


Marketing Ideas for Home Improvement Businesses

Are you into home improvement services and looking to increase your sales and overall revenue?

If yes, then you’re at the right place! There are tons of house owners that require your help. People seek out home improvement service providers online from time to time for repairs and changes in their homes.

Does your business rely on word-of-mouth for gaining new clients? Is traditional marketing your go-to technique for new and potential customers? A referral is a great way to get clients; yes, however, you are missing out on a wide range of audiences looking out for your service online.

Digital marketing is your best tool to reach out to the maximum audience online. These days, people simply pick up their phones and search for home improvement services on Google. With this, you’re just one step away from gaining maximum potential out of your business.

Home improvement services are essentially everywhere, be it offices, houses, shops, and even your garage! If you repair broken furniture or install sanitaryware in the bathroom, look no more and read this article. This page is just for you!

There are ample ways to make your business visible to most clients. We have listed out a few of them for you. Read along to find out more!

1. Well-Designed Website for Your Home Improvement Services

Website is what your customers see first when they want to get things done from you. Your website is your brand image that speaks for itself.

If you are into home improvement services, you need to showcase your portfolio to people using digital media. Have a well-designed website with adequate information regarding your work, that is, address, contact information, and email.

Your website should appeal to your customers if you want to attract potential leads. Make it user-friendly, easy to navigate, and have a mobile-friendly version ready.

In addition to this, add some visuals that you photographed on your projects, like project images and videos, that will add value to your website.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

People need to find you online if you want to obtain the maximum number of potential leads. Home Improvement SEO allows you to rank your site higher if you optimize search engines well.

Customers look for home improvement services online with specific keywords and tags. These keywords are identified by Google to rank websites. If tweaked well, your website will rank higher against your competitors for people to find you.

These keywords include home improvement contractor, home improvement service near me, and so on.

The world has moved ten paces, and we need to keep up with the competition. So, make sure you spend those extra bucks on optimizing search engines in your area instead of newspaper ads or banners.

3. Publish Blogs and Articles – Content Writing

If you want potential clients to keep coming back to you, you need to keep them engaged. Customer engagement is essential for gathering leads, and content marketing is your best strategy for home services marketing.

Content marketing is a great way to drive traffic by posting weekly articles. You can write blog articles like Do-it-yourself guides, upcoming innovations in home improvement, and everything related to your field that customers would want to read about.

Blogging keeps people coming back if you provide vital information online. People also tend to check blog articles on your website before calling you for work. Keep it simple and share what you know. Your experience on the subject is all people want to read.

For example, home improvement services work great with the Internet of Things. If your clients can read about getting a WiFi-enabled Air Conditioner that starts on its own accord after you speak out its name, then you can keep your customers glued to your page.

So, get writing on your website and make the best out of your brand!

4. Pay-per-click (PPC) To Showcase Ads

If you want to broadcast your services to people, get going with Pay-per-click ads. PPC is a great way to show advertisements on search engines and social media platforms.

Google AdWords allows you to showcase home improvement services ads when customers seek out these services in your region. As the name suggests, you only need to pay for the ads when people click on them.

For instance, if customers look for ‘modular kitchen’ on Google, then your ad will be shown in the search engine results, provided you’ve added the specific keywords. Furthermore, you can start posting ads as soon as you launch your campaign.

These ads are a perfect method to generate leads from search engines and social media platforms. They display ads on the sides of pages or at the bottom. These platforms allow you to set a budget that administers your region, expanse, and target area, allowing you to curate precisely the audience you need to attract.

5. Email Marketing for Home Improvement Services

Email marketing, another excellent method to keep people posted about updates on your website, new offers, and business ideas. If you want to stay connected with your clients, even after they are done with their service from you, email marketing is a great tool to do so.

Weekly or monthly newsletters allow people to visit your website and check out new offers available to them. You can add an external high authority link to your blog articles in your newsletters and send them potential tips that might be useful to them for home improvement.

Encouraging people to subscribe to email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that will help build your customer base. Customer reviews that follow are vital for increasing sales. Also, you send bulk emails to as many people as you like with a single click!

6. Customer Feedback and Reviews

When looking for home improvement services in the neighborhood, people check customer reviews before calling you for work. Make sure to keep your customer review section in check.
Ask customers to review you on Google and social media platforms. Their feedback is essential if you want Google to rank you higher and send traffic your way.

In fact, customers like reading other people’s reviews before heading your way for work. Great service leads to excellent feedback.

For instance, if you run Home Improvement Service in Ohio and people in the region search for ‘custom-made furniture, your ad will pop up with customer reviews. The higher the ratings, the easier it is for people to pick you up for your service.

7. Google Local Services Ads for Home Improvement Marketing

For Home Improvement Marketing or general construction marketing, Google Local Service Ads are among the most potent sources of generating organic leads. These are ads that show up on search results on Google.

Google Local Services ads are an excellent source for boosting sales. They show your contact details like the name of the business, address, contact, and customer reviews received. It also includes the time for which your business runs during the week.

Local services ads show in Google search and any ads that pop up on websites people visit. It also adds a Google Guarantee Badge to your advertisement, offering a trust mark to people. The badge is added after Google does a background check on you.

Once you have Google’s backing, you can run campaigns that will send traffic to your website. Generating leads becomes convenient with Google Local Services Ads.

8. Social Media Marketing

Running home improvement services requires confidence and demands a competitive advantage to survive in the market. Social media is a powerful digital marketing tool that makes you stand out from the competition.

All social media platforms have a unique selling point that boosts sales. Facebook allows you to create a marketplace to showcase your services. Instagram is a great platform to add visuals and market your work to attract clients. You can add videos of your projects to YouTube and tweet the latest updates about your portfolio on Twitter.

Social media has many potentials that contractors can exploit to gain the most out of home improvement services. LinkedIn allows you to create a professional image of your company that can be used to target investment.

If you couple your social media posts with campaigns, there is no limit to your customer reach. With a variety of adequate strategies in place, you can use social media to your advantage to boost sales.

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