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Every business has two main functions, Sales and Delivery, yet most business owners focus primarily on the delivery aspect and forget about sales. In order to grow your landscaping business fast you, as the business owner, need to focus primarily on sales. The specific actions you need to do to grow your landscaping business will be covered in this post, and hopefully after you read through the entire article you’ll be able to put together an actionable plan on how you’ll execute.

Client Retention

Client satisfaction and retention is one of the best ways to grow a landscaping business. If you deliver service that goes above and beyond your clients expectations not only will you keep those clients for years to come, but they will bring you more business. Take a minute to analyze your service and find ways to improve it if possible. Delivering a service that exceeds exceptions will help you grow your landscaping business.

Create or Optimize Your Website

Having a professional website design is a great way to promote your landscaping business 24/7. A strong website will deliver your company message, and convert anyone who interested in your service. Your website should be designed to convert a fraction of the visitors. Once potential clients are on your website the content in the site itself should make them want to contact you or fill out a form to be contacted. If you already have a website make sure it is designed to convert. If you are not receiving a steady flow of leads from your website, your website is not doing its job. Optimizing your website for conversions may help you get more clients from your website.

Content Marketing and SEO

After you have a website that is well optimized for conversion and looks appealing its time to send it traffic. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best traffic sources for websites. SEO is the process of ranking a website higher on search engines with the intent of bringing a business qualified leads and sales. Our Small Business Search Engine Optimization Packages are designed to help your business get a consistent flow of leads through your website. Once your website is ranking on search engines for keywords such as “Your City Landscaper” you’ll see a steady flow of new clients asking for quotes and appointments.

Social Media

We’re all familiar with social media and the potential benefits of promoting your business through these mediums, but how many of us actually execute on the idea? What’s worked best for our business is to plan the content that we’ll post in the beginning of the week and post the content when the time comes. It might make sense for you to choose two or three social media sites to promote your business on and focus on only those.


Referrals can be one of the most effective methods of growing a business. Although you can’t control the number of referrals you get, you can increase the chances of getting referrals. To maximize the chances of your business getting more referrals just focus on delivering a good service and take the time to develop a strong personal relationship with your clients. If you do those two things you will get referrals, simple but effective.


Almost everyone these days reads the reviews of a product or service before they make a purchase. One way to increase reviews is to simply send a link to your clients asking for a review. Growing the number of reviews your business has will help increase credibility and conversions. When comparing businesses, most people will buy from a business that has a lot of positive reviews.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is when you pay search engines, Google and Bing, per click from targeted keywords. For example, a keyword that would be very valuable for your business is “Your City + Landscaper”. Anyone searching for this term is obviously looking for a landscaper in your city. You can pay search engines to show up first on the search results with the intent of capturing the client looking for your service in your city.

Local Directories

There are many local directories where you can put in your business’ info to get calls from people using those directories. Examples of these directories are Yelp, Yellow Pages, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor. People like to use these websites because they have a list of service providers to choose from. If you have a listing with a lot of positive reviews I’m sure you can get a few calls from these directories alone.

Get Involved in Local Events

Nothing can replace good old fashion networking. The key to effective networking is doing it on a consistent basis so people begin to get familiar with you and your business. It might be best to choose events in a specific part of your city that your business serves.

Increase Your Hourly Rate

Why not get more from clients you are already serving. Increasing your rates should be a regular action, think about inflation and the rise of minimum wage. It’s natural for you to progressively increase your rates.



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Roger Avila
Roger Avila

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