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Implementing a successful SEO plan for you and your franchise can prove to be challenging. Especially if you have multiple locations.

This quick article will guide you through the process and teach you local SEO for franchises is best implemented and you can make the most of SEO. We’ll also cover all the ways that it can be beneficial for your business online and in-store.

There is a lot that goes into using local SEO for franchises to make your business more accessible online, and here is a detailed guide to get you started along your journey to success.

What exactly is local SEO for franchises?

Local SEO for franchises is when a business optimizes the content and pages of its website to help it show up higher on search engines. Local SEO also includes optimizing local listings such as the Google My Business (GMB).

SEO is a great avenue from which you can bring in relevant traffic to your website, which is comparable to getting a customer inside of your store.

Franchises already carry with them many benefits for store owners, one of which is an already established brand that consumers are already familiar with.

Where local SEO for franchises can come in handy is for new franchise owners still looking for customers to find you on the map.

Likewise, established franchise owners can also reap the rewards of local SEO to expand the scope of their franchise marketing strategy beyond conventional means, and reach a wider audience in the process.

Why is local SEO for franchises Important

Whether you’re a new business owner or seasoned franchisor with years of experience under your belt, local SEO for franchises can help.

The benefits in popularity and driving sales to your on-site location is something few businesses can overlook.

The best strategies for improving local SEO that experts use

Mastering, let alone correctly implementing local SEO audit might appear to be daunting on first impressions, but following the tips from experts in the field can help you get it right on the first approach, tips such as the following:

Customer reviews

The importance of feedback in any business cannot be understated, and local SEO is no exception to this.

In the context of SEO reviews and feedback from others, they help customers new to your site or GMB listing determine whether your location is one they can trust, and thereby purchase from.

The more reviews on your website or local listings the more likely visitors to your site are to convert.

Descriptive Reviews Are Best

Positive reviews with keywords specific to your location and products will also help you rank higher on search engine results.

A nifty trick that you can use to get customers to use local SEO keywords and phrases that will help your local SEO for franchises is by using subliminal suggestions both on location and on your website.

If you can get your customers to leave descriptive reviews it’ll be worth the effort. Many industry experts suggest descriptive reviews help rankings of your local listings such as your GMB.

Google My Business Optimization for Franchises

One of the most common ways that customers and people find a business on the internet is by looking it up on Google.

When they do, and especially if they add a location to their search, Google My Business listings are sure to show up, complete with a location, interactive directions to get to your on-site location, reviews from customers, and the stores opening hours all-in-one.

All you need to do to be listed on the Google map results is register your business on their website.

In order to optimize your Google My Business listing you’ll need to start by filling out every possible field on the GMB dashboard. This includes the following:

  • Business Info (Name, Address, Phone Number, Website and more)
  • Hours
  • Service Area
  • Products
  • Services
  • Photos (Geotagged)
  • GMB Website

GMB Business Info Optimization

In order to optimize your GMB business info, the first thing you’ll want to do is optimize your business name. If your business name has a keyword (or two) in there it can really help with rankings.

Most local keywords include service and location. Just do some keyword research to find the top keyword and stick a few in there. Don’t stuff your name with keywords as it will stand out in the SERP.

Adding keywords to GMB business names is frowned upon by Google, but it helps rankings. Use it at your own risk.

Name, Address, Phone Number, Website (NAPW)

Your Name, Address, Phone Number, and Website (NAPW) are important signals to search engines. In the eyes of search engines, these signals show that your business is legit. Imagine finding a business with 5 different phone numbers and three locations across the web. That wouldn’t be a good experience. 

Simply put, keep your NAPW consistent.

You’ll want to run a quick scan for all of your local listings on the web. Our team can do this for free, simply reach out to us. You can also do this manually by entering your business name and checking every single listing.

This can be a bit of work, especially if you’ve moved locations a few times or changed phone numbers. You’ll have to reach out to website administrators to update this info on directories.

Be sure to check out this local SEO checklist to help improve your rankings.

Location-based keywords

One of the most common and effective ways to leverage local SEO for franchises for your business is through the usage of location-based keywords in the content you’ll use for your pages.

Make sure you strategically place these keywords which typically include the name of your franchise alongside its location on-page elements such as headings and title tags.

Also include keywords unique to your various locations on your website’s pages, things such as landmarks, popular gathering places in your business location, and well-known tourist haunts.

That way, whenever someone inputs these phases into a search engines your website will appear on the search results, and your business can benefit from the traffic.


Chances are that you’re already familiar with Yelp, as it is one of the biggest review sites for consumers in the world.

It’s used by consumers the world over to help them determine whether a business is trustworthy and to gauge a business’s levels of service and product offerings.

Users can submit pictures and written reviews, and it gives users important information on a business such as operating hours, contact details, and menus.

Yelp might not be a search engine but it is just as important to getting customers to discover your franchise’s location. You can get the most out of Yelp by creating separate Yelp pages for all your franchise locations.

You’ll also want to be very descriptive with your business whenever possible and upload as many photos as you can.

Be consistent with your branding

This is a very important aspect of SEO for franchises that can be easily ignored or bypassed to the detriment of the franchise itself.

One of the most important marks of a big franchise is its branding, it’s easy to recognize McDonald’s from its yellow colors and the ever-happy Ronald McDonald, or KFC from its vibrant red and the colonel as its mascot.

Now imagine you came across an ad or blog post from one of these franchises using a different color, logo, or mascot, would you still want to visit that store location, let alone trust it? The same stands for your customers.

The colors, logos, and even uniforms that you use in your store should be the same ones you use on your website and any other form of marketing.

Being consistent in your branding builds up confidence in your brand and makes your franchise more recognizable outside your store.

With a consistent form of branding customers can make out your franchise from its colors and logo alone, and changing this branding too often can end up confusing customers and make them less likely to visit and use your stores.


Listing your franchise on review sites and Google maps are great ways to use local SEO for franchises but having your own website on top of all that only bolsters your presence online driving more traffic to your on-site locations.

Make sure you create a page with a portal unique to all the different locations where your store is located.

Include all the relevant details, and even include maps that tell visitors where to find your stores and at what hours are you operational.

Having your own website can also help you gain traffic through social media through share buttons, and run ads that bring traffic to your website.

Does your business need an SEO specialist?

If you feel that SEO is the next step in the natural progression of your business and a reputable local SEO company can help you unlock the hidden potential in your franchise be sure to get in touch with our team.

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