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Looking to grow your network and attract customers as an Electrician? Then this post is about you!

Competition in the market is immense today, especially in service sector businesses, and the electrical service industry is no exception. To find a potential business as an electrician, you must have a brilliant strategy to showcase your skills. In other words, to have the business running, you need customers!

Building a strong customer base is essential by marketing your services in this digital era. Read along to find out just how!

What is digital advertising?

Digital marketing is Internet marketing by which a company advertises its products or services to attract customers. It makes use of the internet, especially social media, to promote and leverage business.

Digital marketing is an umbrella that encompasses many digital communication channels such as email, social media, search engines, and advertising. Several tools and strategies are involved in achieving a prospective target. These goals range from short-term to long-term, including brand building, leveraging the company’s turnover, and increasing sales.

For instance, in the case of electrical service, digital marketing will aid in promoting your services to find potential customers. It is a great way to increase sales and make people aware of what you do, along with your experience in the field.

Why should you use digital advertising?

Statista (2021) reports that a whopping 4.66 billion users use the internet. This figure easily crosses 59% of the entire population of the world. Imagine losing out on such a potential market! Therefore, the internet is a massive marketplace for every product and service imaginable!

In fact, in these dire times of Covid-19, people just want to push a click button on their phone and get services at their doorstep! So be that person whom people call first when their electric geyser is not working, or their refrigerator breaks down.

There are several benefits of digital marketing, as it is a vast field that covers sales and electrical advertisement. It aims to build brands through promotion. Not just a brand, but digital marketing helps you make potential connections that increase your name and value in the market.

Everything today is connected through the internet, and an efficient electrical advertising strategy can pour in traffic for you. Posting just one ad on the internet can make it visible from the Antarctic! Imagine the reach you get once you get in.

And it comes so cheaply! Digital marketing is inexpensive in comparison to posting ads in newspapers or broadcasting over your favorite television show. Draft one good email and send it hundreds across your country in a matter of minutes, at the cost of peanuts.

What Are The Best Electrician Advertising Strategies?

Digital marketing strategies are several one-of-a-kind methods by which you can make your presence visible to people. It includes various techniques that digital marketing specialists use to attract customers to your electrical domain.

These strategies allow customers to find your website through electrical advertising on the internet, see your past work and give feedback on it. Designing an adequate digital marketing strategy for your electrical advertising is key in gaining attraction to your business.

5 electrical advertising strategies to use

Digital marketing strategies comprise various techniques that your company can make use of for electrical advertising. These range from collecting information to delegating tasks, curating a plan, and posting updates regularly. For electrical advertising, these are the following strategies that you should follow:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization for electricians (SEO) is a strategy by which your company is visible in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! This technique allows people to see your electrical store when people punch in keywords like ‘electric service’ or ‘installation.’

SEO is a technique that allows specialists to tweak Google and other search engines to show organic results when people search for your service. When people look for electrical service online, they will find your website along with your contact information. This is how a lead is generated through the SEO strategy of electrician marketing.

The image above is a typical example of how people look for electricians in their neighborhood. Sending traffic is so much easier after SEO once you can rank higher in search results.

2. Pay-per-click advertisement (PPC)

PPC ads show up on social media platforms and search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo! These are paid ads that send traffic to your website. Common social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where you can post your ad and pay only when customers click on it.

Everyone has a budget, right? PPC is so flexible that it allows you to set your budget according to your needs. Also, as the name suggests, pay-per-click ads are only paid for when a potential customer clicks on them. Nothing for posting the advertisement at all!

The cost of showing PPC ads is dependent on keywords if you want them to pop up on Google.

For Facebook, the location and area play an essential role in determining the cost of PPC.
PPC advertisements are basically region or keyword-targeted, making them show up to potential customers and help you find electrical jobs. Tracking is also convenient as you can monitor your reach and progress with a single click on your social media platform.

3. Social Media Advertising

Having an electrical business means you need to be full of vim and vigor in the market. Competition is a vital aspect of a small-scale business, and your only tool in such a dense market is social media.

Social media is the best way to digitally broadcast your service and showcase your work. Millions of people use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. If you make a Facebook page or make some YouTube videos with the right audience, you will have customers at your doorstep in no time!

Social media is a great way to give promotional offers, discounts, and give away. It can help you build a fan base by answering people’s queries and making do-it-yourself videos. In addition to this, you can share photographs and videos of your past work.

4. Content writing

Blogs and forums are great ways to attract customers. Blogs are journaled entries off a website that provide information and discussion about a specific topic. The objective is to cover a particular topic in regards to your electrical service. This keeps people engaged by flowing traffic through your website.

Blogging is a great way for customer engagement. With some good content, you’ll have people visiting your website in no time. Blogs on electrical service include information about your industry, new trends, and innovations in the field.

Similarly, you can run a forum for discussion. For instance, the internet of things is an upcoming trend that combines electrical service with the IT industry. Tell your readers what you know and make a discussion forum for them to be active. Weekly updates are an ideal way to kickstart.

Linking blog posts to your social media platforms is also convenient. Facebook and Twitter allow you to easily connect your website’s blog, giving your social media followers to read what you write for them. So, post some quality content and get going with blogging!

5. Affiliate Marketing

If you have a website and you write content, then you must make money through affiliate marketing! Affiliate marketing to get a commission when you review electrical products on your blog and link them to a third-party site.

Say you review handy tools like portable drill machines on your website. You can link these machines to Amazon or any other eCommerce store where you purchased them from. These stores give you a commission for every person who goes through your blog.

Affiliate marketing is a diverse field that allows you to be a promoter or a company that promotes electrical products. A promoter makes money by making videos on YouTube and writing content on electrical services on blogs. A company, on the other hand, works with a promoter or an influencer for Affiliate marketing. Either way, you make money through sales.

Where can I find digital marketing for my Electrical Business?

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