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The internet has helped both start-ups and established companies to expand their products and services beyond their geographical boundaries. Having a website is one way a business can succeed, but you need to optimize your website to ensure you appear on search results. With millions of websites online, a poorly optimized website will never be found by potential customers.

Businesses should hire an eCommerce SEO agency for an effective SEO service. When you hire SEO experts, your website will be handled by experienced professionals who will help you promote your business through the use of eCommerce SEO services. They offer affordable SEO services; hence getting online is within the budget of any company.

The Benefit of Hiring an Ecommerce SEO Agency

One of the key benefits of hiring an Ecommerce SEO Agency is that SEO is the most cost effective way of consistent website traffic. Targeted Ecommerce SEO will increase both website traffic and sales. Ranking on the first page of google for keywords that your target market searches on Google is no longer an option.  Its become a necessity to have the right SEO techniques if you expect your Ecommerce store to generate consistent revenue.

Ecommerce SEO vs. Paid Ads

SEO is an investment that pays of with great dividend for years to come if done right. Almost any other way of website traffic generation requires a consistent cost. Any paid ads will stop immediately after you stop paying for them. Hence the name, paid ads.

SEO, when done right, can hold its position on search engines for months, even years, to come.


Ecommerce SEO is also very effective because of how targeted certain keywords are.

If you sell glasses we would aim to rank your website for search terms related to buying glasses. If someone is looking to buy Glasses and they see your website shows up first on google, the chances of them clicking on your website are about 16%.

It’s also important to consider that if they don’t click on your website for whatever reason, they will most likely read the URL or Brand Name. That is an impression to a consumer interested in your product. Think about how much Advertisers pay to get an impression on Television or Facebook.

An online store with out SEO is comparable to a local business hidden away in a part of the city that gets little to no regular traffic.

How will your target market find you?

If you don’t show up on the first page when someone is looking for your product, how will your target market find you if you don’t show up when they need you? The right Ecommerce SEO agency will help you be visible on search engines when your target market is looking for you product.

ecommerce seo

Isn’t It Too Competitive?

It’s 100% true that many Ecommerce SEO keywords are highly competitive, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t target them.

The typical strategy includes targeting long tail keywords in your market, then targeting shorter, more competitive keywords.

The Sales Funnel

There are an infinite number of keywords. Any increase in traffic, assuming the keyword Research was done right, will lead to an increase in sales. The more qualified traffic you get to your website the more sales you will get. It’s the typical sales funnel.

How Ecommerce SEO Works

Before considering an SEO agency for your eCommerce business it’s important you understand how it works. SEO is one of the most misunderstood marketing methods on the market since it’s constantly changing through Google algorithm updates. It’s also a very complex subject, but to help demistify the entire process we put together a quick list of how eCommerce SEO works to help you be prepared when you’re ready to choose the right agency for your eCommerce business.

On Page SEO for Ecommerce

Consider your website as if it were a car in a race. The goal of this race is to hit the first page of Google. On page SEO can be comparable to the mechanics of your car in that race. If your car is not built right it will never win the race.

On-page SEO, at its core, is the process of optimizing your website content, code and structure to make it easy for Google to understand your website. This is done by structuring your website content using the right header tags, content, images, and internal linking structure.

Biggest Challenges for eCommerce On Page SEO

One of the biggest issues with eCommerce websites is how big the are. Think about it, every single product you have is it’s own page. If you have 1,000 products, that’s at least 1,000 pages. Then you have to consider the categories, account, and any other pages you may have on your site.

Having such a large site means that the proper website structure is extremely important. Grouping your products into the right categories will help Google bot understand which products you sell. Website structure is also set up through internal linking. Your future SEO agency will need to assess your website entirely and organize it in a way that makes it easy to crawl and Google bot friendly.

Ecommerce Off Page SEO

Off page SEO is anything that is done outside of your website to make it easy for Google bot to understand what your website is about. Off page SEO is primarily brought about through proper link building.

Backlinks are at the core of Google’s algorithm and cannot be ignored if you plan on succeeding with your SEO campaign, but not all backlinks are created equal.

Over the years Google algorithm updates have been geared towards penalizing websites that use “Black Hat” SEO techniques. Most of this is done through improper link building. It’s crucial that you work with a reputable SEO agency avoid the risk of getting a penalty from Google.

Proper backlinks are earned and come from authoritative websites. Honestly, to get high quality backlinks is a ton of work. That’s why it’s recommended you hire an SEO agency.

What it Takes to Build Traffic from SEO

When you invest in SEO you don’t see the returns immediately. SEO is for businesses who are serious about growing, and not for those who are in it for quick wins.

If you have the patience and want a steady stream of targeted traffic that builds over the years SEO should be top of mind. As a mentioned before, SEO will have the highest ROI when compared to other marketing methods because of how targeted it is and also due to it’s slow and steady build.

Once you have secured page one rankings you move on to new keywords and the traffic builds on itself. Over the years your optimized website becomes your biggest asset.

Our eCommerce SEO Process

We use different tools and strategies to ensure a search engine highly ranks your website. All our SEO services are affordable for your web store, and we will ensure it makes a strong web presence. We use the following eCommerce SEO Process to ensure your website is highly ranked.

Keyword Research

If you don’t know the right keywords to use on your website, you can hire our keyword research. Even if you have the fundamental knowledge of keywords, our keyword research will help you save time and create better results. We will help you’re targeting the most effective keywords to boost your site visibility. We will research your forte, examine your existing website, evaluate your competition, and research on your overall keyword phrases. You will also get reports which contain important keywords that you suggest and why, how to theme your site keywords, niche keywords you have found, and how to apply the keywords into your site. Our great keyword research will have crucial aspects like keyword performance index analysis, specialist research, an in-depth report that will have the KEI analysis.

Website Audit

Our website audit services will help you check the number of visitors who visit your website for a specific time frame and also website rankings in the search engine. A website audit will help business owners to see if the marketing techniques they are using are working or not. If you aren’t getting any visitors or your site has low visibility, then our professionals will ensure your site is visible. We use the following to do a website audit.

  • Crawl Website to Find any Errors- use our crawler tools to check various home pages and identify the one with 200 Http status code. We use bots to find all pages on a website. The bots start by scanning the main page, and using links on each it collects all the available links. Crawl website tools help find any errors on a website.
  • Website Structure-first part of optimizing a website is creating a well-organized structure. The well-organized structure involves proper linking and website design to make it visible and simple for users to navigate. We will help you create a clear message for your site visitors and simple navigation. We will use a navigation tool that is simple to use, see, and understand. If you have other parts that you need to emphasize, it is our work to ensure everything on your website looks appealing and to stand out from the rest of your competitor’s content.

Product Page Optimization

The product page is your online store used to display your products. A good product page optimization will help to make your product pages will present a visually entertaining design and also help design that functions to enhance user experience. We use relevant keywords to assign URLs to the pages of your website for better website indexing. For maximum product page optimization, we provide a detailed keyword rich in the product description. We also help optimize your URL pages by using relevant keywords when assigning URLs to the pages of your website for better website indexing.

Website Navigation Optimization

A website that is simple to navigate makes visitors have a great experience. We will help you customize and optimize your site to ensure it’s simple to navigate. A website that is simple to navigate will help provide the exact information which you wish you to deliver. Poor utility websites will make your site visitors have a hard time navigating and also frustrate them, and they will never return to your website. Hiring our website navigation optimization services will provide your site visitors to easily access to your site information to make your visitors come again to your website.

Content Mapping and Creation

Content mapping outlines how every piece of content relates to and supports customers when on your site. Content mapping will help your visitors connect every piece of content throughout their journey. Our content mapping and creating will help you visualize opportunities to meet the needs of your audience better. Our content mapping services will help you understand how content helps clients get what they what at every stage. It also enables you to guide your customers through the customer journey more effectively.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO involves all aspects of another website on the internet, which can be optimized to improve your website ranking. This is an integral part for a higher website search engine ranking. It demonstrates how authoritative your site is on the internet. Off-page SEO refers to methods used to improve your site position with the search engine results page (SERPs). Off-page SEO involves the use of Back links, social book markings, guest blogging, and social media. We will help you use the latest Off-Page SEO techniques to ensure users easily find your website on the internet.

Guest Post Outreach

Guest posts are one of the most popular e-commerce SEO marketing strategies used by businesses. It enables you to spread your brand’s message and also allows you to win your audience’s trust. Guest posting is mutually benefiting not just to the poster but also the website where the post is published as it provides back-links, which in turn help in SEO. When properly used, guest post outreach can help you boost your SEO efforts in the long term.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is a way to boost your business. It’s a medium used to gather a lot of information about your competitors and stay ahead of them. Knowing more about your competitors will help you stay ahead of them. We will help you strengthen your business and work on your weakness by doing a competitor analysis for your company. Knowing all about your competitors will help you gain a competitive edge in the market.

Benefits of eCommerce SEO

benefits of ecommerce SEO

Increase in Sales

If your online store isn’t generating enough sales as you would wish, Our eCommerce SEO services to increase your business sales. We can help improve your sales by directing only targeted traffic through a search engine. We will do this by ensuring you adopt ecommerce marketing strategies that are specially designed for your business website. By optimizing your website, we will ensure it reaches the maximum potential customer to ensure you get the maximum sales.

Boost Online Visibility

An eCommerce website should be SEO friendly. We all hope to get noticed by customers in our online store. SEO is a crucial neck competition in internet marketing. Our eCommerce website development will provide great exposure for your business through SEO, making it more visible to the search engine. eCommerce SEO campaigns will help you stand out from your competitors. Boosting online visibility will increase the chances of potential customers noticing your products or services. Our eCommerce SEO will help boost your brand online visibility.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Our SEO experts will increase your conversion rates by improving your site visitor experience, which will boost your business revenue. All our eCommerce SEO services are cost-effective, ensuring you get more results with less money as compared with the traditional marketing methods. You will be paying less, and through our marketing strategies, your products and services will reach a larger geographical area.eCommerce SEO can help to make sure you are getting quality traffic to boost your business from search engines.

FAQ’s about eCommerce SEO

What is eCommerce SEO?

This is the process of making your online business store visible to the search engine results pages (SERPs). eCommerce SEO ensure when people search for a products o services you offer, you are ranked as highly as possible to ensure your site gets more traffic. The more traffic your sites gets the more conversion rates and the more overall sales. Content is the king in e-commerce SEO for long term strategy. E-commerce agencies will help you write unique descriptions for each product and category of your online store. If you experience some difficulties creating an excellent online presence for your online business, hire services of an eCommerce SEO agency.

What are eCommerce SEO services?

To ensure you are successful in your online business, you need to hire the services of a competent eCommerce SEO agency. The first E-commerce service you get from these agencies is the Keywords search, which will help you get results for your targeted keywords. The second services are that they will ensure that it’s simple for any user to find your online store and buy products from it. The other services they will help you with is link building. eCommerce SEO agencies will easily build a link between your keywords and your website address to ensure that when a user searches for specific words, he or she can get their respective products from your website.

How much do eCommerce SEO services cost?

Ecommerce SEO Services cost from $1,000 to $5,000 per month. eCommerce SEO services will provide strategies that can increase your site ranking. The total cost of eCommerce services will depend on the type of results you want. There are many ways to calculate your total eCommerce cost, which include monthly retainers, contract services, project expenses, and hourly counseling. Choose an eCommerce SEO agency depending on your budget and what you need to offer on your online store. Also, the urgency of their services will determine the amount you are going to pay form eCommerce services.

How much time does eCommerce SEO take?

Search results will bring your clients. Professionalism from e-commerce SEO services will provide business solutions to online stores. With the right eCommerce SEO agency can deliver the results your site needs. There is no specific time that you should start seeing the results of eCommerce SEO services. You may begin to see results instantly, or you may need to wait for some time. You need to be patient to see the results of eCommerce SEO services because SEO results take some time.

What are Organic SEO Services?

Organic SEO services help improve your visibility on search engines with an emphasis on creating high quality content.

Do eCommerce SEO services agencies come with any guarantee?

SEO is one of the most affordable, effective ways to grow your eCommerce store and boost your revenue. A reputable and experienced eCommerce SEO agency offers a guarantee to all their SEO services. Since they have provided eCommerce services to many companies, they know what your website needs to be ranked higher by search engine; hence they can comfortably offer a warrant for all their services. eCommerce SEO agencies employ qualified personnel to ensure you get the best SEO services.

What types of online stores can use eCommerce SEO services?

Have you been yearning to be your boss? If yes, you need to understand about sales and online stores. Learning how to start an online eCommerce store could be just the opportunity you have looking for. You can sell anything on an online store from books, shoes, etc. You just need to contact an eCommerce SEO agency to help you come up with an online store to help you sell your products and services.

What you need for your online store is an all-in-one hosting, marketing, and design services made specifically for your eCommerce businesses. Jetrank will help you set up your store in minutes and provide you with powerful tools to not only help you merchant processing but product marketing, SEO, and mobile commerce. eCommerce SEO services will help you achieve in your online campaign and also increase your brand awareness. Successful eCommerce services will ensure a steady and profitable flow of traffic to your website.

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