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No matter where you are on your digital marketing journey, these resources can provide assistance. Ranging from blog posts and eBooks to university course materials or marketing agency materials – there is something here for every level. Since digital marketing services and concepts evolve quickly, staying current is important. Here are some excellent resources you […]

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No matter where you are on your digital marketing journey, these resources can provide assistance. Ranging from blog posts and eBooks to university course materials or marketing agency materials – there is something here for every level.

Since digital marketing services and concepts evolve quickly, staying current is important. Here are some excellent resources you can turn to.

Social Media Examiner Podcast

The Social Media Examiner Podcast is an invaluable source of expert advice and information regarding digital marketing. Featuring interviews with marketers and experts who share their stories in an entertaining manner.

This weekly 45-minute podcast by Michael Stelzner provides insight into how social media can assist your business. Leading marketing experts share their knowledge in various topics and explain how you can use social media to expand and strengthen your company.

Social Pros is another worthy social media podcast to check out, a Content Marketing Award winner hosted by Jay Baer of Convince and Convert and Adam Brown from Salesforce. It covers everything related to digital and online marketing.

This podcast is an enjoyable and educational show hosted by Pam Moore, a social media and digital marketer. Each episode contains answers to any specific queries she encounters in her work as an SMM and digital marketer, along with tips and techniques that can help improve your marketing strategies. Likewise, you can also learn from our complete digital marketing glossary.

DigitalMarketer Podcast

Podcasts provide an ideal way to stay abreast of digital marketing news and stay ahead of competitors, while offering an immersive listening experience that connects listeners with hosts – and allows them to feel part of a dialogue rather than simply receiving data on a screen.

The DigitalMarketer Podcast is a two-times-per-week show hosted by Mark de Grasse and his team of contributors at DigitalMarketer that covers an array of marketing-related topics that will assist your career as an advertiser or marketer. A great resource to stay abreast of current trends and strategies that can enhance your skillset and expand your business, this podcast serves as an indispensable educational resource.

Agency owners can learn digital marketing from other industry professionals with experience growing their businesses through this podcast series, who can share strategies for effective client and customer retention as well as provide insight into managing an advertising agency effectively.

Exposure Ninja is a UK-based agency that hosts weekly podcast episodes covering various digital marketing topics. Every week, its CEO Tim Cameron-Kitchen brings on guests with expertise that could benefit agency owners.

HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy is a comprehensive learning resource offering short courses and certifications to expand your abilities in inbound marketing strategies – plus, it’s free! A must-have resource for any marketer or salesperson!

HubSpot Academy provides digital marketing training via video courses and quizzes. Furthermore, it’s a great place for networking and connecting with fellow marketers in the community.

One of the most sought-after HubSpot Academy courses is content marketing. This course covers everything you need to know to develop and implement a sustainable content strategy – and includes topics like social media marketing and SEO as well.

As digital marketing landscape is constantly shifting, keeping up-to-date is essential to remain successful in digital marketing. HubSpot’s free marketing certifications are an ideal way to stay abreast of industry changes; available for all levels of experience! Plus, HubSpot is known as an esteemed brand offering high-quality educational materials!

Today in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing encompasses various strategies used to market products and services through various digital channels like websites, mobile devices, social media networks and search engines. Digital marketing offers businesses a powerful tool to attract new customers while raising brand recognition.

SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most prevalent forms of digital marketing, which aims to increase organic traffic to a business’s website by optimizing content for search engine algorithms. To achieve this objective, businesses must produce quality content while employing various SEO strategies.

PPC (pay-per-click advertising) is another effective digital marketing technique, enabling marketers to reach Internet users across various digital platforms by placing paid ads. These advertisements typically appear when someone searches for keywords related to your products or services online.

Digital marketing also serves to build brand recognition and establish loyalty. This can be accomplished via email marketing campaigns, content offers on a company website and social media engagement. Businesses may use online ads to target specific consumers based on their age, gender, location or interests.

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is an information resource platform providing news, how-to guides, and SEO advice from marketing experts worldwide. Their goal is to educate and empower the SEO community with industry news from top practitioners.

Search Engine Journal’s website offers several eBooks covering various digital marketing topics, such as SEO, online advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, data analytics and e-commerce. These free resources offer tips, expert advice and real-world examples that can help improve your online strategy.

SEJ offers free webinars covering the latest trends in digital marketing. These sessions are led by industry professionals and allow attendees to ask live questions during each session.

Moz’s SEO Starter Guide is another invaluable resource, introducing beginners to search engine optimization (SEO). This resource covers what SEO is, why it matters and how to optimize your site for Google – in addition to content marketing and pay-per-click marketing strategies.

Moz Blog

The Moz Blog is an invaluable source of SEO-related tips and strategies, featuring articles categorized into distinct themes to make searching through content more efficient for its readers.

This website also boasts an expansive collection of digital marketing resources, such as white papers and guidebooks, making it an invaluable tool for marketers seeking to expand their knowledge in SEO and digital marketing.

Moz is an all-in-one platform established in 2004 and rebranded in 2013 that assists businesses in improving SEO. Their tools include site audits, rank tracking, backlink analysis and keyword searches.

Moz’s rank tracking tool is one of the most indispensable features available, providing information about where your website ranks in search engine results pages (SERPs). Furthermore, this feature lets you compare mobile vs desktop visibility levels as well as monitor your competitors’ movement – an indispensable feature that gives Moz customers an edge in online visibility management.

Moz Pro offers an intuitive keyword search feature and link explorer tool that provide in-depth analyses of backlink profiles. While Moz can be pricey, they offer a 30-day free trial so that you can test its features without taking an unnecessary financial risk.

Neil Patel Blog

Neil Patel Blog is an invaluable source of digital marketing education, featuring tips and strategies on blogging, SEO and affiliate marketing.

The author of the site is a self-made millionaire earned through various ventures like KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg and consulting gigs. He earned this fortune through online ventures like KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg; additionally his book Hustle: The Power to Charge Your Life with Money Meaning and Momentum was published as a New York Times Bestseller back in 2006.

Neil creates exceptionally helpful posts for his readers on his blog, typically between 3000-5000 words long and covering various subjects. If you want to run a successful SMB digital marketing campaign this is a great resource for you.

His content is so engaging and valuable to search engines that it helps him rank high on Google and other search engines.

He runs an award-winning podcast called Marketing School which delivers 10 minutes of actionable marketing advice every day – it has over 35 million downloads and 1400 episodes and serves as an excellent way to learn digital marketing.

Marketing School

Marketing encompasses an expansive field, and while most people see marketing as simply selling goods or running advertisements, its purpose goes far beyond that. Marketing involves building relationships with consumers to influence them to either buy products or remain loyal customers.

Marketing schools can help students hone their craft, but practical experience is just as vital to gaining insight. You could try marketing a small business, Discord channel, or social media account as part of this experience to see what works and what doesn’t.

Marketing degrees come with many options for those interested in the field, each offering different tracks that specialize in certain areas. For instance, the University of Florida Heavener School of Business features a business administration major with an emphasis in marketing.

No matter if it’s a bachelor’s or master’s degree, marketing will provide invaluable preparation for numerous career paths. By learning current industry best practices and employing industry standard tools, a marketing education will equip you with all of the knowledge necessary to excel during job searches and set yourself apart from other candidates.

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