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SEO for Dentists: Serve More Patients With Dental SEO

Effective SEO for dentists is the cornerstone of any dental marketing strategy. The right dental SEO techniques has many benefits, including increased internet exposure, increased brand awareness, even more phone calls and appointments. Optimizing your website for search engines will put your business on the top of the first page for keywords that can be vital to your success.

Before there were search engines a large part of the market would go to local listing directories to find their local dentist and give them a call, but those days are over. Almost every consumer now reaches in their pocket to grab their phone and do a search when they look for any product or service. It’s convenient, fast, easy, and it’s definitely not going away.

If a large part of the market is searching for services online, if you want your business to be found by those searching, you have to be optimized for search engines. How will your clients find you if your website is hard to find?

In this post we will go over the definition and value of SEO, our fundamental dental SEO strategy, and how you can get started.

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What Makes Dental SEO Important?

  • 4 out of 5 consumers rely on search engines to find local businesses (Think With Google)
  • 76% of users who search on mobile visit a business within one day. 28% of those same searches result in a purchase. (Google Consumer Insights)
  • 71% of people looking for a local business are searching online
  • Mobile phones generate 52% of all online traffic (worldwide)
  • 46% of searches on Google platform are local
  • 88% of consumers trust online reviews, while 97% of these customers say online (website) reviews influence their buying decisions.
  • Displaying reviews on your website yet? Positive reviews can increase conversion rate by 270%
  • Google 3-pack local results show up for about 93% of searches (with local intent)

Targeting customers living within proximity to your business is a great deal! In 2018, 72% of web users in the United States looked up products and services online; over 10.3 billion Google searches per month. It doesn’t matter what your product or service you offer. If you are a local business looking to get noticed and build a strong online presence that targets your nearby customers, we can help. Boosting a Local SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) Campaign will bring you the results you want!

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Why Should You Consider Local SEO for Your Dentistry?

Have you ever wondered why your business is not getting enough visibility in search engines like Google or Bing?

Dental SEO is the most effective strategy to target local customers. You are in business to build loyal customers, gain profitability, and grow. Running a Local SEO campaign will increase visibility, making it easy for people to find you online.
Nowadays, more people are using more mobile devices. Local searches on Google are mostly mobile. In 2018 46% of all searches were local (with an intent to buy). If you are a local business who wants to maximize sales, this is excellent news!!

Understanding Dental SEO is challenging. It takes a lot of work; that’s why hiring a transparent agency that can guide you through the process is crucial. Search Engine Optimization is a tool used for online marketing purposes. Most successful business owners have adopted a Local SEO campaign to target their nearby customers. It’s what will make your business show up on top searches, generating more sales, bringing in potential clients, and ultimately increase your business revenue!!

Top Reasons to Run a Local SEO Campaign

Dental SEO is more effective than traditional marketing, and it allows you to track results while optimizing your budget. Boosting a dental SEO campaign certainly requires a lower investment to get set up while bringing great results once you show up on the top of the Google platform.

Times have changed. However, there are still organizations that keep shared values such as high work ethic and integrity on top of mind. You can achieve the results you want: Tracking how much traffic your website brings, how many leads and customers you are getting via your Dental SEO campaign is possible. Keeping an open, honest, and flowing communication is a must to build trust and long-term customer-agent relations. Learning about dental SEO and the techniques required to optimize your website is essential. They will eventually help you move up the Google rankings and get more sales.

Running a Local SEO campaign that can bring positive results to your company can only be accomplished with a well-thought-through strategy that includes the following:

-Lead generation to drive phone calls
-Mobile targeted keywords
-Expert Dental SEO Optimization
-Localized Content to build links
-Citation Audits that include competitive analysis

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of ranking a website higher on google with the intent of getting a business more internet exposure, more phone calls and most importantly more sales.

Why Is SEO For Dentists So Effective?

SEO for dentists is extremely valuable because it enables a dentists’ office to be visible on search engines when their potential client is looking for their service. SEO is a highly targeted digital marketing strategy for dentists because you can optimize your website for search terms that your ideal client would type into google.

In the image below notice that the search volume for the keyword “Dentist San Diego” is 5,400. That means that there are 5,400 people looking for a dentist in San Diego every month! That’s a lot of people.

dentist seo results


Now keep in mind that 92% of the search volume clicks on websites that show up on the first page of search engines. So if you are on any page other than the first page the chances on anyone clicking on your website are very low. If you can get your website on the first page for your “local city + dentist” I can guarantee that you will get an increased number of phone calls, appointments and sales.

Being able to rank on the first page of search engines helps your business get more clients in the beginning of the sales cycle, awareness. When someone is searching for a dentist in your local city and your website shows up on the first page that consumer is now familiar with your dental practice and the chances of them purchasing from you business have just increased.

Local Search for Dentists

Recently, search engines have been using the location of the search query to refine the results and deliver the most relevant websites depending on the location that the search is being initiated.

So if some one searches the keyword dentist, and the searcher is in San Diego, search engines will deliver the results that would normally show up for Dentist San Diego. So ranking your website for Dentist + your local city, you will see traffic for search queries as short as “Dentist” for search queries in your geographic area.

How We Do Dental SEO

In order to deliver effective SEO for dentists, a certain skill set is required. Some of the most important skills required to optimize a website include both technical and people skills. The right dental SEO agency will begin by going through an in depth audit of your website to determine where your website currently stands. They will fix any and all on page issues and create an overall strategy for your website. I’ll go over the most important aspects of any sound SEO strategy and what we do to ensure your website ranks on search engines.

Valuable Keywords for Your Dentistry

After the website has been analyzed for any on page issues, keyword research begins. The root of effective dental SEO starts with the right keyword research. We look for keywords that your ideal client would type into search engines when they are looking for your service. It’s our job to determine which keywords show clear buyer intent.

Keywords often include a service and a specific city. An example is Dentist San Diego, and modifications as well such as: Best Dentist San Diego, Medi cal Dentist San Diego. The image below has a quick sample of keywords a dentist could benefit from.

dentist seo keywords

On Page SEO for Dentists

One of the most important aspects to a solid dental SEO campaign is to have a properly optimized website. The goal of an SEO specialist is to make your website easy to read by Google.

If you take a second to think about how Google ranks websites you’ll be able to understand on page SEO better.

Google is a robot that reads the content and the code on a website to understand the main purpose of the site. When a website is properly optimized it’ll have a well organize structure, internal linking, and well though out header layout.

The basics of On Page SEO include the following:

  • Well organized content (headers)
  • Internal linking
  • Optimized Images
  • Schema Markup
  • Supporting Content
  • Outbound links to relevant websites
  • TF*IDF
  • (and a few more technical SEO chops)

On Page Over Optimization Issues for Dentists

On Page SEO is also interesting because when done wrong it can have some pretty dramatic negative effects. If you decide to just place your keywords all through out your content you can risk an over optimization penalty.

The way you avoid over optimizing a web page is by comparing your source code to the top competitors that are currently ranking. Essentially you would count how many times each keyword in the key phrase was mentioned in the source code of the web page. Then you would take the average of the top ranking pages.

Source code of the page you’re currently looking at. Not very fun to optimize this, but it has to be done

Dental Off Page SEO

Aside from on page optimization, obtaining relevant, and authoritative, links is the second most important ranking factor. Search engines see links like a popularity contest. The websites that have the most links, holding everything else equal, will rank higher on google for relevant searches.

You can think of a link as a vote. When someone links to your site they are recommending, or voting, for your website. The more votes (links) you get, the higher the chances you have of winning. We always make sure to include a solid link strategy to make sure we are consistently obtaining relevant and authoritative links for your website so we can help it beat the competition.

Keep in mind that not all backlinks are created equal. The worst thing you can do is to hire an inexperienced dental SEO agency who obtains links from a “toxic” website. The key is quality when it comes to backlinks.

Publish Content Regularly

In order to rank for keywords there has to be content for the search engines to crawl and read. Strong content will not only help you rank higher on search engines but it will help your website rank for more keywords. Before writing any piece of content keyword research comes first. After the keywords have been chosen they are put into a content calendar. The Image below is an example of our content calendar. A content calendar will make sure your content manager remains on task and publishes content. Publishing regular content is one of the best dentist marketing ideas.


Ready To Grow Your Dentistry?

SEO is a great source for leads. Although it is not well suited for those that want quick results as it can take months to rank on the first page of Google. Once you get your site on the first page you’ll find that the money you invested in SEO services turned your website into a valuable asset to your business. At the end of the day, your website is only as good as the traffic that goes to it. SEO is a great marketing method for targeted web traffic. If you’d like to see how well your website is doing compared to your top competitors simply contact us.

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