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Creating a website is an excellent tool for marketing your contracting business. Moreover, providing a new and unique way for customers to reach you also allows you to define your services and highlight past projects. Before you accomplish any of this, though, your website needs the right design.

Web designing for contractors involves creating an eye-catching design and incorporating elements that ensure a good customer experience. Your website might be the first impression users have of your business, so everything must look good and work properly every time.

A contractor only makes money when they work. Therefore, to get work, you should put yourself out there. One of the most common ways to reach people is through a website, but what makes a website stand out from others? A unique website gives users the information they require while selling their services.

So, if you are planning to create a website, you should know how it looks like.

Importance of Web Design for Contractors

A good web design is suitable for your business.

Most of the time, users make many false assumptions about your business just by viewing your website. Indeed, a web user will surely leave a poorly designed webpage after 10 seconds but will stay on a well-designed website for long about two minutes and may even come back.

Layout, speed, and responsiveness all play a significant role in the time spent by someone on a page.

On the other hand, if a webpage doesn’t work on any of the devices or takes time to load, the visitor will immediately leave the website after arriving. Also, a website with an attractive design loads faster and makes it easier for a user to find information with a lower bounce rate and the best chance to generate new leads and projects.

Now, let’s scroll down to check some of the attractive, beautiful, and performance-driven contractor websites worldwide—an all-in-one new list for 2021.

Top 10 Contractor Websites for This Year

We browsed around 1,000 construction and contractor company websites to showcase this definitive list of the top contractor website designs for 2021.

Let’s get started.

NU-VUE Window Films

nuvue contractors website design

“A monochromatic masterpiece”

Some website designs are riskier than others. One such example is ‘NU-VUE Window Films’ that makes the bold decision to create the entire website in monochrome. This makes it convenient and more accessible for the users to remember the website when looking back at the other sites you’ve seen. It’s modern and unique. They have used vivid pictures of their work as commercial and civil contractors with CTA buttons at the bottom page for visitors to locate important information easily.

Blue Ocean Window Cleaning

contractor website

“How every contractor site should look like.”

This is a perfect yet unique example of how every contractor should design their site like. It’s simple, responsive, well laid out, and conveys the person’s real personality behind the company. Selecting a contractor from the competitive market has a lot to do with building trust, and this website design has done an excellent job of building that trust.

Modern Roofing

modern roofing contractors website

“Sometimes simplicity is the best.”

This site displays everything a good contractor website or contractor advertisement should show. It’s clean and attractive and exhibits a particular aesthetic with easy navigation. It also provides a small insight into the company with its message, including a picture with even better functions.

Edison Home Improvement

edison home improvement contractors website design (1)

“Quality layouts with big typography and bold imagery”

This construction consulting and interior design firm display a very bold website design, including a modern website layout with big imagery and typography. It’s easy to browse, and the project’s portfolio showcases their work perfectly. Isn’t that the critical point?

Flooring San Diego

flooring san diego website example
flooring san diego website example

“Better by design layout.”

This website is created for a construction company that mainly focuses on home improvements. They have a fantastic and unique way of getting their services applied by you. The main landing page includes an image of a father and daughter, driving that this company can make an ideal home for you and your family. They have also placed effective calls to action (CTAs) through the complete website, starting with an announcement for 60% off on the installation. That’s sure to attract plenty of attention.

Axial Construct Theme

html construction themes

“A customized website design for a customized builder”

It has a subtle yet beautiful color-changing effect as your scroll through the pages. Professional photography, custom icons, and a unique layout all contribute to building a great website design.

Rob Mills

“This website is ready for prime time.”

This website feels like a website for a major motion picture release. A completely unique layout focuses on four pillars for their firm, land, architecture, interiors, and living. Each section has top-quality photography and videos. It’s a wonderful website that leaves a lasting impression on visitors.


“Design + Build.”

When you perform multiple things well, you might want to show off all your talents. This website’s customized design features show examples of the company’s work as the background. You get a clear picture of what they offer you. With easy and straightforward navigation of the tabs at the top of the main page makes it easier for the visitors to find the information they need.

Miller Homes

“The perfect place to be”

This brand mainly focuses on residential homes for families. They send messages to their audience by including a photograph of a young couple on their main landing page. Using such stock pictures can prove effective many times, and they are affordable too!

They also appeal to their audiences with the tagline on the main webpage, ‘The place to be,’ with a section on what makes their services different from others by showing a featured picture and another picture above it of their work.

K. Boyce Renovations

“Sets a target for a quality contractor site.”

Sometimes you don’t need everything from the programmer’s toolbox to build an excellent contractor website. Taking a similar example, this website has an easy functional layout with an array of uniquely designed icons and other brand elements. This website really sets the benchmark for a quality contractor website design.

All of these websites are both effective and attractive. Moreover, you should definitely consider hiring a web designer to help you create a customized website. A customized website can help your company and business stand out from your competitors. Also, don’t forget to take out some impressive portfolios and pictures of your past work.

What Makes a Contractor Web Design Good?

It takes more than aesthetics to create an attractive and appealing contractor website design like an office or home building. Yes, themes and colors help distinguish your website from other sites, but such elements require a strong base that enables:


If a website fails to work correctly the first time someone visits it, that visitor probably won’t return for a second visit. Therefore, your website’s design should ensure that the content, pages, and photos must load quickly, hyperlinks should direct to the right places, and the site looks good irrespective of the device used to visit it


Your website should include essential details and information about your contracting business, and that info should be easily accessible on your webpage. A highly experienced web designer knows how to make important information stand out, either with accurate colors, fonts, or placement on the page that make it hard to miss.


Every office and home provides their employees and family members an area where they can meet together to socialize. Similarly, your website should also provide a place for ‘interaction’ if you want visitors to become customers. Many visitors will select you to reach out right then and there. Therefore, your contact information needs to be noticeable and easy to use.

Now that you got a hint of what’s involved in building a good website design, keep planning to find out how to make your website reachable to your target audience.

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If you’re concerned about improving your website with professional contractor web designing ideas, look at our web design services and get in touch with a skilled strategist! Our talented designers have many years of experience creating results-driven and appealing designs for our clients and will do the same for your contracting business.

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