Contractor Marketing Strategies that Drive More Leads

contractor marketing strategies

7 Strategies to Market Your Contracting Business You Can Use Today

There is only one thing you should know, and that is your trade. You can easily handle any home project, from renovating bathrooms to building kitchen cabinets, and you know your crew is the best around.

You know your value. But how can you prove it to your potential clients?

That’s the foremost goal of contractor marketing, i.e., positioning yourself effectively and efficiently as an expert in your service area. And it’s much more manageable than you may think. Just remember some key strategies, and you’ll be successful in marketing yourself online, resulting in more leads and opportunities to grow your clients over time.

To start with, we will walk you through gathering positive feedback from happy and satisfied customers. It will also help you put these testimonials together on your online portfolio to showcase your work.

By maintaining your online presence and getting active on social media, you can easily share this portfolio with your target and potential customers within your location and draw them with your proven expertise and excellent service.

Therefore, as a leading internet marketing agency, JetRank helps you to grow your business’s online and social media presence.

From boosting traffic to increasing conversions on your website, we can guide you in developing a contractor advertising and marketing strategy that will help your business flourish online.

When you invest in contractors in internet marketing services, you might not want to collaborate with any random marketing company. You would need a company with sound knowledge, resources, and experience to help you grow a successful campaign.

At JetRank, we’ve everything you require to grow your online business. Keep reading and learn about our internet marketing services and see why JetRank is the best contractor marketing agency for your business!

Call us today or reach us online to speak and discuss your needs with a strategist about our internet marketing services!

7 Best Contractor Marketing Strategies

Here are the 5 best contractor marketing strategies you should know to grow your business:

1. Build a strong online presence visually

Businesses and homeowners always want to know what they’re going to receive after hiring a contractor.

Definitely, they might want to know the projects completed by each contractor in the past and the ways they were finished. Therefore, you should write about these projects on your website, but videos and photos are more convincing than other stuff.

Try to include pictures of past projects all over your website, and consider giving a page or two to a gallery portfolio.

Similarly, you can create videos to show the completed projects to your potential customers, particularly those with issues, challenges, or were complex along the way.

Also, choose to include various interactive communication tools or software on your estimate page or contact us page as a part of your general contractor marketing approach. This will make your website more appealing and compelling, resulting in visualizing your work to your clients, which might act as a final motivation to contact your target customers.

2. Drive valuable and relevant traffic to your website through SEO

Google tracks and reviews more than 1.2 trillion searches in a year.

Most people are continuously conducting searches daily, looking for businesses, products, and information. They might also be searching for a contracting business just like yours, so you must optimize your business listing in order to appear in front of potential consumers.

For this, you should invest in SEO and start optimizing your website to appear at the top of search engine results.

If you want your products, services, and industry to appear in search results, begin selecting the right and relevant keywords. Selecting keywords is the most crucial part of SEO as it affects the search results feature on your website.

With other optimizations, you can also improve your site’s ranking. You can enhance user design, navigation, page speed, etc. All these aspects contribute to a positive and user-friendly experience, helping you gather more contractor leads on your page longer.

Tip: SEO is an integral part of digital marketing for contractors. This approach helps you improve traffic on your site and get more leads looking to hire a contractor.

3. Galleries with before and after demonstrations

Whether they hire some experts to do the task or perform the work themselves, contractors are mainly responsible for providing clients what they request at an affordable cost.

These requests may include repairs, renovations, or additions, but potential customers always want you to do a perfect job irrespective of these requests. A photo gallery showcasing an office or home before and after can be an ideal way to assure them.

But why before and after? This is one of the best formats for representing what you do to address a range of issues.

Start taking photographs initially before each project and keep snapping at each stage. This will result in ending with a picture of the finished product. You can also add captions to each photograph describing what’s being prepared and what it’s meant to attain.

Before taking pictures for this contractor marketing strategy, make sure to check with the business or homeowner. Posting pictures of people’s companies or homes without their consent is never a decent idea, and definitely, this won’t do any favors to your business.

4. Write unique content tailored to potential consumers

One of the primary goals of digital marketing for many contractors is to generate valuable leads. However, this is not possible without providing correct information. Your potential customers and clients research general information and their options online about hiring contractors, and your website should offer everything they require.

Creating pages that address common issues and specifically answer questions can easily attract traffic to your website. These web pages should mention your specialties, services, and other information that may attract a consumer.

Make sure to conduct SEO for Contractors so that your content can easily be found in Google or other search engines. Then, you can also add a CTA (call to action) motivating readers to fill an email sign-up or contact form. It should always permit visitors to leave an address, name, and email, with an optional field for extra information.

By providing such valuable information, you show website visitors that you are a reputable resource answering all their questions. And as you begin to build trust, they’ll be more likely to reach you.

5. Maintain and create a blog

To stand out from other competitors or build a strong relationship with your target customers, start by creating a blog and add posts at regular intervals. Try to add the latest trends in office or home renovation or add something by which people can complete DIY projects without a professional’s help.

Many DIY projects are simple and short that can be efficiently completed by a beginner under the proper guidance. After completing such small projects, the DIYer will ultimately thank you for the tips offered by your content and will start looking at you as a trustworthy source of information. In another case, when they can’t complete a larger project without the proper assistance of an expert, they’ll already know whom to hire.

Overall, a blog can be a perfect place to show before and after pictures as a part of your contractor marketing plan.

6. Publish customer feedbacks and testimonials

Apart from the information provided on the business’s websites, many people depend on review sites and recommendations to select a contractor. In fact, 79% of clients trust online reviews and testimonials than personal recommendations.

However, a good testimonial can prove to go a long way towards providing credibility to your marketing messages, so it’s ideal for including them on your site and other marketing channels available online.

Positive feedback and testimonials can work phenomenologically to build trust with potential consumers, but always gather consent before publishing them on your website or other online marketing channels.

7. Use email marketing for new and regular clients

Email marketing lets you encourage unclosed prospects by keeping in touch with your previous customers. If your business depends on repeat sales from consumers, then an email marketing strategy is an excellent method to stay in front of new and existing customers.

  • Email marketing allows you to generate more sales by:
  • Keeping in touch with all the customers
  • Advertising free inspections
  • Improving brand awareness

So, stay connected to your customer base with a click! Email marketing is relevant and valuable. According to a survey, around 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase in the last year based on some promotional emails. If you want to generate, nurture and close more leads with less investment, include email marketing in your internet marketing strategy.

Attract More Leads Through Contractor Marketing

Today’s customers use the Internet to find and search for everything they need, and that can include contractors for their home or residential building projects. That means you should be online if you want to reach or contact them.

So, get started with contractor marketing to grow your contracting business and make sure JetRank can help. Today, you can contact us to speak to a professional about how our team of experts can create and launch a contractor marketing plan to grow your business with the web.

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