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7 Marketing Ideas for Construction Companies

Construction is one of the most competitive markets in the world today. According to The Construction Association in the US, the industry employs a whopping 7 million professionals, accounting for over $1.3 trillion.

With such vast potential in the market, you lag behind if you do not have a digital presence. Being a contractor is not easy, and if you are looking for construction marketing online, we have some tips for you.

The construction industry is involved everywhere, including restaurants, hospitality, supply chain, business, stocks, fashion, travel, or textile. People need an office to sit in and a home to live in. They also need roads and bridges to commute.

So, there is a massive potential in the market today for contractors. All you need to do is look!

If this has caught your eye, then read along to find out more!

Create A Website That Is Mobile-friendly

The first thing that customers notice about you is your website. It speaks out for you with a brand image. Having a construction business is just one aspect of your marketing strategy, with the other being an online presence.

So, have a great website that appeals to people. You can showcase your work with visuals like images, videos, and demographics. Get experts to build a professional website for you that is responsive, mobile-friendly, and SEO friendly.

With a light and responsive design, you will get traffic pouring in. Add plugins that showcase images with a single click. Add customer testimonials that people can read when they visit. Also, a contact form that comes in handy if potential customers want to reach you.

Having said that, your business website needs to be ranked in Google so that it pops up on the first page of search engine results. Get going with construction SEO if you want people to find you in your neighborhood.

Create A Blog That Is Informational

Content marketing is one great strategy for construction marketing. A blog is an essential part of your website that keeps your customers engaged. Writing a healthy blog and content online is vital to drive traffic.

Share your experience with people, tell them about new and innovative technologies in construction, and tell people about the future of the building. People want to read about notable skyscrapers in the UAE and beautiful dwellings in Scotland.

In fact, people love to read about sustainability when it comes to construction. It is all about sustainability and reducing carbon footprint, right? So, get your audience going and keep them motivated for more.

When people read blogs, they like to leave comments about your content and your work. Do make sure to regularly check comments, as the feedback not only motivates you to write more but also helps in improving your work.

Establish A Social Media Presence

When it comes to construction, people love to witness the work. Social media is a great tool to showcase your work and keep traffic driving.

YouTube allows you to share videos of your work with your audience. You can even embed

YouTube videos on your website and blog. In fact, people leave comments that are valuable for construction marketing.

LinkedIn allows you to have a professional outlook. You can seek employment there, hire talented professionals from the industry, and also showcase your work as you go. It also is a great platform to post advertisements.

Facebook and Instagram have their own marketplaces to share images and videos of your work. People love to read Facebook posts and surf images on Instagram. If you have quick short videos of plastering or painting, you can post them on Instagram to drive traffic.

In addition to this, have an automated Business WhatsApp set up, as people tend to use this service if they do not want to make a phone call. With some computerized texts and responses in place, you can have your employees call people back at their convenience.

Additionally, have a Twitter handle in place and tweet about your work often. You can also connect with great companies from your field on Twitter. It is a must-have if you want to have a social media presence in the market.

With every one of these social media marketing in place, you will see a boost in audience.

Control Your Google My Business Listing By Claiming It And Optimizing It

Google My Business Listing is a must-have if you want people to find you online. Add a pin to your office or warehouse where people can find you on the map. Potential customers search for home improvement contractors on the internet. As soon as one looks for a Construction business nearby on Google, your name will pop up in Maps.

With an updated listing, you can have your customers review you on Google and give you feedback. The rating that you get matters a lot when you want to drive traffic. It allows people to recognize you in the market.

Add your contact information, address, and website, along with a brief about the work you do.

In this manner, people can find out about you in no time. In fact, Google allows you to have

Google Guarantee Badge. It is a loyalty mark that adds a tick next to your business name, giving people the faith they need.

With a quick background check like licenses and insurances, Google can back you up to support your business. With this, we mean that a Google Guarantee Badge will push more potential leads towards you.

Send Out A Newsletter Through Email

Email is an important asset that you have which you can put to good use for construction marketing. With a newsletter every week, you can keep people reading about your website, new trends, and your blog.

Email marketing is another excellent method to attract leads. You can send bulk emails to possible clients who are seeking you out in the market using campaigns. People find it more convenient to read emails than speak on the phone.

It is more feasible and convenient to broadcast your business through emails. Email campaigns allow you to target a set of audiences, giving your business the exposure that it needs.

Using software like Mail Chimp will make your email campaigns look like a cakewalk. Plus, it is inexpensive too!

Run Targeted Ads

Construction marketing is excellent if you can run ads on search engines and social media platforms. Create an eye-catching ad that appeals to people. That people want to check out whenever they are surfing the internet or shopping.

You can showcase your ads on Google, with Local Services Ads or pay-per-click. These ads pop up in the search results or at the side of websites.

For instance, if clients are looking for a Contractor in Oklahoma, your business will show in Google search results if you have Local Service Ads for home services marketing. The same ads can be posted on Facebook to show at different places when people surf the social media platform in Oklahoma.

There is a whole lot of possibility that you can explore on your own with digital marketing. Almost every sector in your neighborhood is looking for a construction company for installation, building, repairs, and refurbishment. Seek them out with the right marketing strategy.

Build An Online Brand

What clients look for is a professional outlook that speaks for itself. Instead of working on traditional marketing strategies, try to build a brand online.

With this, we mean that you have a decent set of colors that go with your taste and style. Have a custom-made logo that speaks for itself on your websites and construction advertisements. In addition to this, a tagline or a motto goes well on ads.

Brand-building must be a part of your strategy to showcase elegance and style. With custom-made ads, banners, and posters, you can have a design curated for you that appeals to people. In this manner, you can attract potential clients and drive traffic through your website.

For instance, if you have a project coming up in New Orleans and want people to visit you. You can have a vivid and elegant banner for ads on Instagram that show your project and when people surf the platform.

Brand building is one of the most essential pieces of marketing strategy that helps complete the puzzle in construction marketing.

Market your construction Business online with JetRank

The construction industry has a competitive market, as many small and medium-sized companies want to present. If you’re going to stand out in the crowd, you need to have an appropriate construction marketing strategy in place.

At JetRank, our team of home improvement marketing professionals has everything you need to get the most out of your business. Our digital marketing experts have the quality experience of building a brand, professional website, and marketing your business on social media.

We appoint a marketing expert just so that we can cater to your needs and devise a perfectly well-crafted digital strategy for you. The world is your marketplace, and the internet is your doorway. All that is standing between your customers and your business is you.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us know in the comments below what you think must be included in construction marketing. Give us your thoughts!

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