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Client Background

Cosmedent, a family business founded by Michael O’Malley and K. William “Buddy” Mopper, DDS, MS, is dedicated to making dentists’ jobs easier and enhancing patients’ smiles. The company’s mission revolves around improving dental care and assisting dentists in building successful practices.

Client Review After Working Together for 6 Months

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Challenges Faced:

Before partnering with JetRank, Cosmedent faced challenges in maximizing its online visibility. Limited organic traffic, keyword rankings, and conversions prompted the need for a robust SEO strategy.

Strategy Overview:


On-Page Optimization

Revamped website content and structure to align with relevant keywords and user intent.


Content Creation

Developed engaging and informative content to establish Cosmedent as an authority in the dental care industry.


Link Building

Acquired high-quality backlinks from diverse referring domains to boost domain authority (DR) and increase search engine credibility.

Results Achieved:

The implementation of JetRank’s SEO strategy yielded remarkable results for Cosmedent:

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100% Increase in Conversions

Implemented changes led to a doubling of conversion rates, indicating a higher engagement and conversion of website visitors.


42% YoY Organic Traffic Increase

Achieved a substantial 42% year-over-year increase in organic traffic, demonstrating the effectiveness of the SEO strategy.

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7,300+ Monthly Visitors

Achieved a substantial increase in monthly visitors, expanding the online reach and potential customer base.

cosmedent seo traffic 1 year

3,000+ Keyword Rankings

Secured high rankings for a diverse set of keywords, enhancing visibility across relevant search queries.

335 Pages Ranking on Google

Optimized pages for relevant keywords, resulting in 335 pages ranking prominently on Google.

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