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SEO for Carpet Cleaning

As a carpet cleaning business owner your goal is to grow year after year. It can be a challenge at times to both grow your business and keep your current clientele satisfied with your carpet cleaning services. Although, one thing is for sure. If you expect to grow your business you need to plan for growth. One way to significantly grow your business is by investing in carpet cleaning SEO services and implementing a well-thought-out carpet cleaning marketing strategy.

Benefits of SEO for Carpet Cleaning

With every local SEO campaign there are two assets you need to optimize to increase calls and appointments:

  • Google My Business Listing (GMB)
  • Your Carpet cleaning company website 

There are other local listings you can optimize like your yelp page and Facebook places pages but the two mentioned above will bring the highest ROI.

These two assets are optimized separately, since they each have their own algorithm at play, but in a way they work together.

We’ll be going over how we optimize both your website and GMB to get more carpet cleaning business.

Google My Business SEO

Google My Business (GMB) has become a huge player in the local SEO sphere. The reason is simple, people like the way it’s laid out and use it more often then not.

If you analyze the search engine results page (SERP) of any local keyword you’ll see the map pack stands out. Getting your GMB listing showing up first will bring in calls and help you grow your business.

According to Google – 70% of Users Use Click to Call on Search Results (Source)

How to Optimize Your Carpet Cleaning Listing and Rank #1

Local Maps SEO for Carpet Cleaning

Like I mentioned above, GMB has its own algorithm at play, so SEO is a bit different. I’ll go over some of the most important SEO factors for Carpet cleaning companies.

GMB setup and verification

To get started optimizing your GMB you need to set it up and verify it. If you haven’t already done so head over to Google my business and create your listing.

Once you make it you’ll need to verify your address with a letter in the mail.

After it’s verified make sure you fill out every single field.

Image optimization

Be sure you upload images of your team, your office, and recent work. The more the better.

It’s important you geotag these images.

If you take the photos with your cell phone it’ll include that data.

Foundational Citations

You need to start off with your foundational citations. These include directories from Yelp, Yellow Pages, Manta, BBB. These are high authority websites that google expects to see. Don’t skip these. When google crawls these sites they expect to see your name, address, phone number and website (NAPW) consistent. You’ll want to make sure those are 100% consistent across each website. One other important factor you need to keep consistent is your business hours.

Social profiles

Having the right social profiles also helps SEO. So be sure you set them up. Accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube can help prove your business is legit in the eyes of google.

Niche citations

After you’ve built out the foundational citations you’ll need niche relevant citations. These citations are harder to find. We find them by doing competitor research on ahrefs or white spark.


Setting up the right categories is crucial to ranking your GMB. For carpet cleaners you’ll simply select “carpet cleaner” as your main category.

Google gives you the option to select multiple categories. We don’t add more than 3.

There are ways to see what categories your top competitors have selected. It’s best to choose those if possible.

Every category you select will need supporting content on both the GMB and your website. So get ready to write or hire content writing services.


As you might expect, reviews help rankings. It’s not as simple as the more reviews the better.

Certain reviews matter more. For example a review from a local guide helps more than a review from a random account.

Try to get past clients to leave you a review. Ask them to leave a long review with details about your services.

Promote your location on relevant websites

Are there any local businesses you partner with?

Ask them to feature you on their website. This will help you build backlinks, a crucial off page SEO factor we’ll discuss in more detail later.

Post on your GMB every week

Posting on your GMB can help your listing get more exposure.

Be sure you include a relevant image and your business info (NAPW).

Website SEO

As mentioned in the beginning of this article there are two key assts you have as a business that can help bring calls through SEO. Your GMB and your website.

We’ve already went over fundamental SEO factors for your carpet cleaning GMB listing. Let’s go over what it takes to rank your website.

Before we get started we’d like to quickly look at the SERP. In the image below you’ll see where your website would show up once optimized.

On Site SEO

In order to rank your carpet cleaning website on google you need to optimize the content of your website.

There are so many factors that go into on site SEO. Here’s a quick list of the most important ones:

  • Header tags
  • Body content
  • Image alt tags
  • Schema markup
  • Website structure
  • URL
  • Internal linking
  • Website speed
  • Mobile friendliness

Let’s dive into each one of these on page SEO factors to give you a better idea of what needs to be done to optimize a website.

The header tags, body content and image alt tags need the proper keyword density in order to be properly optimized.

Stuffing carpet cleaning keywords can hurt and at the same time not adding enough keywords can hold you back from ranking.

It’s also important to note that these on page factors are not equal. For example the H1 tag is much more important than the paragraph tag.

Website structure optimization

To optimize your website structure you need to set up a hierarchy of pages. In local SEO this is typically done with location pages and services pages. These pages need to be linking to each other in a certain way to power up the page you intend to rank.

Location pages are a common practice for local businesses. They help build relevance for local SEO.

Make a list of all the counties and cities you provide carpet cleaning services to. Then have your web team make a page for each city. Making ten pages should be enough but it depends on the competition level of your city.

Services pages also help build credibility in terms of SEO. Similar to the location pages you’ll want to make one page on your website for all the services you offer.

Internal linking

Once those pages are all built out they need to be connected to each other through internal links.

Since google bot crawls websites through its links setting up the right internal linking can help boost SEO rankings for your carpet cleaning business.

Off page SEO

Off page SEO is everything that is done outside of your website.

We’ve already discussed some common off page SEO factors like citations and social profiles, but we need to go into more detail about backlinks.

Backlinks are a fundamental part of SEO.

What is a backlink?

A backlink is a link from another website going to your website.

Google’s algorithm gives preference to websites with more high quality backlinks.

The reason is because when a website links to your website they are basically saying they trust or recommend your business.

Not all backlinks are equal. When it comes to links, it’s about quality over quantity. The days of spammy backlink practices are over.

To rank your carpet cleaning business on the top of search engines you need high authority backlinks. The issue is that high quality links are hard to get. In order to obtain a link placement on a high authority website you need to put in work.

Guest post outreach

To get a backlink on a high authority website you have to reach out to an editor on the website and pitch them your content. If they accept you can then write the content and have them publish it with a link back to your site. We do this process daily to get high quality link placements and offer this as a guest posting service.

Carpet Cleaning Keywords

If you’re considering SEO you need to know which keywords you want to target.

Typically keywords are the same from city to city so here’s a quick list of the top keywords we found after doing a quick search

# Keyword Difficulty Volume CPC
1 carpet cleaning 61 85000 10
2 carpet cleaning near me 46 32000 9
3 carpet cleaning services 51 9600 10
4 professional carpet cleaning 42 5400 9
5 carpet cleaning companies 51 3200 10
6 carpet cleaning services near me 22 2800 10
7 carpet cleaning service 55 2200
8 steam cleaning carpet 32 1700
9 professional carpet cleaning near me 42 1600 9
10 carpet cleaning las vegas 24 1500 20
11 commercial carpet cleaning 11 1500 16
12 steam carpet cleaning 30 1500 9
13 carpet cleaning companies near me 6 1300 10
14 carpet cleaning cost 28 1300 8
15 dry carpet cleaning 27 1300 5
16 carpet cleaning specials 47 1200 8
17 cleaning carpet 56 1000
18 carpet cleaning service near me 46 900
19 carpet steam cleaning 33 900 8


How long does it take to show up on the first page of google

It usually takes 3-6 months to show up on the first page of google. It depends on how competitive the keywords are and your current positions on google.

After you build some authority and trust it becomes a lot easier to rank on the first page for related keywords.

Once you enter “authority mode” you can rank in a month and sometimes instantly. As long as the keywords are relevant to your niche.

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