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How to Run Effective Ads for Carpet Cleaning

Are you looking to increase sales in your carpet cleaning business?

If yes, then Google Local Service Ads is an excellent platform for you to gain customers.
It can be a doorway to upsell your cleaning services and add additional revenue to your business.

This guide explains what Google Local Service Ads are, how they work, and everything there to increase sales.

What are Google Local Service Ads?

Google Local Service Ads are pay-per-lead ads that appear at the top of search results. The objective of these ads is to help people looking for carpet cleaners in your neighborhood to easily find your company. For instance, when people search for carpet cleaners in New York, the following ad pops up at the top:

Carpet cleaning ads aims to help people gain information about:

  • The name of your business
  • Customer rating
  • Google Guaranteed verification
  • Operational hours
  • Contact information

The number of ads varies depending on the neighborhood, category, and the other carpet cleaning businesses listed in the locality, ranging from a few to a dozen. All the information provided helps clients find the appropriate service.

Once a customer clicks on the ad, all the information regarding a carpet cleaning service is loaded. It includes contact information, services offered, customer reviews, and an overview of the entire business. This strategy makes it easier for potential customers to understand the services provided by your company before they reach out to you.

Benefits of Using Carpet Cleaning Ads in Your Business

Google’s reach extends across the world, but we need a trusted solution for local services. The advantages include:

Lead Generation

People looking for carpet cleaners in the neighborhood will be drawn to the ad posted by Google Local Services Ads, connecting businesses with potential customers. Lead generated will allow clients to hire cleaners for their services. Based on the campaign setting, Google will prioritize ads shown against competitors in search results.

Visibility and Reach

Google Local Services Ads allow companies to increase their online presence by investing in diverse strategies, such as this one. It helps increase visibility and strengthen position against competitors. Combined with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-per-click (PPC), Google Local Services Ads is a powerful tool that can help diversify your carpet cleaning business by solidifying an online presence locally.

Building Trust

The customer ratings and feedback provided in Google Local Services Ads helps build trust with potential clients. A higher rating clubbed with more positive responses will allow a better reach in the neighborhood. It also entails that Google will back that service provider with trust for leads.

Driving Sales

Driving sales is essential for any service provider, and Google Local Services Ads is a safe bet. It drives leads that convert to sales. Google Local Services Ads only show relevant information to customers seeking a particular service. Once the carpet cleaning ad is in place, leads that convert are bound to pour in.

Lead Generation Is Inexpensive

Depending on the location, leads’ cost is as low as $5 for home cleaning service, gardening, Locksmith, and plumbers. Till recently, the leads had a fixed cost indicating businesses were required to pay a specific charge for potential customers; however, Google changed their policy in September 2020. The rates are now flexible, allowing service providers to set a maximum limit for lead generation. In other words, leads can now be capped, giving Google a budget for showing ads.

Ability to Pause Local Services Ads

Google allows businesses to pause their ads without removing the service provider from their listing. Although the Google Guarantee badge is removed, carpet cleaners can easily pause and reactive their services to save cost. In this manner, your business is not charged for any lead generation. Moreover, the placement of ads in a search result is also impacted, as the paused ad will appear below any paid competitor.

Can One Control Carpet Cleaning Ads?

The amount of control over Google Local Services Ads is limited, unlike any traditional Google Ad. Since the amount of information entailed in the initial search result is fixed, controlling a carpet cleaning ad is difficult. The information included in the result gives the business’s name, customer ratings received, the number of ratings received by that service provider, and whether the company is open or closed. Additionally, the ad may contain a Google Guarantee badge, if applicable.

On clicking on the ad, a detailed view opens that gives more information about your carpet cleaning business, along with photos. The objective of Google Local Services Ads is to provide minimal information at the fingertips by showing factual data to potential customers.

What Can Be Controlled in The Carpet Cleaning Ads?

Carpet cleaning ads are meant for your company to manage through a dashboard. The dashboard has modest options that allow overwhelming controls. These include:

  • Job type: Selecting the service is vital from a predefined list provided by Google, based on the category of business
  • Location: Selection of the service area
  • Photos: Addition of carpet cleaning photos
  • Highlights: A predefined list allows businesses to choose from locally owned or operated to an emergency service
  • Campaign budget: Google allows users to set a weekly budget for their ad campaigns
  • Business hours: Scheduling business hours is another key feature that is controlled by their respective businesses
  • Contact information: Google allows your carpet cleaning company to add or change their contact information, along with the address of their establishment.

Types of Leads Generated by Google Local Services Ads

The carpet cleaning ads aim to generate leads in the following manner:
Phone calls: Since these ads aim to provide information to customers at their fingertips, the ads contain standard communication options like calling.

Email: The carpet cleaning ads allow your business to enable emails that customers can use to drop in their requests.

Bookings: Booking is a service powered by Reserve with Google that allows customers to schedule services online. This is currently limited to the US, with home services as the only vertical that can use it.

FAQ’s – Carpet Cleaning Ads

When do these Local Services Ads appear in search results?

The ads appear when people search for specific business types, such as lawyers, real estate agents, financial planners, cleaners, and other household services. These ads vary by location and show satisfactory results. Generally, three ads are common in Google Local Services Ads.

Which businesses can participate in Google Local Services Ads?

In the United States, the following businesses can sign up for Local Services Ads:
Appliance repair, carpentry, carpet cleaning, countertop services, electrical fencing, financial planning, flooring, foundations, garage door, house cleaning, HVAC, junk removal, landscaping, law, lawn care, locksmith, moving, pest control, plumbing, real estate, roofing, siding, tax services, tree services, water damage services, window cleaning, and window services.

What is the Google Guarantee badge?

Google Guarantee is a badge offered by Google to the local businesses that have passed screening and qualification processes.

It is a trust symbol that helps in building a reputation in the eyes of customers. A carpet cleaning company must first pass a background check that verifies legal documents concerning licensing information and insurance details to obtain this badge.

Furthermore, it helps in up keeping the quality of work offered to the customers. If the clients are not satisfied by the quality of work they find through Google Local Services Ads, they can ask for a refund of up to $2000 (lifetime cap) in the US.

How does one get started with Google Local Services Ads?

It is easy to get started with Google Local Services Ads.

To begin with, check for eligibility in the self-sign-up form on the Google Local Services Ads website. You will need to enter details such as your business info and your carpet cleaning website. Once the eligibility is confirmed, you can sign-up as a carpet cleaning service provider and fill in the details about the service being offered along with the location.

In addition to this, it is vital to set the budget for the advertising campaign. It allows Google to determine how much your business is ready to spend on campaigns. Finally, the ads are ready to run once all the information has been set up.

Increase your business today!

Google Local Services Ads is an excellent way to tap into the massive potential of an online customer base for your carpet cleaning service. Over 46% of Google searches are local, and a diverse and well-rounded carpet cleaning marketing strategy such as Google Local Ads Services can quickly help you reach your business goals!

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