Apartment Marketing Ideas and Strategies for Growth


There are countless strategies you can employ when marketing an apartment community, but the key to successful promotion lies in selecting those best suited to your property and target audience.

One effective strategy is utilizing Google AdWords management services. This will allow you to secure a prominent position in search results and generate leads for your community.

1. Host an Apartment Beauty Competition on Instagram

An Instagram contest can be an effective way to demonstrate the best qualities of your brand while increasing engagement among current and prospective residents. Plus, it’s a fun way of reaching Millennials and Gen Z audiences – who knows, you might even score some free advertising space along the way!

One effective Instagram marketing technique is including videos in your social media mix. Videos can draw in younger demographics by showing off community amenities and resident creativity with DIY projects, as well as being shareable on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – increasing the chance that someone finds your community appealing! You may be amazed by just how many potential tenants there are who are looking for somewhere they want to move their paws!

2. Create a Hashtag for Your Residents

Hashtags are used to organize discussions on social media. By creating order out of chaos, these symbols help users easily find content relevant to them.

Branded hashtags can help increase brand visibility and encourage followers to use it when posting about your business online. Hashtags can also help build an online community; however, when used alongside other strategies they are most effective.

Create a hashtag relevant to your audience, making it simple for followers to tag their content with it. Include a link back to your website along with it so your community has an easier time finding you.

3. Host a Monthly Photo Contest

One effective way to engage residents in your apartment community and build brand recognition among potential renters is hosting a monthly photo contest. Doing this can get people talking about your community while creating brand awareness with potential renters.

Photo contests often involve a theme, making participation even more intriguing and appealing for participants. For instance, family-oriented businesses might require that contest entrants submit photos depicting their crazy families during Halloween or Thanksgiving as part of the contest entry requirements.

Photo contests that excel feature voting and entry periods that attract a broad audience while not becoming boring for participants. To maximize participation and ensure everyone has equal chance to submit entries and cast votes, these periods should last anywhere between 2-4 weeks for ideal results.

4. Place Flyers on Windshields

Attaching flyers to windshields is one of the best apartment marketing ideas you can implement, provided it is legal in your location.

Check with your city hall or municipality to see if placing flyers on cars is legal; if so, print out and distribute the flyers within parking lots and streets.

Hosting an open house can be an excellent way to attract potential renters, providing both current and potential renters an engaging event to attend, while making use of Facebook Events or Ads as ways to market it and reach a wider audience.

5. Create a Follow-Up Campaign

An effective apartment marketing strategy is key to increasing occupancy rates and driving revenue, creating an inviting, vibrant community where residents want to live.

One effective strategy for doing so is through a follow-up campaign. An ideal follow-up campaign includes sending emails at just the right time with engaging subject lines that encourage opens and replies from your contacts.

6. Ask Local Grocery Stores for Advertising Space

Local grocery store competition can be intense. From established chains to independent markets, you must develop a solid real estate marketing plan in order to succeed.

Target your ads directly at the right audience with ease by reaching out to local grocery stores about advertising space they might offer you.

Grocery stores can be an ideal starting point, since they’re usually within three miles of your apartment complex. Their size and location provide an opportunity to showcase your community at its best; simply by asking the appropriate people, you can develop an effective marketing campaign to set it apart from competitors.

7. Ask Your Local Chamber of Commerce for Advertising Space

An effective apartment marketing plan is essential to keeping units leased and full. Empty units left vacancy-ridden can become an enormous financial burden on property owners.

One apartment marketing idea to increase brand recognition in a community and foster consumer trust in your business is approaching your local Chamber of Commerce for advertising space in their newsletters. Doing this is sure to give both you and your community members something to gain by advertising in these newsletters together.

As part of your apartment marketing strategy, consider offering move-in specials for new residents. This could range from offering free parking spaces or waiving application fees or security deposits, to creating special incentives to draw potential tenants in for closer examination of your apartments. Offering specials will make your listings stand out among search results while encouraging leads to take a look inside them.

8. Create a Website and Do SEO for Your Apartment Community

Your apartment community website should be an effective marketing tool, easily directing prospective residents to find information they require quickly and effectively.

An effective leasing website must also include a way for leasing agents to collect online prospects’ contact details for follow up, making it easier for leasing agents to answer potential tenant’s queries and turn tours and signed leases into tours and agreements.

One effective way of attracting new residents to your property is through apartments SEO and content marketing. Videos can showcase its interior design, move-in process, and events being hosted there.

9. Create a Social Media Account for Your Apartment Community

One of the best ways to promote your apartment community through social media. Not only will this allow you to reach potential renters, but it will also allow your current residents to connect and create strong bonds between themselves and you.

To keep social media posts engaging for your followers, be sure to create content that is both interesting and relatable – for instance promoting upcoming events or sharing resident testimonials.

Your property management staff, maintenance crew or leasing team could also benefit from having their individual features highlighted every week on social media. A photo along with information about what they do or their journey can make these posts feel more relatable and special to your community.

Instagram can help your apartment community establish its online presence by posting photos and sharing news and updates of interest to residents.

10. Create a Google Business Listing for Your Apartment Community

Google My Business (GMB) is one of the best marketing tools that apartment operators can utilize to increase property visibility and drive prospects into their leasing office. Best yet, GMB is free and provides many ways to promote apartments.

GMB gives you the power to upload photos and videos of your property as well as provide accurate details about its apartments or community. The more accurate your information is, the higher its ranking in local search results will be.

Be sure to include your address, phone number and website URL on Google My Business (GMB). Failing to do so could spark red flags with Google and cause you to lose potential tenants.



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